Our Editorial Process

At Promova, we firmly believe that learning languages is about much more than just acquiring language skills; it is about the desire to live a fulfilling, happy life that people dream about. We also know everyone who starts learning languages has their own specific goals in mind: getting a promotion at their job, traveling confidently, understanding family history, to name a few.

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Our team prioritizes people's goals at each stage of their educational journey – from the first learned word or scheduled class with a tutor to taking professional exams. That’s why you'll find everything from fun vocabulary lessons to articles about popular TV shows and grammar rules lists and references.

Our mission

is to help people live better by supporting them to reach language learning goals.

Expert content creators

All our writers are lifelong learners passionate about languages that have experience working as teachers, professors, philologists, educators, researchers, and other similar roles. We work with different content creators from many countries to help provide various perspectives suited for our diverse community of learners. Our writers, teachers, and lesson creators are chosen for their experience and ability to inspire learners to succeed in breaking the language barrier.

Review Board Members

Kateryna Protsenko

“Kate is passionate about learning and teaching, and is constantly looking for ways to expand her horizons.”

Kateryna Protsenko

Kate is Head of Tutors at Promova. Having been in English language teaching for over 15 years, Kate has worked as a teacher, materials writer, an ex-manager of several language learning organizations, a Cambridge CELTA / Delta trainer across Europe, Central and East Asia, and has co-authored a language learning coursebook published in Ukraine.

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Nataliia Afonina

“With her creativity, expertise, and positivity, she is contribute to the design and development of the courses.”

Nataliia Afonina

Natalia is a Language Learning Specialist at Promova. She qualified as a philologist and a psychologist back in 2008 and spent the next 15 years teaching English in a wide range of contexts. She has always been driven by personal development & professional growth, which is why she has CELTA and DELTA diplomas among her other plentiful achievements.

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Iryna Andrus

“Her students admire her patience, kindness, and ability to make learning fun.”

Iryna Andrus

Iryna is a Materials Writer and Methodologist at Promova. She is a Cambridge Certified tutor. In 2023, Iryna celebrated her 11th year as an English tutor. She is proud of the work she has done and the impact she has made on her students' lives. Iryna continues to stay up-to-date with the latest teaching methods and resources, and is always looking for new ways to help her students succeed.

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Oksana Liashuk

“Her classes are on really popular among students looking for steady progress in all areas.”

Oksana Liashuk

We call Sana a Universal English Tutor because she specializes in general English, business English, and exam preparation. You want it? She can most certainly do it! She has worked as a teacher for the past 12 years. Conversational abilities are a top priority for her, and she maintains an open mind and purpose in her life.

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Promova guidelines

Editing and review

Our team has high editorial standards, with subject-matter experts at the top. Learning materials and references go through our certified teachers to make sure that the information our learners get is accurate, helpful, and comprehensive. Blog articles go through an editing process to help remove any potential errors and improve the reading experience. Lessons go through a separate review process by the content team that helps us maintain and improve quality with every new topic.

References, facts, and sources

We rely on primary references and language learning publications for our education-related content. Promova fact-checks claims and works hard to balance the entertainment factor of our lighthearted materials with content proven to work for education. We rely on reputable publications such as various universities, journals, and academic institutions for educational materials. For entertainment articles, our team ‌goes directly to the source - TV shows, movies, articles, and so on that are being discussed in any given case.

Updating information

Most of our content consists of evergreen lessons, references, materials, and so on. However, sometimes best practices change, and new learning approaches come to the forefront. Even grammar rules get reinterpreted from time to time! So, we make sure to go keep any information up-to-date, especially if it’s related to news or developing stories.

What to expect from Promova

We want to help you understand your goals and provide an opportunity learn languages on your terms! On our platform, you will find over 3100 bite-sized lessons, fun articles, TV show vocabulary and much more to practice grammar, speaking, and writing skills.

We recommend content that helps you get to the next level. After all, you do the hard work of learning.

We’ll provide quality materials to support and entertain you on this journey! 

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