English listening class

Do you often have to rewind podcasts and videos because you just don’t get something? Take an English listening course and learn to understand different speakers without effort!


Listening skills fall into the category of “easy to learn, hard to master”. Most non-native speakers learn to recognize English by ear fairly quickly. However, things quickly get tricky once you introduce different accents, tones, and cadences.

And if you mean understanding all the ideas and asking good questions? Even native speakers often struggle with this level of mastery. Luckily, you have an advantage: as a learner, you naturally pay more attention to speech. English listening lessons with a certified tutor will help you turn this attention into intuitive understanding.

Become the best listener you’ve ever met with Promova!

Why join an English listening class

Person Study
Person Study
— 01Expert Guidance

Developing your comprehension takes months. You need at least 100 hours to learn the basics, and advanced learners often need to practice beyond 500 hours to reach fluency. Our certified tutors provide direction, which helps you learn faster and focus on what matters.

— 02Boredom-Free Lessons

Most adults don’t have great memories of English classes at school. Thick textbooks, outdated expressions, and boring topics. Your English audio listening materials with Promova will be the opposite: engaging, relevant, and fun to listen to.

— 03Tailored to Your Needs

You’ll learn faster if you can feel progress toward your goals. That’s why your English tutor will first create a personal learning plan just for you. Our job is to ensure that your lessons set you up for success - we take an individual approach to how you learn.

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What you’ll learn during English listening lessons:


Start with simple sounds and phrases. Learn to understand “muted” or “swallowed” English over time.


Start with simple American or British speech. Learn to recognize regional accents, such as Australian English, over time.


Start with short texts and simple connected speech. Learn about assimilation, elision, liaison, and linking words over time.


Start with tone and general topics. Learn to infer what unfamiliar words mean in entirely new topics over time.


Start with slow, clear, and standard speech. Learn to comprehend fast speakers even in unfamiliar accents over time.


Start with simple American or British speech. Learn to recognize regional accents, such as Australian English, over time.


Start with asking and answering simple questions. Learn to find deeper meaning and understand abstract ideas over time.


Start with simple, direct sentences. Learn to make sense of complex structures and advanced grammar over time.

Unsure about your level? Take our free English test!

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Choose your level to practice your listening

We collect English audio and video to help learners at every level. 

If you aren’t ready to study with a tutor yet, use the 👉🏽Promova App for free lessons and self-study materials.

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We call Sana a Universal English tutor because she specializes in general English, business English, and exam preparation, in addition to the other areas of English instruction. You want it? She can most certainly do it! She has worked as a teacher for the past 12 years without taking any time off (we're joking - of course she also needs rest!). Conversational abilities are a top priority for her, and she maintains an open mind and purpose in her life. Her online classes are really popular among students who are looking for steady balanced progress...

in all areas. Whether it's learning grammar, writing or listening - all aspects of language and skills are covered in her lessons. And all of this is accompanied by snippets of film, pieces of music, and even information from the scientific community - she is very open-minded indeed.


Carlos is a very helpful, lively and open-minded English instructor. During his over 5 years of teaching, he has stolen hearts of a lot of students around the world - they all want to stay with Carlos after the first several lessons. If you're looking for someone who would be not only your learning mentor but also a close friend whom you can discuss things with, you're in the right place. Carlos is exactly the kind of English language tutor whose classes are relaxed, easy, and interesting - but still ensure progress. He can offer a lot of online games, varied tasks, and new ways to do things.


Ladan is a very hardworking, lively and responsible CELTA certified English instructor. She has been working as a teacher for more than 13 years and has stolen hearts of a lot of students in different ages – many of them stayed with Ladan for several years. If you’re looking for someone who would be not only your learning mentor but also a close friend who you can discuss things with, you’re in the right place. Ladan is exactly the kind of English language tutor whose classes are full of different activities and fun as she will offer a lot of varied tasks and new ways to do things to ensure progress.


Alireza loves his awesome students, teaching and soccer. He’s from Iran and has 12 years of teaching experience. He says that his mission is to give students a voice to express themselves and every student feels an incredible vibe in class and gets even more motivated learning English inspired by Alireza. Alireza confesses that he enjoys teaching IELTS most of all, also he’s awesome at teaching General and Business English. He’s a Celta certified teacher and a PhD student at the moment. Alireza has always been taking care of his students and will come with the best assignments to help you achieve your goals.

Tutor Clark

Born and raised in the United States, Clark Murad comes from a multiracial family therefore he can empathize with students from different countries and loves helping with their pronunciation and accent. Clark uses visual materials, games and always chooses relevant and up-to-date topics for his lessons. So if you are looking for a fun and interactive tutor, he is the perfect fit. Clark Murad’s lessons are full of energy and speaking practice. He is a proud father of two daughters and has a very patient and compassionate approach in his lessons.

Loryn - teacher

Loryn is an incredibly positive and approachable teacher. She started teaching English online in 2018, whilst simultaneously studying psychology. Loryn found that the combination of her teaching qualification and her psychology degree really complimented each other. She creates a comfortable and warm learning environment for students where they are eager to grow and develop their language abilities through the use of conversations. Loryn believes that a successful lesson is one whereby students explore and challenge their abilities, where they laugh and learn and are by no means afraid of making mistakes.

