Learn English with group lessons online

Group lesson
  • Live online lessons in Zoom
  • Practical topics and situations
  • Effective study program
  • Taught by a certified English tutor
Make new friends

Your English group classes will have students from several different cultures and backgrounds. Support each other on your journey to fluency!

Use expert materials

Take advantage of publications, tools, and study materials from Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press.

Practice speaking skills

All our group English lessons involve speaking practice with the tutor and fellow learners. It’s a great chance to work on your speaking confidence.

What you will get


expand your vocabulary by more than 600 words and phrases


understand and practice 16 tenses to improve your grammar


complete one chunky speaking task every lesson to get better at communication


learn to pronounce words and sentences so that you sound like a native speaker


discover different cultural aspects of various English-speaking countries


June 21st


Tuesday and Thursday
19:00 - 20:00 London time


49,99 USD / month


A2 (Pre-Intermediate)

Meet your teacher

  • has a teaching qualification from Cambridge Assessment English

  • has been teaching English for 12 years

  • is a life-long learner who is constantly developing

  • is currently doing a PhD, so knows what it’s like to be a learner

  • has taught students from all over the world

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He is lively and energetic

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Knows how to use tech and various tools very well

People often ask

What do I get with the purchase?

This purchase grants you access to online group English classes which run for 60 minutes and take place twice a week following the above timetable. The purchase is for one month worth of classes, which means you are paying for 30 calendar days (or 8–9 lessons). 

How do group lessons work?

You will join like-minded students from around the world in a small English class group led by a certified teacher. We test the language level of all our students, so you can be sure that learners in your group will be at the same level and go at a comfortable pace.

The lessons use Google Meetings and last for an hour. Each class will include segments that help improve your grammar, vocabulary, speaking, and writing skills. Most lessons revolve around a theme or topic, but specifics depend on the group and your tutor.

What materials do you use?

We use materials from Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press, so your lessons will always involve exciting up-to-date topics to discuss. You don’t need to purchase any additional materials for your online English group classes – our teacher will be providing everything.

Materials cover all language levels and focus on real-world situations. Tutors for English language learner groups at Promova always come up with new tools and study aids to help you succeed, so expect lots of fun presentations and engaging activities. 

What will I get?

We have created a study plan for the first three months of this course. The program is based on the most common topics for this level suggested in The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The course covers all aspects of the language you need to communicate effectively. You can find a more detailed course program here.

How long will it take me to complete the level?

Usually, it takes between 100 and 160 hours to progress from level to level. The higher your current skill, the longer it takes to improve further. We have designed this program so that you can study at a comfortable pace and complete one level in 8-9 months. If you need more intensive classes, we can also help suggest an individual program just for you.

We offer online tutoring with our certified teachers for students who find 1x1 sessions more comfortable. Many Promova students combine group lessons and personalized learning plans to deepen their language studies. If you have ambitious goals and want to learn at an accelerated pace, you can get ahead by trying our various offers to see what approach works best.

What are the small group methods of teaching?

Your online group English lessons will depend on the proficiency level that your class shares. Beginners will spend more time getting comfortable with the language and building foundational skills. Advanced learners will take on higher-level materials to understand complex topics, discuss situations, and practice abstract thinking.

Large groups and classes often have challenges pacing lessons and can’t offer enough guidance to individual students. Our English language group learning involves taking advantage of both practicing with your peers and personal attention from a tutor.

Why learn in a group instead of one-to-one?

English group lessons introduce a social element while maintaining an intimate environment for better learning. Many people find studying in groups more comfortable and love the many opportunities to practice their speaking. At the same time, other learners thrive on personal care and attention and would benefit more from one-to-one tutoring sessions.

Promova offers both options, as well as a language learning application to keep you company on the journey to fluency. Studying in an English language group or using an app is neither better nor worse than sessions with a private tutor – it all depends on your personal goals.

What are the qualifications of my tutor?

Every Promova tutor who joins the team has  a teaching qualification from leading organizations such as Cambridge Assessment English, TESOL International or some of the leading universities, and a deep understanding of the learning process. You’ll learn from a guide who will devote all their energy to helping every learner in the group succeed. Furthermore, your tutor will be equipped with high-quality materials and learning tools to ensure you have fun while growing more fluent.

Most importantly, our tutors are required to undergo regular teaching quality assurance and professional development; they always strive to improve their skills. Promova tutors understand what it’s like to be a learner and will help your group lessons feel comfortable, productive, and effective.

What if I only want to practice speaking?

If you’re unsure whether the English learning group is for you, we also arrange weekly English conversation club meetings on Saturdays. It’s an excellent opportunity to meet fellow learners from all over the world without making a firm commitment to a lesson schedule. After attending a few club meetings, you’ll also know whether group lessons suit you.