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Want to learn the Turkish language and find out more about the culture in the process?


Promova is one of the best Turkish language learning apps on the App Store and Google Play. You can learn new words through handy flashcards and helpful lessons. Boost your Turkish vocabulary and improve while having fun along the way!

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Why learners choose Promova

Learn Turkish as a habit

Learn Turkish with bite-sized learning methods! Invest just a few minutes of your time every day to learn new words and practice with flashcards. Boost your vocabulary and track your language learning progress over time.

Create a foundation


Turkish has an extensive vocabulary of over 150,000 words. However, you only need to know around 5% of them to master basic conversations and understand important concepts. Develop basic vocabulary and see your language skills skyrocket!

Stay on target

With Promova, you don’t have to worry about where to start or what comes next. Instead, complete fun, engaging lessons and grow your Turkish vocabulary. You’ll start seeing results when you recognize Turkish words in different contexts!

What you’ll find in the app

Want to try it for yourself? Get Promova and learn with us today!

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Boost your vocabulary

Learn new Turkish words every day with quick bite-sized quizzes!

  • Discover hundreds of useful words and learn them with ease.
  • Never forget what you learn with helpful flashcards and spaced repetition.
  • Practice a few minutes every day to steadily grow your vocabulary.

Complete interactive lessons

Discover dozens of helpful lessons to help you learn Turkish faster!

  • Learn quicker with flashcards and different forms of quizzes.
  • Complete lessons and track your study progress over time.
  • Get definitions in your native language if you ever struggle.

Practice while having fun

Enjoy learning Turkish with simple tools and helpful illustrations!

  • Powerful lessons created by expert Turkish teachers just for you.
  • Useful phrases and expressions Turkish natives use in daily life.
  • Jump into exciting lessons anytime you have 5 or more free minutes.

See what learners say

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Abeer Albashiti13, серп. 2022

User-friendly and engaging app, I highly recommend it.

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App Store

Flag of United States
Instagolllllllpe7, січ. 2022

I hope to accieve my language goal with this application, until now - i really like it.

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Google Play

KasraWW12, квіт. 2022

This is an amazing app through which one can improve their language skills easily, no matter in what level you are now, just get the ball rolling.

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hand-holding-flag-of-germany 1.png
cherniche15, черв. 2022

Promova really help me to improve my english with much more enthusiasm.lesson is not boring for me anymore

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Frequently asked questions

How hard is it to learn Turkish?

The Western learning community tends to say that “Turkish isn’t difficult to learn, but is difficult to use.” This means that it has extremely consistent rules that take time and effort to master. So, you can get the basics in under 100 hours of learning. However, becoming fluent often takes 1000+ hours or 44 weeks of practice.

Of course, your learning speed depends on your background and skills. Advanced learners can really speed this up by understanding common rules of languages. In addition, Turkish language learning apps are a great choice to simplify the process by spending 10-15 minutes daily on your vocabulary practice. 

What is the best app to learn Turkish language?

Speakers of English and other Indo-European languages find it easier to learn Spanish because it uses a lot of familiar words and rules. However, it still takes anywhere from 250 to 350 hours of dedicated learning to become conversational.  

Promova is among the best apps to learn Turkish language because of its focus on engaging and useful lessons. You won’t even notice how quickly time flies if you’re having fun while learning!

Where do I start learning Turkish?

Naturally, the alphabet and basic sounds are the best places to start. Most Turkish consonants are pronounced the same way they sound in English. Once you learn the sounds, you must move on to basic grammar. 

Vocabulary is critical at this stage; you only need 500 or so words to understand the gist of many sentences. Promova is a great choice to learn Turkish language, the app will help you learn new words and practice at your own pace.

Luckily, many Turkish TV shows and other media are also available online. You can get used to the language and pronunciation without leaving your comfort zone. Steadily get more immersed as you improve.

Do I need a subscription to use the app?

You don’t! Get the app on Android or iOS and get a free trial to explore lessons. You can decide if Promova is right for you after using it for a little while!