Presentation Skills English Lessons

Develop effective presentation skills in English to deliver the messages clearly and engage your listeners. Make the English language your powerful tool to success. 

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Improving presentation skills program

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Organize thoughts

Learn how to structure your ideas and present them clearly and logically in English. Develop important presentation skills like creating captivating introductions, setting strong supporting points, and ending with a memorable conclusion.

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Break language barriers

Overcome the challenges of language barriers by developing good presentation skills in English. Enhance your pronunciation and vocabulary to communicate fluently, ensuring that the audience understands your message.

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Engage the audience

Develop important presentation skills to engage the audience throughout the whole session. Practice techniques like asking rhetorical questions or incorporating humor to involve the audience and hold their attention throughout the presentation.

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Handle Q&A sessions

Enhance active listening skills to understand and address questions effectively. Practice providing concise and clear answers. Learn how to offer follow-up information if immediate answers are not available. 

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English skills for presentation

Presentation skills improvement with Promova

Real-life practice

Develop effective presentation skills by practicing on various topics in situations that mimic real settings. Gain valuable experience to be prepared for different real-life contexts, from corporate meetings to global events.

Cultural Insights

Discover the cultural nuances of English language use. Gain important presentation skills like navigating cultural differences, adapting your communication style, and using appropriate phrases to ensure your message resonates with your audience.


Safe space

Practice your presentation skills in a supportive, non-judgmental group environment. Make mistakes freely, try new techniques, explore your strengths, work on areas of improvement, and gain speaking confidence, learning from examples of presentation skills.

Tutor feedback

Get immediate and constructive feedback on language usage and message clarity from a certified tutor who guides every group session. Immediately incorporate presentation skills tips into your performance.

Real-life practice

Develop effective presentation skills by practicing on various topics in situations that mimic real settings. Gain valuable experience to be prepared for different real-life contexts, from corporate meetings to global events.

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Very resultative tasks
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1. diversity lessons.
2/ a lot of subjects.
3. a lot of different exercises.


I am very happy with PROMOVA
I feel that it is a great tool to improve my english. I hope achieve my goals as soon as I start to master the program.


I can learn at my own pace and the lesson is well structured covering all the aspects including vocabulary, building sentences and pronunciation.

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Easy to learn, easy to remember and practice. Love it


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Frequently asked questions

Who can join English group lessons for presentation skills?

Learners of any background, experience, and occupation can join our group classes. We divide groups by fluency levels to ensure interesting and engaging sessions. So learners of all levels are welcome to join the group lessons. If you unsure about your English level, you may complete the level test on our website.


What is the size of the group?

English group lessons on Promova are held in groups of up to 4 learners. Such an approach allows us to ensure equal participation, personalized attention and expanded feedback for every learner. At the same time, you can practice with different people, overcome language barriers, and get prepared for giving presentations to an audience.


Can I reschedule the lesson?

Since group lessons are held for several learners, we don’t provide an opportunity to reschedule the session. However, we understand that every learner has unique needs, so our tutors give lessons in the morning, afternoon, and evening. You may choose the most comfortable time for you and join the group lesson at the scheduled time.

Why learn in the group to develop good presentation skills?

Learning English for presentations in a group setting immerses you in diverse perspectives and cultural insights from peers, closely simulating real-world audience interactions. Group lessons foster a supportive community, boosting confidence and motivation through constructive competition and peer learning. They also refine your communication skills, including adaptability and active listening, in a dynamic, cost-effective setting.

How to improve on presentation skills in English?

If you want to present effective presentation skills in a resume, it's important to practice a lot. Show up in small groups regularly, speak your ideas, and ask for feedback from your peers or a tutor. You can also learn new words and phrases to engage the audience and easily handle q&a sessions.