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Join an intensive English program and become fluent fast with full immersion into an English-speaking environment! 


Work with a personal tutor to create your own personal study plan. Take an intensive English course for adults tailored to your goals!

Language certification

IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, Cambridge Assessment English, etc.

Travel and immigration

United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, etc.

Work and business

Professional skills, job interviews, international organizations, etc.

University and science

Studying abroad, teaching, academic subjects, etc.

How Our Intensive English Programs Work

Сourses for business can help you learn about many workplace situations:

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Why Learners Choose Promova

Employee Recruitment

About Our Lessons

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Improve Grammar

Master the basics of grammar and build up your skills to use tenses, complex sentences, and punctuation without effort.

Business English Resources
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Develop Vocabulary

Learn new words and phrases for both general and specific situations. Become an independent language user with a large vocabulary.

English Pronunciation Resources
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Increase Comprehension

Practice listening and reading to effortlessly find the right information. Learn techniques to never miss details in texts and speeches.

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Practice Speaking

Improve your communication skills to handle conversations and presentations. Always get your point across without having to search for words.

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Enhance Pronunciation

Sound natural after learning how to pronounce sounds and syllables. Develop a regional or perfectly neutral accent, depending on your goals.

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Prepare for Situations

Navigate real-world scenarios such as business negotiations, job interviews, and all kinds of situations in foreign countries.

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Correct Mistakes

Find and correct your mistakes with helpful guidance. Practice in a friendly environment where you can safely improve.

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Achieve Daily Progress

Get full daily immersion into English in your intensive program. Make learning a habit by practicing both in and out of the class.

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Take an English Test

Not yet ready for intensive English classes? Take a free proficiency test and learn more about your strengths and weaknesses. Immediately get results and see any mistakes you’ve made. Find suggestions for how to improve and increase your level.

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Business English Resources

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Why Learners Love Promova

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I love the way how explain every lesson, it’s so easy to understand.
Very easy and not much boring way to learn with tutors. Thank you.

Frequently asked questions

How long does an English intensive program last?

At Promova, we tailor intensive programs to the needs of every learner. For example, if you have an important English certification coming up in 30 days, we will help develop a daily routine that helps you practice specifically for it. So it will require you to practice every day for at least 1 hour to successfully complete the program.

Alternatively, if you plan to immigrate to the United Kingdom in 3 months, you can get a longer intensive program that prepares you for all kinds of real-life situations that can come up. You’ll practice with a native British tutor to get proper guidance. Remember, consistency is key! No matter how long your program lasts, you have to show up and practice to get results. 

Is there an English intensive course for adult professionals?

Some Promova tutors specialize in preparing adults for office environments. In fact, we have a powerful business English program designed specifically to help professionals become fluent. As part of that, we also offer an English interview course that goes through common questions you’re likely to encounter while looking for a job.

However, you can also develop a personal program for your specific needs. For example, a programmer’s language course could be very different from a sales professional's. You can talk to your teacher to develop a plan that fits your profession and market for better results.

How much practice does fluency take?

Moving up one level on the CEFR scale takes 100-120 hours of guided practice. However, fluency is a bit more difficult to define. In general, becoming an independent language user can take you anywhere from 500 to 700 hours of practice depending on many factors. 

Luckily, our intensive English online course is designed to help you achieve fluency faster. You can get more practice every day if you get directions and assistance. Moreover, lessons that relate directly to your personal goals and interests will make English enjoyable. You won’t even notice how quickly the practice time flies if every lesson is fun for you.

Do I need a teacher and individual program to achieve results?

In our experience, intensive English practice is better with professional help. While self-guided intensive programs are available online, not everyone has the accountability and motivation to complete them. Furthermore, a teacher can see your strengths and create exercises that help achieve results faster.

So while you can practice daily on your own and succeed, a guided intensive program is a great choice to get there faster. However, if you aren’t sure if it’s right for you, try our language learning app for a more casual learning experience.

What does full immersion mean?

Science shows that learners achieve results faster when they don’t translate words, phrases, and structures into their native language. So even if it’s more difficult to understand English without translations at the beginning, your fluency will quickly improve if you stick with the program and put effort into it.

Moreover, working with a native tutor helps you intuitively understand pronunciation and grammar. You will learn to copy their sounds and better understand standard speech if you try to think in English while learning. In short, full immersion means that you have to spend as much time as possible only using English during your program.