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Want to speak with over 100 million German speakers in Europe alone?


Try one of the best language learning apps for German! Promova can help you learn hundreds of new German words with ease. Enjoy interactive lessons and fun quizzes to boost your vocabulary and learn to understand the language!

German language learning app
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Why learners choose Promova

Learn German every day

Practice just a few minutes every day to keep and improve your German skills. Grow your vocabulary by learning new words every day. Take some time for spaced repetition to remember both new and old words every time.

Stay on track without effort


Complete your learning goals with bite-sized lessons created by expert German teachers. Boost your skills and stay motivated with fun quizzes and handy notifications. Never wonder where to start learning and simply make progress every day.

Focus on what matters

Learn the basic German words you need to build the foundation of your vocabulary. Then, practice more challenging words and expressions to improve your knowledge. Finally, develop an intuitive understanding of German after a few months of study.

What you’ll find in the app

Want to try it for yourself? Get Promova and learn with us today!

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Boost your vocabulary

Learn new German words every day with quick bite-sized quizzes!

  • Discover hundreds of useful words and learn them with ease.
  • Never forget what you learn with helpful flashcards and spaced repetition.
  • Practice a few minutes every day to steadily grow your vocabulary.

Complete interactive lessons

Discover dozens of helpful lessons to help you learn German faster!

  • Learn quicker with flashcards and different forms of quizzes.
  • Complete lessons and track your study progress over time.
  • Get definitions in your native language if you ever struggle.

Practice while having fun

Enjoy learning German with simple tools and helpful illustrations!

  • Powerful lessons created by expert German teachers just for you.
  • Useful phrases and expressions German natives use in daily life.
  • Jump into exciting lessons anytime you have 5 or more free minutes.

See what learners say

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Cute.girl_1423Aug 13, 2022

I think you all have to try this app, cause it’s really good at making enjoyable to learn something and also its make my pronunciations better. So guys if you have enough time, just give a chance to this app. Respects.


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Flag of United States
sbboraJan 7, 2022

Very easy and not much boring way to learn new vocabulary. Thank you.


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lola.loApr 12, 2022

I’m French and for now, this app helped me understand a lot of words in English. It’s really nice, don’t change anything <3

hand-holding-flag-of-germany 1.png
Jeje2020Jun 15, 2022

It’s a very helpful app I recommend everyone to download it, it helps you read and write easier.

Frequently asked questions

How long does learning German take?

English speakers can learn to speak fluent German with around 750 hours of dedicated study. It seems like a lot, but a year of daily practice can make all these hours seem short. You can also speed up your learning by immersing yourself in the language and culture.

If you don’t know where to start, consider using a language learning app. German may not be the hardest language for English speakers, but it has many complex words and structures. All this will be easier to understand with guided learning and helpful flashcards.

What is the best language learning app for German?

The best app for learning German language hasn’t been developed yet, but we’ll be the first to do it :) 

As a more serious answer, it depends on your learning style and goals. Promova German lessons aim to help boost your vocabulary and practice new words. Some apps focus on grammar, but many learners find it confusing and hard to remember rules even after completing dozens of lessons. Try different tools to see which works best for you!

Is German worth learning?

You’ll often encounter German in technology, science, and even art. It’s the language of innovation and education. If you want to work or study in the European Union, speaking German at a basic level can unlock many opportunities.

However, many learners find German fun to learn even outside professional reasons. It shares a lot of Saxon words with English and has a solid cultural background. You can discover many things about your own culture and language by studying German.

Do I need a subscription to use Promova?

Try our German language learning app for free and see if it works for you. There are some premium features only available for subscribers. Still, core lessons should be more than enough for you to have fun and boost your vocabulary!