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What is your language learning goal? Job promotion? Moving overseas? Public speaking? We will keep any in mind and create personalized learning plan for you in our application.


Join Promova, start learning a language, and live a better life by achieving your language-learning goals.

What is Promova Language App

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Bite-sized lessons

We offer a self-study course with lessons focused on a specific part of language. This might be several words and their usage in real life or grammar rules and practical exercises. Every lesson is up to one minute to ensure effective learning within this limit.



  • Vocabulary flashcards
  • Simple grammar explanation
  • Hand-crafted illustrations
  • 35 language pairs

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ML technologies reshape the learning experience, so we incorporated them into the Promova language app. Rely on our speech recognition tools, get immediate feedback on your pronunciation, and develop it on the go.



  • Speaking practice on the go
  • Pronunciation accuracy
  • Unlimited repetition

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Daily plan

Spend just 10 minutes a day to learn a new language. And you don’t even need to choose a lesson. Every day, we will provide you with a short set of lessons according to your current level and learning progress.



  • Daily notifications
  • Set of 2-3 lessons
  • Learn without overwhelming

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Why choose Promova?

Reasons to use our app

Focus on your goals

Aside from other language learning apps, we prioritize your personal goals at each stage of your educational journey. We believe that such an approach will lead you to the fulfilling and happy life you dream about.

Flexible approach

We won’t push you until you ask us to do this regularly. You will get the lessons that make you closer to your language goals. The learning process is tailored to your preferred pace, so you can always enjoy languages.

Safe space for mistakes

At Promova, you can feel that challenges and mistakes are human things. You can revise as much as necessary and still move up to fluency. 

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What you can reach with us

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    Speaking confidence

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    Positive self-image

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    Cultural understanding

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    Large active vocabulary

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    Strong grammar skills

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    Lifelong learning habit

Promova Reviews


OMG! Promova is what I'm looking for to increase my career and I will continue learn together with my family. Thanks Promova!

App Store

I really grateful with this app, I feel very thankful for the friendly lessons, and the pictures gives me more confidence. Thank you!!!


This is what I've been looking for for so long, very cool that you have to repeat and they test your speech, speaking practice is top-notch

Google Play

Love the experience so far. The app offers you a variety of languages to learn. The UI design is so clean & smooth. Thanks for the opportunity.

App Store

This app is great for beginners or advanced users. It’s flexible and convenient. You can hop on while on the go or in the comfort of your home.

Reach fluency with joy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Promova language app for iPhone?

Yes, you can learn with Promova on iPhone devices. To start learning, download the application from AppStore, choose your target language, set your goals and proceed to the first lesson. The application for iPhone is free to download.

Can I use the Promova language app for Android?

Yes, Promova is available on all Android devices. If you have any mobile phone or tablet PC with Android OS, download Promova from PlayMarket, set your goals, and start learning. The Android application is free to download.

How long does it take to become fluent with Promova?

This depends on many factors that affect the learning process. The factors include your native language, your target language, current language level, background, and surroundings. Also, it depends on your learning style and preferences. However, keep in mind that there is no correct or incorrect learning style. Always learning in the most comfortable way for yourself.

What languages are available on Promova?

Promova offers language learning apps in the following languages: English, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, Italian, French, Ukrainian, German, Portuguese, and Chinese. You can start learning any of these languages regardless of your current language background.