Promova Language-Learning App

Studying a language other than your native tongue is an excellent way to broaden your horizons and deepen your knowledge of other countries and cultures.

It's possible that you do business with partners in other countries, and as a result, you're interested in broadening the scope of your expertise. Promova will be of assistance to you in achieving your goal of reaching any level you set for yourself, regardless of what that level may be.

Promova is a cutting-edge English language learning app for mobile devices. You can learn grammar and expand your vocabulary by communicating with a tutor and native speaker, watching videos with subtitles and word explanations, listening to songs and movies and analyzing them, reading books, and having conversations with these people. Get the latest version of Promova right now to get your hands on a ton of cool stuff!

This app is suitable for students at levels A2–B2 and offers instruction in 11 different languages.



Why the Promova app?

Advantages of the foreign language learning app

Learn English with mobile applications

Promova is a service that makes learning a foreign language simple and straightforward. Now is the time for you to learn English while having a good time. You can determine your skill level with the help of a variety of different tests, the vast majority of which are free.

Classes in the language app are always interesting and colorful

Access to a variety of media formats, including playback of foreign language speech and the capability for students to record their own voices and compare them to those of native speakers.

The app for learning new languages provides its users with immediate feedback on their progress.

Practice pronunciation

You can practice your pronunciation by listening to the book's audio files, which feature common phrases spoken in their native tongue. The texts may first be read, then listened to, and finally read out loud by the individual.

Saving time

Users do not need to travel to any specific location or attend classes in traditional settings. Download the app for learning languages, and increase the depth of your knowledge. The program gives you the flexibility to study whenever it's most convenient for you.

Vocabulary expansion

Application for learning a language helps you learn new words every day and review old ones at increasing intervals so that you can remember them better. The computer program will prompt you to recite the words at the appropriate times, in the sequence that you choose, and at the pace that you decide. Within the program, you can choose to memorize words from the categories where you have the most room.

The amount of conversational practice

The primary focus of your sessions will be on improving your conversational skills. It takes a lot of practice to become fluent in the English language.

A combination of the simulator application and service for classes with tutors

Apps that help you learn a new language consist of individual classes taught in English by a native speaker. The tutor is responsible for providing assistance for high-quality individual instruction, resolving organizational challenges, and maintaining appropriate levels of language acquisition.

Possible Languages for Learning through the Language app


Main Achievements of the app to Learn New Languages

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What's within our English Learning app?

1WordsIf you dedicate just five minutes of study time each day, you will be able to learn 300 new words in one month. The words contained within the application are segmented according to the category they fall under as well as the amount of difficulty they present. By going over the things you've been learning at regular intervals, you can make sure you don't forget anything.
2GrammarIt's not a fairytale; "How to Learn English Grammar in 3 Hours" is based on our actual experience. You need to practice all of the English rules as much as you can if you want to master them all and use them correctly. You can improve your knowledge of English grammar by working through the app's exercises.
3SpeakingAre you learning English but you lack conversational practice? Now this problem is solved easily. Install a special language app for Android or iPhone and chat as much as you want! You can also choose to practice pronunciation and speak with a tutor on the Promova platform. Our tutors are highly qualified and always aware of new techniques and trends.
4CommunityThe app's primary purpose is to facilitate communication with people from other countries. The community functions as a discussion group in which classes on a wide range of subjects are held daily. Users can write to one another, search for and make friends with people from other countries, and keep in touch with one another through personal chats.
5ChatsThe app to learn languages offer a user-friendly platform for people to search for a conversation partner. You are able to carry on a conversation through the use of chats. You are able to carry on a conversation with another individual while in edit mode. If a tutor is present, he or she will highlight any errors in your messages in red and write the appropriate version in green.
6VideoThere is a wide variety of short video content ranging in length from one to ten minutes. Therefore, all you need to do to adequately prepare for English classes is set aside at least ten minutes per day. Watching videos can help you improve your ability to understand spoken language.
7Personal planA personal training program is compiled by your level, goals, and desired time. You are able to speak English to the level that you desire thanks to the one-of-a-kind English learning plan that you have.
8BooksToday there is no need to go to a bookstore to buy the right book in paper form. The language learning apps android includes books for readers of all skill levels. When you click on a word, the native fragment will display the same word that you selected.
9Interactive PDF You will be able to improve your knowledge of everyday English, which is required for communication, if you take General English. Additionally, your capacity for comprehension will improve, and your vocabulary will be augmented.
PDF Materials
Interactive General English Course
Business email
Types of Courses
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    General English
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    English with TV series
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    Business English
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    Travel English

Your tutor is ready to help you with your spoken English!