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Our teaching methodology

Your English listening class will improve your comprehension and contribute to other key skills such as speaking, writing, and reading. 

Here is how you can learn with Promova:

— 01Jump right into listening.

Your tutor will share a TED talk, an article reading, a podcast, short video, or any number of things based on your interests. You’ll spend a few minutes listening and applying strategies you’re already familiar with. This will help identify what you can do, what you need to work on, and how you can succeed.

— 02Develop your abilities.

You’ll dive into the “chunky” part of your lesson, where the teacher will share new strategies and help you improve. You’ll try out new techniques straight away and build up your listening skills with hands-on coaching.

— 03Adapt and improve.

You’ll return to the same or a similar podcast, video, or lecture with the newly acquired skills. Now you should be able to greatly increase your comprehension and look out for the right things.

— 04Never stop growing.

You’ll compare how much better you do with new skills and strategies and see how you can apply them in your life. So keep practicing and return to your next lesson, ready to dive even deeper.

Become the best listener you know:

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Why our students love our classes

they have great teachers that's help me in my learning journey, with Affordable prices for everyone, and they are available at anytime if you need any help!!! i just love it.
Promova is the best teaching platform that I have seen so far, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve and boost their listening skills and conversational practice.
hand-holding-flag-of-romania (1) 1.png
After months trying to find a tutor nearby, I now have regular online 1-on-1 lessons on Promova at a time that is convenient to me. I have a great tutor, who created a personalized learning plan for me.
I am very grateful to my tutor. I started to understand English better and better.
I am very happy with online English tutoring. I like my tutor. Classes are always easy and fun. Support center's service was nice speed and comfortable. I feel ease to use Promova.
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People often ask

How can I practice listening to English?

You want to start by knowing your level and finding suitable materials. For example, if you’re at A2, you’ll probably feel lost if you listen to a scientific lecture. On the other hand, if you’re at B2, you’ll probably be bored listening to a basic conversation at the restaurant.

Once you know your level, it’s all a matter of exposure. You want to encounter English speech wherever you go, as often as possible. One useful tip is to pay attention to songs in English and look up the lyrics. Songs typically use simple words and phrases and are free of accents, which makes them easy to understand if you pay attention.

If you need English audio for lessons, Promova provides materials for all proficiency levels and can help you improve quickly.

What are the strategies for learning English listening?

You can think of English listening as a large overall skill that you can approach from different directions. There are two broad strategies that you can use on your own or during English listening lessons:

  • Top-Down Listening. You use what you already know about the situation to better understand it. For example, let’s say you’re listening to a TED talk. You know that, and from this context, you can understand specific words, phrases, and so on based on your general knowledge of how these talks work. Alternatively, you could be watching a scene from a TV show and understand the dialogue in a top-down way.
  • Bottom-Up Listening. You listen to sound clues, structures, and words, to better understand the content. With this strategy, you’ll focus on the diction and specific language elements to combine them and gain familiarity with the language. In other words, you start from basic elements and place them in context later. 

These sets of strategies work together and become intuitive over time. For example, picking up a few scientific terms can help you understand you’re listening to a scientific lecture and listen to the rest of it with ease.

You can take our English listening course online to master both approaches and comprehend general and specific information anywhere you go.

What will I learn during listening lessons?

Promova tutors can help you build up your skills in several ways. Firstly, we will develop an individual plan to ensure you’ll learn from videos, reports, podcasts, and so on that are relevant to your needs. Secondly, you’ll develop your listening skills in several ways:

  1. Listening for gist - you’ll learn to identify the main elements of what you’re listening to. For example, whether the speaker is happy or sad or whether a given news report is about economics, sports, etc.
  2. Listening for specific information - you’ll learn to find what you need in a large volume of information. For example, you may be listening to many announcements at the airport and need to find out which one relates to your flight.
  3. Listening for detailed comprehension - you’ll learn to consume content and fully understand it. For example, you might want to listen to a morning news report or a university lecture and need to get and retain as many details as possible.

If you’re looking for English online free audio materials, be sure to check out our application with a lot of fun and helpful lessons.

What are the 4 types of listening?

Firstly, there are a lot of different ways to think about listening. Researchers distinguish anywhere between 3 and 7 types of listening. The most common way is to focus on your purpose - why you’re listening. Here is what this can look like:

  • Informational Listening. You’re listening to learn and understand something. Typically focuses on ideas, concepts, etc.
  • Critical Listening. You’re listening to analyze and provide feedback. Typically focuses on arguments, facts, etc.
  • Empathetic Listening. You’re listening to connect and provide support to someone. Typically focuses on emotions, feelings, etc.
  • Active Listening. You’re listening to engage and participate in a subject. Typically focuses on asking questions, negotiating, etc.

In your English class, listening will start from Informational and help you expand into other types. You’ll eventually be able to work in all 4 dimensions and handle both conversations and recorded materials.