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Are you on a journey to learn the beautiful 2,000+-year-old Arabic language?


Try Promova to boost your vocabulary and easily remember new words and phrases. Take quick lessons every day and use fun interactive flashcards to never forget what you learn. Promova ranks among the best Arabic language learning apps for learners from around the world!

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Why learners choose Promova

Make Arabic a habit

Immerse yourself into the Arabic language for at least 10 minutes every day. Complete fun lessons to learn new words and grow your vocabulary. Steadily improve and recognize both new and old Arabic words without effort.

Stay motivated to learn


Get helpful notifications and never lose track of your goals. Finish lessons with ease and get motivated to come back stronger the next day. Turn Arabic into something you don’t need to think about and just practice without any challenge.

Practice without distractions

Explore Arabic vocabulary lessons created by experts for your success. Don’t worry about complex grammar, confusing expressions, and other difficulties. Start with the main words you need to learn and build your vocabulary from there!

What you’ll find in the app

Want to try it for yourself? Get Promova and learn with us today!

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Boost your vocabulary

Learn new Arabic words every day with quick bite-sized quizzes!

  • Discover hundreds of useful words and learn them with ease.
  • Never forget what you learn with helpful flashcards and spaced repetition.
  • Practice a few minutes every day to steadily grow your vocabulary.

Complete interactive lessons

Discover dozens of helpful lessons to help you learn Arabic faster!

  • Learn quicker with flashcards and different forms of quizzes.
  • Complete lessons and track your study progress over time.
  • Get definitions in your native language if you ever struggle.

Practice while having fun

Enjoy learning Arabic with simple tools and helpful illustrations!

  • Powerful lessons created by expert Arabic teachers just for you.
  • Useful phrases and expressions Arabic natives use in daily life.
  • Jump into exciting lessons anytime you have 5 or more free minutes.

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Nathan lulanduAug 13, 2022

I begin with this application and I feel that will be good


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Allen-1970Jan 7, 2022

Perfect app to improve language skills


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cuddlebear and ladyApr 12, 2022

Learning a new language is awesome I listen to this song perfect by Ed Sheeran with Andre Botticelli and I learned how to sing in Italian

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Roses of KavkazJun 15, 2022

Thank you for this app . I liked the way they explain the words, it’s increasing my vocabulary and skills. Thanks a lot 

Frequently asked questions

How difficult is it to learn Arabic?

English speakers see Arabic as difficult because the alphabet is far removed from their own. However, once you get to practice, it’s a bit less daunting. Still, it takes upwards of 700 hours to master the basics and can take more than 2000 to become truly fluent. Having a cultural background and experience learning languages can speed up this process a lot.

Arabic language learning apps can be a great choice for busy learners. You don’t need to commit a lot of time to learn just a few new words every day. Try Promova to boost your vocabulary and passively get better at Arabic over time!

What is the best Arabic language learning app?

There are countless approaches to Arabic, and many experts create their own frameworks. However, our goal is to try and collect tools that work for most learners in the digital age.

Promova is among the best language learning apps for Arabic because of our methodology. Learners find it much easier to practice and remember words than complex structures. With time, you can grow your vocabulary and develop an intuitive understanding of the language, making it easier for you to learn proper rules.

Is Classical Arabic different from spoken Arabic?

In short, yes. Classical Arabic is the Quranic form that’s been evolving for over 2,000 years. Modern Arabic grew from its roots and is used for day-to-day speech and expression. It’s highly in demand among travelers and professionals; over 300 million people speak modern Arabic, and it has over 25 dialects.

If you want to read the Quran in its original form or pursue formal affairs, Classical Arabic is the way. Still, most learners find it easier to learn Modern Standard Arabic and then understand the differences between it and the ancient form rather than the other way around.

Do I need a subscription to use the app?

You don’t need to subscribe if you want to just try out the lessons. However, we suggest doing so if you’re serious about learning. We want to create the best app to learn Arabic language, so give it a shot! Try the course and leave feedback for our team so we can all become better learners.