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English Reading Challenges

 It’s human if you face the following

Texts complexity

Walls of text with complex structures and unfamiliar themes can be overwhelming. This leads to fears that you can’t understand such texts, undermining your confidence and enthusiasm for learning.

Lack of practice

Without regular practice, improvement seems out of reach. This fosters a feeling that your reading skills neither advance nor regress. The real fear? That you'll never break out of this cycle to reach fluency.

Limited vocabulary

A limited vocabulary can transform reading from a joy into a problem when you have to check every new word. This leads to missing meanings, and every text starts to seem boring.

Grammar confusion

Grammar is always a labyrinth. Reading then turns into a puzzle where you're second-guessing sentence structures instead of immersing in the story.

Texts complexity

Walls of text with complex structures and unfamiliar themes can be overwhelming. This leads to fears that you can’t understand such texts, undermining your confidence and enthusiasm for learning.

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Click the highlighted word once again. Find out it’s transcription. Open speaking assistant in the app and get immediate feedback on your pronunciation.

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Find all the necessary tools in our application to improve English reading skills. Check engaging books, practice new words with an AI-assistant, and get a daily plan of several lessons with more words and grammar rules.

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This the one of the best apps I am starting to learn English grammar. There are so many things to learn, listen to, practice English grammar in this app.

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Such an interesting and easy to understand app. It’s a pleasure to learn languages with Promova.


The most important form my is that i am improving my English and the Promova give us this opportunity, Iam going continue carry on your programs.



I found this app so helpful and the teaching strategy is just awesome 😎

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Great app 👍🏻 kinda love using it. It's fun learning with Promova I guess.. 🪔

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Frequently asked questions

Will I find English reading suitable for my level?

Absolutely. Our app is designed to cater to learners at all levels, from beginners to advanced. We understand that reading material needs to match your proficiency to be both challenging and enjoyable. Based on your goals and current English level, we'll recommend a personalized selection of books and stories that are just right for you.

How can this app help me with vocabulary and grammar?

For vocabulary, you can click any word right in the book to see its definition and pronunciation. Right through reading, you will understand how the word works in real-life. Regarding grammar, our content is curated to introduce grammatical structures contextually, making it easier to understand and remember their usage.

What if I struggle to understand the cultural context in English texts?

Understanding the cultural context is essential, and we've got you covered. Our app includes cultural cards with interesting facts about countries where languages are spoken. They provide insights into idioms, traditions, historical events, and social norms referenced in the text, bridging the gap between mere word comprehension and deeper understanding.

Is there support for learners with dyslexia or other reading difficulties?

Yes. One of our goals is to make learning accessible for everyone. We understand the unique challenges faced by learners with dyslexia and other reading difficulties. That is why our app offers features such as customizable text settings (font size, type, and spacing) and background colors to reduce visual stress.