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Class Calendar

March 2024


Zozo Palesa

Giving personal information

Listen to people asking questions about friends, and revise vocabulary for personal information.

Mar 21st, 09:00(1 hour)

Google Meet



Making introductions and getting to know new people

Learn functional language and practice introducing someone and starting a conversation.

Mar 22nd, 19:00(1 hour)

Google Meet



Asking indirect questions politely

Revise grammar and practice asking indirect questions when speaking to someone.

Mar 23rd, 07:00(1 hour)

Google Meet



Talking about personality

Revise adjectives to talk about personality, and debate about qualities needed for different jobs.

Mar 24th, 18:00(1 hour)

Google Meet



Talking about different customs and cultures

Discover diverse customs and cultures from around the world.

Mar 26th, 03:00(1 hour)

Google Meet

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Enjoy high-quality lessons with professional teachers in a warm and engaging atmosphere!

Our English class group learning methods


The Course follows a comprehensive program to help you learn topics you need to know at your skill level. You can build up your strengths and weaknesses by attending classes on topics that interest you. Learn and track your progress without effort!


The Lessons help improve your vocabulary, grammar, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Each lesson involves many learning opportunities, practicing with your tutor and working with fellow learners. Improve your skills and make new friends!


The Schedule is flexible with an open calendar. You can join lessons at your best time, no matter how busy your life is. Our team works hard to ensure you stay on track through guidance and notifications. Never miss a lesson on your path to fluency!

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What learners say about Promova

Liziane15. Mai 2023

I really enjoy my class and my tutor was very friendly and gentle. She made me feel confident about improving my speech and she looked like a well-prepared professional.

*Translated from english


App Store

Daniela9. März 2023

I had and still have great experiences with promova. The fact that I can book my classes when I want helps me a lot, because I have a busy schedule at work.

*Translated from english


Google Play

majaispretty28. Februar 2023

It was a wonderful experience

*Translated from english

user23127. Februar 2022

Very good material, animations, didactics, use of words, illustrations, different ways to put the brain to the test, to remember and memorize in a super practical way.

*Translated from english

People often ask

How do group lessons work?

You will join like-minded students from around the world in a small English class group led by a certified teacher. We test the language level of all our students, so you can be sure that all learners in your group will be at the same level and go at a comfortable pace.
The lessons use Google Meetings and last for an hour. Each class will include segments that help improve your grammar, vocabulary, speaking, and writing skills. Most lessons revolve around a theme or topic, but specifics depend on the group and your tutor.

What do I get for subscribing?

This monthly subscription grants you access to online group English classes which run for 60 minutes. The exact number of lessons depends on your subscription - some learners attend 1-2 lessons per week, and some go for a lot more to improve faster.
You have full control of your schedule and can book lessons for your best times during the week. Check the lesson calendar to see upcoming lessons and book those that interest you.

What materials do you use?

We use materials from Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press, so your lessons will always involve exciting up-to-date topics to discuss. You don’t need to purchase any additional materials for your online English group classes – our teacher will be providing everything.
Materials cover all language levels and focus on real-world situations. Tutors for English language learner groups at Promova always come up with new tools and study aids to help you succeed, so expect lots of fun presentations and engaging activities.