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Struggling to read without a dictionary or online translator? Take an English reading class to understand books, articles, and social media conversations without effort!


Firstly, it’s okay if you find it difficult to read in English. Over 50% of adults in America read below the eighth-grade level, and they’re mostly native speakers. So if you’re learning right now, you’re already putting in more effort than people born with the language.

Taking an English online reading class with a certified tutor can help you improve faster. You’ll learn to recognize structures and understand words from context without needing to translate them into your language. In addition, you’ll be able to adjust your reading speed and style to all kinds of texts, navigating them with ease.

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Why join an English reading class

Person Study
Person Study
— 01Passionate Teachers

Learning a new language often feels overwhelming, especially if you don’t know which books or articles are right for your reading level and where to look for them. Luckily, taking English reading classes online allows you to get expert help on your journey.

— 02Engaging Materials

The right materials can help you learn and have fun at the same time. Our tutors use materials from Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press, which lets them develop entertaining lessons that improve your reading speed and comprehension.

— 03Based on Your Interests

Unfortunately, schools trained a lot of us to hate reading. Children across the world just sit in an English class, reading texts they have zero interest in, waiting for it to be over. However, with proper guidance, you can do better and learn from what you already love and enjoy.

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What you’ll learn during English reading lessons


Start with understanding simple texts and answering questions about them. Learn to absorb details and articulate complex ideas over time.


Start with simple, clear, and direct sentences. Learn to understand various ways authors draw attention to specific details and points over time.


Start with straightforward, informative materials. Learn to see shades of nuance and meaning in different texts over time. 


Start with matching spoken sounds to individual words. Learn to automatically blend sounds together without vocalizing over time.


Start with making connections and discussing texts. Learn to absorb information from different sources to make arguments over time. 


Start with spaced repetition to remember important details. Learn to remember key concepts and lessons long after reading them.


Start with short, well-structured texts. Learn to navigate large amounts of information in connected volumes and articles over time. 


Start with help and explanations of words from your tutor. Learn to read independently on your own with a rich vocabulary over time.

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Choose your level to practice your reading

We collect English texts, books, and articles to help learners at every level. If you aren’t ready to study with a tutor yet, use the 👉🏽Promova App for free lessons and self-study materials. 

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We call Sana a Universal English tutor because she specializes in general English, business English, and exam preparation, in addition to the other areas of English instruction. You want it? She can most certainly do it! She has worked as a teacher for the past 12 years without taking any time off (we're joking - of course she also needs rest!). Conversational abilities are a top priority for her, and she maintains an open mind and purpose in her life. Her online classes are really popular among students who are looking for steady balanced progress...

in all areas. Whether it's learning grammar, writing or listening - all aspects of language and skills are covered in her lessons. And all of this is accompanied by snippets of film, pieces of music, and even information from the scientific community - she is very open-minded indeed.


Carlos is a very helpful, lively and open-minded English instructor. During his over 5 years of teaching, he has stolen hearts of a lot of students around the world - they all want to stay with Carlos after the first several lessons. If you're looking for someone who would be not only your learning mentor but also a close friend whom you can discuss things with, you're in the right place. Carlos is exactly the kind of English language tutor whose classes are relaxed, easy, and interesting - but still ensure progress. He can offer a lot of online games, varied tasks, and new ways to do things.


Ladan is a very hardworking, lively and responsible CELTA certified English instructor. She has been working as a teacher for more than 13 years and has stolen hearts of a lot of students in different ages – many of them stayed with Ladan for several years.If you’re looking for someone who would be not only your learning mentor but also a close friend who you can discuss things with, you’re in the right place. Ladan is exactly the kind of English language tutor whose classes are full of different activities and fun as she will offer a lot of varied tasks and new ways to do things to ensure progress.


Alireza loves his awesome students, teaching and soccer. He’s from Iran and has 12 years of teaching experience. He says that his mission is to give students a voice to express themselves and every student feels an incredible vibe in class and gets even more motivated learning English inspired by Alireza.Alireza confesses that he enjoys teaching IELTS most of all, also he’s awesome at teaching General and Business English. He’s a Celta certified teacher and a PhD student at the moment. Alireza has always been taking care of his students and will come with the best assignments to help you achieve your goals.

Tutor Clark

Born and raised in the United States, Clark Murad comes from a multiracial family therefore he can empathize with students from different countries and loves helping with their pronunciation and accent. Clark uses visual materials, games and always chooses relevant and up-to-date topics for his lessons. So if you are looking for a fun and interactive tutor, he is the perfect fit.Clark Murad’s lessons are full of energy and speaking practice. He is a proud father of two daughters and has a very patient and compassionate approach in his lessons.

