English For Work

Reach your professional goals with a guided English learning course. Download the Promova language-learning application and learn English for work at the most comfortable pace.

Learn English for Work to Stand Out

English for work
English for work
— 01Communicate clearly

Share your thoughts in English at work, and connect with your clients and colleagues across the globe seamlessly, regardless of their nationality and cultural background.

— 02Attend global events

Stay confident on summits and global conferences, building strong connections with international partners and getting more opportunities.

— 03Find new ideas

Explore documentation, research, and podcasts made by your industry leaders to discover more insights and approaches for improving your English work skills. 

— 04Negotiate professionally

Engage in business negotiations effectively, leading to more successful cooperation with clients and partners.

English for Work With Promova App

Real-world scenarios

Dive into a range of real-life situations, from business meetings to water-cooler dialogues. Learn English at work as it’s used in everyday professional communication.

Pronunciation practice

You can practice pronunciation and develop connected speech skills with our speech recognition tools.

Cultural insights

Explore different backgrounds with our culture cards between lessons to navigate work environments with understanding and respect.

Daily plan

Benefit from the daily plan feature, which offers a small portion of lessons, encouraging consistent progress without overwhelming you.

Real-world scenarios

Dive into a range of real-life situations, from business meetings to water-cooler dialogues. Learn English at work as it’s used in everyday professional communication.

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Nice app. I recommend for everyone who wants to learn English smoothly on the go.

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This is the greatest app I found it very interesting thank you so much and really happy to use that


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I'm really grateful to have this App ..so educative..wanna learn more espanol..wanna know how to construct a full sentence without struggles and Promova got me covered 💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️💞💞


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Super excited great learning material, loving it!!


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Easy to understand, and takes it's time to pronounce the words. This app is marvelous.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I learn English for work if I have a busy schedule?

Of course. With the Promova application, you may learn English for work at your own pace. Specify how much time you can devote to English every day and simply follow this plan. With small, consistent steps, you will reach fluency no matter your current level.


Can I learn English to work with Promova as a beginner?

Yes, you may learn English in the Promova app, even if you have just started. Our guided courses are crafted by CELTA and DELTA-certified teachers following the CEFR standards. If you are unsure about your level, you may pass the English level test and then get started with your lessons.

Is Promova free?

The Promova application is free for learners. However, we suggest getting a Premium subscription with more lessons and learning opportunities. Many learners also enjoy booking 1x1 or group lessons with our tutors. So choose the most comfortable option for you and improve your language skills with us.

Are there resources for understanding English work culture and etiquette?

Yes, understanding the nuances of business culture and etiquette in English-speaking countries is crucial for effective communication, and the Promova app covers this comprehensively. We provide insights into various aspects of business etiquette, such as dress codes, meeting protocols, and greeting customs prevalent in different English-speaking countries. These cards are integrated into the lessons, giving you contextual knowledge that goes beyond language learning.