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Welcome to Promova, the leader in language education with a global impact, catering to over 12 million users across 10 languages. Our innovative approach ensures an engaging learning experience through bite-sized lessons, interactive quizzes, video and audio exercises, and expert guidance from certified tutors.

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People often ask

Why should I become an affiliate for Promova?

Becoming a Promova affiliate opens the door to a world of opportunities. You'll be promoting cutting-edge language courses with global appeal, earning a generous commission on each sale. Join us to monetize your influence while providing valuable language learning solutions to your audience.

How do I start?

Initiating your affiliate journey with Promova is a breeze. Submit your application; expect a personalized review process; upon approval, you will have an access to promotional materials and unique affiliate links. The best part? It costs absolutely nothing to become a valued affiliate partner.

How much can I make?

Your earning potential is limitless. Receive a 15% commission on confirmed sales, and as you progress through performance tiers, enjoy increased commission levels based on the purchases made by your referrals.

Will I have an Affiliate Manager to guide or help me?

Absolutely. At Promova, we believe in supporting our affiliates every step of the way. A dedicated Affiliate Manager will be by your side, providing valuable guidance and assistance throughout our partnership.

Will I use Promova discounts and promo codes as an affiliate?

As a Promova affiliate, you have the exciting opportunity to leverage our special offers, including Promova promo codes, exclusive Promova discounts, and even Promova Gift cards. Incorporating these incentives into your promotions will not only attract your audience effectively but also significantly enhance engagement.

Who can I ask if I have additional questions?

Rest assured, you won't be navigating this journey alone. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to reach out to us at Your success is our priority.