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Promova ranks with the best language learning apps for Japanese because it is incredibly helpful in improving your vocabulary. Learn hundreds of new Japanese words and remember them with spaced repetition and fun interactive quizzes!

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Why learners choose Promova

Daily Japanese practice

Take on bite-sized Japanese lessons to grow your vocabulary and learn new words every day. Practice for up to 15 minutes during a break or commute to stay sharp. Improve your memory with helpful flashcards and spaced repetition.

Effortless improvement


Complete lessons with ease and never lose track of your goals. Stay motivated with helpful notifications and engaging quizzes. Learn Japanese without the need to put effort into thinking about where to start or what you should look out for.

Created for your success

Take Japanese vocabulary lessons developed by professional teachers just for this course. Learn only the words you need for a basic understanding of many topics. Then, build your vocabulary from this foundation and develop an intuitive understanding of Japanese.

What you’ll find in the app

Enjoy learning Japanese with simple tools and helpful illustrations!

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Boost your vocabulary

Learn new Japanese words every day with quick bite-sized quizzes!

  • Discover hundreds of useful words and learn them with ease.
  • Never forget what you learn with helpful flashcards and spaced repetition.
  • Practice a few minutes every day to steadily grow your vocabulary.

Complete interactive lessons

Discover dozens of helpful lessons to help you learn Japanese faster!

  • Learn quicker with flashcards and different forms of quizzes.
  • Complete lessons and track your study progress over time.
  • Get definitions in your native language if you ever struggle.

Practice while having fun

Enjoy learning Japanese with simple tools and helpful illustrations!

  • Powerful lessons created by expert Japanese teachers just for you.
  • Useful phrases and expressions Japanese natives use in daily life.
  • Jump into exciting lessons anytime you have 5 or more free minutes.

See what learners say

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Melania Afra 13, серп. 2022

Thanks to my tutor in English. This language is hard for me, but thanks to the patience of my teacher, everything works out. No one hurries me, does not drive me, but studies at a pace. It is comfortable for me.

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App Store

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Lil Kirian7, січ. 2022

great app for English learning... I recommend this to anyone who is willing to improve English and become fluent in speaking and listening it helps

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Google Play

lola.lo12, квіт. 2022

Definitely like it so far. Quality matches my expectations and practice is interesting lightweight not just for beginner level. Try it out.

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khasancoder15, черв. 2022

Well, first of all I have to mention that fact the app is very clear at explanation and everything is catchable for everyone. Second of all I’m absorbing all the new words easily day by day thanks for creating this app i really appreciate it)

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Frequently asked questions

How difficult is it to learn Japanese?

Fluency in Japanese can take up to 2200 practice hours or 88 weeks of dedicated study. According to experts, Japanese is among the most challenging languages to learn for English speakers. It has complex structures and a polite speech system that English lacks. 

However, if you have a background in language learning, the number of hours can be cut almost in half. Language learning apps for Japanese can also be a great tool to passively practice. Investing just 15 minutes a day into learning new words will add up over the course of a year.

What is the best language app to learn Japanese?

There’s no single best app for learning Japanese language because it all depends on the learner and personal goals. Some apps focus on grammar, tutoring, business, and so on - and they work for many people. Our approach starts with developing your vocabulary to help you develop mental tools that create an intuitive understanding of Japanese.

It only takes 500 words to understand countless basic concepts and ideas in most languages, opening doors for further study. Promova uses these principles in our Japanese language learning app. Download it for any device to see the results for yourself!

Why do so many people learn Japanese as a second language?

Japan is one of the largest exporters of culture in the world. The country is famous for animation, manga, video games, songs, popular brands, and much more. Many young people study the language to experience their favorite media in its original form.

In addition, Japan is the second largest economy, and speaking the language helps boost your career. Furthermore, many leading companies come from Japan, so the knowledge of culture and language will be handy for negotiations or business.

Are Japanese language learning apps worth your time?

Downloading an app and completing a few lessons is simple. You don’t have to worry about attending a class or scheduling lessons with a tutor. In addition, you get to take advantage of interactive games and word quizzes that aren’t part of traditional schooling.

If you’re looking for how to learn Japanese language, app lessons can be a good measure for how difficult it is. If you find lessons fun and exciting, you might just have the motivation to stick with them and become fluent after a year or two!