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Learning new languages has never been easier! Unlock your full potential while having fun and expanding your knowledge with Promova.

Learn vocabulary, have quick, easy-to-follow lessons, and get conversational fast. 

The app is suitable for students at levels A2B2 and offers instruction in 16 different languages. Download Promova and get started today!

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Why you’ll love learning with Promova

The Bottom Line
100% Effective results

Promova covers a range of skills for practical use of the language, which makes learning straightforward and goal-oriented. Choose your course, reach daily streaks and shake up your knowledge with 500+ lessons inside the app.

Vocabulary Expansion
Vocabulary expansion

Promova features 40 themed topics with 3,000+ words to enrich your vocabulary. First, choose the topic you want to cover, then start your lesson with a warm up and keep going with idioms, slang words and everyday expressions. 

Active Conversational Practice
Active conversational practice

You can have private online speaking classes with tutors to boost your skills and express your thoughts without fear. Our tutors are certified professionals with years of experience, and they will give you the tools to start speaking freely. 

Professional Materials
Professional materials

Our tutors deliver knowledge using only time-tested materials from Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press. You’ll get your hands on a ton of useful information and build your language-learning muscle faster. 

Focus on Pronunciation
Focus on pronunciation

Get a few steps closer to sounding like a native speaker! Listen to words and phrases commonly used in real-world communication to boost your listening skills. Then repeat everything you hear to improve your pronunciation.

Informative Videos.png
Informative videos

Check what experts from all over the world have to say about the proper use of English, along with pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary tips. This way, it’ll be easier for you to avoid common mistakes. 

The Knowledge You Need
The knowledge you need – in your pocket

With Promova, you have the flexibility to learn foreign languages anytime, anywhere. So there’s no need to get up early and attend classes – instead, take out your phone and increase the depth of your knowledge wherever you happen to be. 

Learn the most spoken languages in the world

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What's inside the app?

1Active vocabularyIf you dedicate just five minutes of study time each day, you’ll learn 300 new words in one month! The words included in the app are segmented according to the category they fall under, while each category is packed with useful words and phrases you can easily apply in real life.
2GrammarGrammar is an essential part of your learning journey. That’s why our lessons help improve both your vocabulary and syntax skills. You’ll get a series of new words with flashcards for visual learning and then complete grammar exercises within the same module.
3Speaking lessonsIf it's hard for you to learn a foreign language because you lack conversational practice, don't worry. Our mission is to help you get comfortable expressing yourself, and mistakes are part of the process. You're in good hands with our certified tutors.
4CommunityWe encourage learners like you from all over the world to share unique experiences. Join a community discussion group where you can talk, find a language exchange partner to practice the material you’ve learned, and improve communication skills in general.
5ChatsYou can write messages and keep in touch with friends and language exchange partners through personal chats. It is an interactive space that you can use to practice live speech or share knowledge and ideas with other members of the community.
6VideosPromova features short video content ranging in length from one to ten minutes. There you will find tips on how to use a foreign language effectively and get a better understanding of how it works in general. With this feature, you’ll improve your listening skills and learn useful rules at the same time.
7Personal planWe develop personal training programs based on your level, goals, and desired learning time. You can learn foreign languages at your own pace, but the more often you do it, the better your progress will be.
8BooksYou don’t have to look far and wide to practice reading in a new language. Enjoy bestsellers from your favorite authors inside the app and learn new words daily. Just click a word you don’t know and instantly get a prompt explaining it.
9Interactive PDF You will be able to improve your knowledge of foreign languages with interactive PDF materials. Additionally, your capacity of comprehension will improve and your vocabulary will become stronger.
PDF Materials
Interactive General English Course
Interactive General English Course
Business Emails
Business email
Types of English Courses
  • USA.svg
    General English
  • tv.svg
    English with TV series
  • business.svg
    Business English
  • travel.svg
    Travel English

Your tutor is ready to help you with your spoken English!

Level up your language skills with online tutoringLearn languages in 1x1 online tutoring sessions. Our certified teachers from all over the world are eager to help you succeed. Your tutor will create an individual learning plan to guide you on the road to fluency.

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Our Language-learning methodology

1Visual contentUse flashcards with creative associations to learn words faster and never forget their meaning. Each word has a unique card with hints and explanations to help jog your memory.
2Spaced repetitionRepeat information you’ve already learned at specified intervals and frequency. This technique will help you memorize previous lessons better and come to new topics fully prepared.
3Fast brain approachSpend only 10 minutes a day learning new languages using our top feature - visual associations! Learn useful material step by step and improve your results by 77%.

What People Say About the Promova App

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Melania AfraAug 13, 2022

It’s an amazing app. I definitely recommend it. I have improved my English immensely in just a few days. The design is perfect, and the methodolgy is super effective. You can learn great words and expressions. Download it and enjoy! :)

Lil KirianJan 7, 2022

great app for English learning... I recommend this to anyone who is willing to improve English and become fluent in speaking and listening it helps

Ryta.KJul 10, 2022

Definitely like it so far. Quality matches my expectations and practice is interesting lightweight not just for beginner level. Try it out.

khasancoderJul 13, 2022

Well, first of all I have to mention that fact the app is very clear at explanation and everything is catchable for everyone. Second of all I’m absorbing all the new words easily day by day thanks for creating this app i really appreciate it)


What is Promova?

Promova is a cutting-edge language learning app for mobile devices. You can learn grammar and expand your vocabulary by communicating with tutors, watching videos and reading books. The application also has interesting quizzes to test your level.

Does Promova work offline?

The app only works online. Learn languages, challenge yourself with various exercises and activities, and take tests. Maintain communication with other learners and use the app to its fullest potential.

Is Promova better than other language learning apps?

If you are looking for a service that will help you learn a foreign language quickly and with fun, then Promova is the best choice for you. With the help of Promova, you will not only learn new words but also have speaking lessons with tutors, read books, watch videos, and get so much better at your pronunciation and grammar. 

Can you really learn a language with an app?

Mobile apps bring innovations to language learning. Learn English and other languages with your favorite TV shows, communicate with native speakers, and watch engaging images and videos. Such a variety of choices will really help you learn any language.

Is Promova available on iOS?

Yes, Promova is available as a language learning app on iPhone. You can set the difficulty level and learn the language in a convenient mode that best fits your needs.

Is Promova available on Android?

Promova is available for Android smartphones, tablets, and other devices running the Android operating system. It is also available in every region of the world. Give it a try and see for yourself!

How long does it take to become fluent using Promova App?

There are many factors that determine how much time you need to master a foreign language and use it fluently. The most important factor here is motivation. Promova will help you in this matter and will lead you to a better result based on your desire and progress.