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Need to improve your English skills for work and personal life?


Promova is the best English language learning app for creating a learning habit. Practice for a few minutes every day, improve your all-around skills, and increase your level. Use powerful e-learning tools to become a fluent English speaker!

English language learning app
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Why learners choose Promova

Learn English in English

We recommend learning English without using your native language. Best apps for learning English as a second language teach you to be independent. Our courses are carefully designed to help you learn and remember English words and rules without ever having to translate them.

Explore 150+ hand-crafted lessons


Our team works tirelessly to create unique lessons for every skill level. You’ll find exercises for grammar, reading, writing, listening, and speaking practice. Explore topics such as business English, TV show phrases, common travel situations, and much more.

Find exciting tools and features

Take advantage of powerful tools to learn faster. Improve your pronunciation with the help of our AI assistant, that can analyze your speech and suggest improvements. Connect with other learners, read classic books, and schedule lessons with a tutor directly from the app.

Create a learning habit


Practice for just a few minutes every day to get used to English. Get useful notifications and track your learning progress. Remember everything you learn with handy quizzes and flashcards. Become a lifelong learner and practice English as part of your daily routine!

What you’ll find in the app

Before you download the Promova app to learn English language, why not test your skills?

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Speaking practice

Use our powerful AI to practice speaking English without having to look for a native speaker! 

  • Practice pronunciation by saying different words and phrases.
  • Get an analysis of your speech with a 0 to 100 success score.
  • Improve your English pronunciation with helpful suggestions.

Vocabulary practice

Learn new words easily and never forget them with the help of our learning technology!

  • Intuitive lessons with definitions and flashcards - no translations needed.
  • Fun and creative illustrations to help you always remember phrases.
  • Spaced repetition with old words showing up in your future practice.

Grammar practice

Improve your English grammar with powerful lessons created by language experts!

  • Learn grammar at different levels - from beginner to advanced.
  • Practice building sentences, word order, tenses, conjugations, and more.
  • Remember lessons with practical examples from real life and media.

Before you download the Promova app to learn English language, why not test your skills?

See what learners say

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MaroojanAug 13, 2022

I really love this app it’s really amazing


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nugget crossrtonJan 7, 2022

I already know all the words now!!! I love this app so inspirational to me


Google Play

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Blonde but cleverApr 12, 2022

An app that helps with language learning in a way you can enjoy!

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khasancoderJun 15, 2022

Grate app it keeps your mind open and very easy to use and understanding words with great games!

Frequently asked questions

How quickly can I become fluent in English?

Fluency means something different for every learner. For simplicity, we usually refer to the CEFR framework, where the B2 level (Upper-Intermediate) means comfortable language use. However, most learners don’t want to stop there and try to get to C2, which is native-like fluency.

Improving your level takes around 120 hours of guided practice. However, it’s easier at lower levels and gets harder as you improve. 

So, for example, if you’re an A2 learner, getting to B1 can take between 100 to 140 hours. At the same time, getting from C1 to C2 can take up to twice the time because the level of mastery is higher. That’s why using an app for learning English language can be so helpful - you put in the time without really noticing if you practice daily.

Are English language learning apps better than in-person classes?

Courses vary in quality and can be amazing for some learners or disappointing for others. At the same time, your results depend on your teacher and how much time they can dedicate to your success. Apps collect expert methodology to offer you the best learning experience; however, they can never be as personal as a great teacher. We recommend you see what works for you.

Promova is among the best free English language learning apps on App Store and Google Play. You can try it now and see how well you do. We even offer an option to hire a personal tutor if self-learning isn’t fast enough for your needs.

Does Promova work for intermediate or advanced learners?

Yes! Our English courses cover every level from A1 to C1. So they’re suitable for beginners and advanced learners who need to practice for professional scenarios such as applying for a job.

Why learn English in English?

Most apps for learning English as a second language offer translated courses for you to study. However, it’s often confusing to memorize translated words. They don’t create associations as quickly, and you’re more likely to forget them minutes after the lesson.

Most learners find it much easier to think in English if all the lessons and definitions are delivered in it. So, if you want to teach your mind to understand words and speech, we highly recommend downloading the app and setting your language to English only.