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as a preposition, 'via' indicates a route someone or something has taken, or a means through which a result is achieved. It can refer to both physical routes and abstract methods or mediums.

used when referring to traveling through a place en route to another place; to indicate a method or way something is done or communicated. Can be used to specify the medium or method of communication.

We flew to Paris via London.

She sent me the information via email.

The news spread via word of mouth.

'via' is often used in formal contexts, especially in written communication. It's not typically used to describe everyday routes or methods. For instance, one wouldn't usually say, 'I went to the kitchen via the living room,' even if it's technically correct. Ensure clarity when using 'via' to avoid ambiguity. For instance, 'I heard it via John' could mean John told you directly, or you heard it from someone else who heard it from John.

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