English For Public Speaking

Turn a challenging English public speaking into an opportunity to stand out. Practice your language skills to showcase yourselves or your product and leave the audience with a positive, memorable impression.

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English public speaking with Promova

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Speech recognition

The speech recognition tool in our app provides you with an opportunity to practice pronunciation, stressing, and articulation to develop connected speech and sound professionally during public speaking presentations.

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Bite-sized lessons

The learning process is organized into short lessons that allow you to learn English for public speaking presentations your way, get a bit of new knowledge every day with joy, and stay encouraged for lifelong language learning.

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Listening practice

Listen to the pronunciation of words and phrases through the lessons on our platform and easily recognize them in during the Q&A sessions of your public speaking presentation. 

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Extended vocabulary

Learn through flashcards with words and their pronunciation. Enrich your vocabulary with useful phrases to engage the audience in public speaking, presenting ideas, and sending the messages during your presentation clearly.

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Value of English for public speaking


Stay confident with improved language skills

Be understood

Learn the patterns of English for public speaking and presentations that will help you to deliver the message clearly and be easily understood by the audience.


Understand complex speech patterns and accents so that you can focus on your audience's ideas instead of just hearing the words.


Learn the phrases to connect with your listeners, keep their attention, and deliver your message compellingly and persuasively. 

Learn English with Promova

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Easy to use and super practical! English is my second language and I try to learn a little more every day. Satisfied so far!


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I really recommend everyone to join Promova. It’s a very friendly app that helps you improve your vocabulary and proficiency in English little by little, taking one step at a time! Love it!


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This app is tremendous.. You can improve your vocabulary by taking sessions which includes image based learning method that is very much easy to understand and grasp new knowledge. Im happy to use this app. 👍🏻


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Thanks Promova, it's easy to learn english


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It seems the way that your lessons became gradually difficult is effective. i enjoyed it and I hope it enables me to improve speaking and listening in English in short time


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Speak confidently

Develop your English public speaking skills with the Promova application.

Frequently asked questions

Why listening is important for English public speaking?

Whether you present for a small audience or a wide public, you will interact with people of different accents and speech tempos. Developing your listening skills is important for public speaking since you have to listen to questions actively, quickly understand the message, and provide relevant answers.

How do I start public speaking in English?

If you are confident about speaking English, start with the same plan as if you have to perform in your native language. Choose a topic, make some notes, learn useful vocabulary and phrases to engage the audience, record yourself, and finally, learn from others through watching stand-up shows like Ted Talks, Ignite, PopTech, etc.

How to speak good English in public?

Define your areas of improvement, whether it’s pronunciation, accent on stresses, intonation, or connected speech. Focus on them and practice through different exercises, podcasts, and even speaking to yourself in the mirror. Join our conversation club to engage with different audiences and get immediate feedback from a certified tutor.

Is it free to learn English for public speaking at Promova?

You can download the Promova mobile application for free for both iOS and Android. We also provide free access to language learning lessons through a web browser. The conversation club is also available for free every week. Group lessons start from $4.99 per class, and private English public-speaking tutoring costs vary depending on lesson duration and the number of booked classes.