Second language acquisition

Learn the second language with Promova in your pocket, whether you need it for moving overseas, enhancing your career, or generally developing your language skills.

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Secondary language with Promova

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Improve your language skills

Bite-sized learning

Whether you have two minutes a day to learn or prefer to improve your language skills on the way to work, our short lessons come in handy.

Cultural insights

Traveling, moving overseas, making international friends, or doing global business will be more exciting with our culture cards.

Hand-crafted lessons

Find unique exercises to improve writing, grammar, speaking, and listening skills in your second language.

Learning as a habit

Get friendly notifications, learn with a daily plan, choose your own pace, have fun, and stay motivated for second language acquisition

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Second language acquisition

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Vocabulary is a must for a second language learner. Learn the most used related to shopping, personal appearance, entertainment, and topics with our illustrated flashcards.


Real-life scenarios

Get the clues to using the word correctly through practicing it in sentences and reading dialogues, based on real-life situations for second language learners.

Listening practice

Develop an ear for your second language, listening to the accurate pronunciation of words and phrases. 

Community of learners

Engage with learners from across the globe inside the application. Exchange cultural insights, share your knowledge, and support each other in second language learning.



Vocabulary is a must for a second language learner. Learn the most used related to shopping, personal appearance, entertainment, and topics with our illustrated flashcards.


What do learners say

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Wow this app is amazing😍


Google Play

Love the experience so far. The app offers you a variety of languages to learn. The UI design is so clean & smooth. Thanks for the opportunity.

App Store

It’s really helpful. I’ve learned a lot new things. My vocabulary has improved a lot since I started learning this app

Google Play

It's a amazing and knowledgeable experience. I hope I will be able to answer more of your quizes and step up my level of understanding and develop my English skills. Thank you Promova.


App Store

This app is great for beginners or advanced users. It’s flexible and convenient. You can hop on while on the go or in the comfort of your home.

Choose your second language

Learn 10 trending languages and speak confidently in any part of the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I learn more than one second language at a time?

Yes, our application supports multi-language learning. You can easily switch between languages in one click and learn several simultaneously. Our exercises cater to learners of all levels and styles so you can learn at your own pace and improve your language skills according to your goals.

Is second language acquisition free at Promova?

Yes, you can download the application from AppStore, PlayMarket or AppGallery and start learning free of charge. Many of the lessons are available immediately after installing the app. However, you can buy a premium subscription to access more lessons and, especially, culture cards. 

How to stay motivated for second language acquisition?

First of all, you should always focus on your learning goals. Whether you want to improve language skills for career advancement or simply get new knowledge, break down the goal into smaller ones, like learning 5 new words a day and being able to hold a small conversation. By achieving these goals one by one, you will get a sense of constant progress, feel satisfied, and stay motivated for a long language-learning journey.

How long does it take to become fluent in a second language with Promova?

This depends on many factors, including your language complexity, current level, learning style, and intensity of study. The learning environment is also a crucial factor since immersion greatly boosts your language skills. For example, according to CEFR standards, it takes around 300-400 hours to achieve a B2 level in Italian, while it’s about 3000-4000 hours for a B2 in Chinese. So, the main idea is to learn constantly and reach fluency through small steps.