Try our online tutoring to level up your learning gameWe offer special 1x1 online Tutoring sessions. Our tutors are certified teachers located all around the world. Each tutor has an individualistic approach to make sure that you get the most out of learning.

Download App Anywhere

Foreign language apps for iPhone, Huawei (native), and language learning apps for android, and macOS are available for download

Promova Language-learning methodology

1MnemonicsWords can be easily learned and retained through the use of mnemonic devices. Each word has its own card, which includes a translation, a transcription, and special hints in the form of gifs, pictures, and short videos that are associated with the word and its meaning.
2Interval repetitionUsers of the language app for iPhone or Android are required to repeat the information at predetermined intervals and at a predetermined frequency. You can make use of it to learn new vocabulary, grammar rules, and any other important information you need to remember.
3“Fast brain”Users look for novel and imaginative solutions to the problems they face in their daily lives. Because of this, phrases and words are ingrained in memory, and the barrier between languages is removed.

What People Say About Promova App

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RogérioDec 15, 2021

I have always been distrustful of applications and was afraid of learning in this format. But it was worth trying once and all my myths were dispelled. I chose Promova. I received only positive emotions, and also could not imagine that I was able to speak English.

Marlin G.Jan 6, 2022

The app is more suitable for learning a language from level A2. You will not get bored, because each lesson combines several teaching methods at once. These are tasks with a choice of answers, tasks where you need to enter your answer, small listening and speaking.

user1254Mar 15, 2022

If you want to speak English correctly, and to remove all barriers, use Promova! It has good materials. After a few lessons, I realized how sentences are built in English. It is very convenient to learn words and do exercises! I recommend it!

odette_leroy May 18, 2022

I've been very happy with the app from the first day. Promova is simple, fun, interesting and most importantly, I was able to choose an excellent teacher from a large list!

People often ask

What is Promova Language-learning App?

Promova is very convenient to use and has a user-friendly interface. The language learning app iPhone allows you to choose the level of difficulty and mentor. The application is also filled with interesting videos, audio, pictures, exercises, and tasks.

Can Promova work offline?

Promova works only online. Learn English, challenge yourself with various exercises and activities, and take some tests. Use the internet responsibly. Maintain communication, and use the app to its fullest potential.

Is Promova better than Duolingo?

If you are looking for a service that will assist you in learning English words in a quick and simple manner, then Promova is the best choice for you. With the help of Promova, you can grow your vocabulary every day, and you can come back to it at increasing intervals. The program will prompt you to recite the words at the appropriate times, in the sequence that you choose, and at the pace that you decide.

Can you really learn a language with an app?

Mobile apps bring innovations to language learning. Learn English and other languages with your favorite TV shows and songs, communicate with native speakers, and watch funny pictures and videos. Such a variety of lessons will really help you learn the language.

Is Promova available on iOS?

Without a doubt, Promova is available as a language learning app on iPhone. You can set the difficulty level, and learn the language in a convenient mode for you and in your free time.

Is Promova available on Android?

The application for learning foreign languages is available for Android smartphones, tablets, and other devices running the Android operating system. An application that is widely used for learning languages is utilized in every region of the world. Give it a shot yourself!

How long does it take to become fluent using Promova App?

There is no single answer to this question. But there are many factors that determine how much time you need to master a foreign language fluently. The most important factor is motivation. Promova will help you in this matter and will lead you to a better result.

What are the different course types?

• General English Course. Reading, listening, writing, and speaking are some of the fundamental language skills that will be developed throughout this course. • English with TV series. Learning English from movies and TV series is not only interesting but also extremely useful. If your proficiency level is from elementary and above, then do not waste a minute and discover the fascinating world of TV series in English as soon as possible. • Business English. This is English for business communication and career. Knowledge of business English will be useful in interacting with partners, conducting presentations, and carrying out working correspondence. • Travel English This is an English language course designed by professionals to gain theoretical and practical skills in communicating with foreigners and learning the basics for a safe and exciting journey around the world.