Loryn - teacher

Loryn is an incredibly positive and approachable teacher. She started teaching English online in 2018, whilst simultaneously studying psychology. Loryn found that the combination of her teaching qualification and her psychology degree really complimented each other. She creates a comfortable and warm learning environment for students where they are eager to grow and develop their language abilities through the use of conversations. Loryn believes that a successful lesson is one whereby students explore and challenge their abilities, where they laugh and learn and are by no means afraid of making mistakes.

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Our teaching methodology

Taking an online reading class will improve your comprehension and mastery of English. Eventually, you’ll be able to read complex materials to easily understand details and ideas.

Here is how you can learn with Promova:

— 01Start reading right away.

Your tutor will share an article, book excerpt, post, or other materials based on your goals. You’ll read at a comfortable pace for a few minutes, then do a simple task based on the text. This will help identify your current reading comprehension and skills that you need to work on.

— 02Work with your tutor.

Get feedback on your earlier assignment and see how you can improve. You’ll spend most of the lesson reading with your teacher, developing strategies to improve your skills, as well as learning new vocabulary and structures.

— 03Apply what you learn.

You’ll return to the same text or get another similar assignment to test your new skills. Now, you’ll be able to greatly improve your comprehension and retention with the strategies you learned earlier.

— 04Learn to read without effort.

You’ll compare how much your reading improved with the new knowledge. Now you can plan your next lesson and work on other aspects of the language. With practice, you’ll learn to read anything in English without effort. 

Become the best reader you know:

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Why our students love our classes

Flag of Argentina
Very user-friendly interface of the application, user-friendly platform, a lot of useful materials. In the application and on the site there are many interesting selections of colloquial phrases.
Flag of Israel
Studying at the school is very convenient. Classes are online and it gives you the freedom to choose and place to study. You do not need to spend time on the road. And you can always find a convenient time of class and teacher.
Flag of Panama
If you are personally motivated to learn English, Promova will help you. It's a convenient platform, an app. The lessons are very interesting, if you don't like a topic, you can always skip it. Interesting reading classes.
I had long doubts about the online format, cost, etc. As it turned out in vain. The platform is very advanced, you can improve all the skills in the language from reading to speaking.
Flag of Thailand
A good platform for language learning. Lesson materials are chosen according to the current topics and to my current level. I can study at any convenient time.
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Frequently asked questions

How can I learn English by reading?

The answer depends on your current skills and how well you learn from books and online content. Reading helps you develop vocabulary, understand the structure, and pick up nuances of punctuation and grammar from seeing how others use it. You can learn simply by engaging in active reading while trying to improve your language skills.

Some people can absorb English from textbooks and develop incredible skills from reading alone. However, they’re incredibly rare, and you’ll most likely need some help and advice on your journey to fluency.

If you choose to take a Promova English class, reading will also be combined with other activities to help you develop overall comprehension. For example, you’ll interact with a certified tutor who will ask you questions about the text and your opinions, improving your communication skills and expression.

How can I practice English reading comprehension?

There are several ways to improve your comprehension:

  1. Ask Questions. Start your reading with a quick skim of the upcoming text to prepare for what you’re about to read. After reading a section, quickly go through it again to see if there’s anything you missed.
  2. Skim and re-read. Start your reading with a quick skim of the upcoming text to prepare for what you’re about to read. After you’re done reading a section, quickly go through it again to see if there’s anything you missed.
  3. Look for context. Texts don’t exist in isolation and usually have many references, history, or related materials. If you can find out where the author is coming from, you can understand ideas much more quickly.
  4. Improve fluency. Spend time sharpening other skills such as listening, speaking, and writing. You can get back to reading later with a new vocabulary and awareness of the language.

Lastly, taking English reading and writing classes can help you see the language from various angles and develop better comprehension by engaging with a teacher and getting feedback.

What types of English reading can I learn?

We separate reading into three types based on your purpose - why you might be doing it:

  • Skimming. You’re reading for gist - to get the main ideas from the text. For example, you might be deciding whether a book is worth buying by skimming different chapters to see if it interests you.
  • Scanning. You’re reading to get something in particular from the text and retain specific information. For example, you might be reading a restaurant menu trying to find a dish with shrimps in it, then you’re scanning through the text for the word ‘shrimp’.
  • Intensive reading. You’re reading for detailed comprehension. For example, you’ve received an email from a friend who has just relocated to Canada in which he or she is telling you about their first few weeks in this country. In this case, you might be interested in all the details and even some hidden nuances and inferences, so you will be reading for detail.
  • Extensive reading. You’re reading easy, enjoyable texts without focusing on details or doing any comprehension tasks or examining the text for vocabulary or grammar. This type of reading helps build up fluency by getting used to the language. 

Learning all the above techniques can help you adjust your reading style and speed depending on your purpose.