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Interested in learning about the stunning Korean culture, tradition, and language?


Promova is among the best apps for learning Korean language because of our focus on boosting your vocabulary. Discover fun interactive lessons and quizzes designed to help you remember phrases. Effortlessly learn new words and practice daily to achieve great results!

Korean language learning app
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Why learners choose Promova

Learn Korean as a habit

Take advantage of bite-sized learning to improve your Korean. Boost your vocabulary by spending just 5-15 minutes a day practicing. Level up your skills and check your vocabulary knowledge after a few months of consistent practice.

Improve your memory


Complete exercises and quizzes designed by expert Korean teachers to grow your vocabulary. Practice effortlessly remembering words without having to force yourself to repeat them. Relax and enjoy interactive lessons to get better every day.

Practice words that matter

People don’t use that many words in daily life. So, while Korean famously has over 1,000,000 words in its index, you only ever need 10,000 to be fluent. And even then, just a fraction of this will be enough foundation for you to intuitively learn more words from context.

What you’ll find in the app

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Boost your vocabulary

Learn new Korean words every day with quick bite-sized quizzes!

  • Discover hundreds of useful words and learn them with ease.
  • Never forget what you learn with helpful flashcards and spaced repetition.
  • Practice a few minutes every day to steadily grow your vocabulary.

Complete interactive lessons

Discover dozens of helpful lessons to help you learn Korean faster!

  • Learn quicker with flashcards and different forms of quizzes.
  • Complete lessons and track your study progress over time.
  • Get definitions in your native language if you ever struggle.

Practice while having fun

Enjoy learning Korean with simple tools and helpful illustrations!

  • Powerful lessons created by expert Korean teachers just for you.
  • Useful phrases and expressions Korean natives use in daily life.
  • Jump into exciting lessons anytime you have 5 or more free minutes.

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kodikuthumalaAug 13, 2022

This is a great learning app , I never see like a app before Thanks


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usgebsidceJan 7, 2022

I like very mach this app, this very help me to learn English


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AvikilaApr 12, 2022

It is the an app that can help someone to learn English from the scratch. I enjoy their contents.

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hshdhgdrJun 15, 2022

I am learning English by Promova and I think this is a really nice app to learn a new language. You should try Promova for learning new languges. Thanks for making this amazing app.

Frequently asked questions

Does Korean take a long time to learn?

Korean is among the hardest languages for native English speakers. It takes 2,200 hours, or up to 90 weeks of practice, to get to fluency. If you already speak several languages and are somewhat familiar with the process, it will still take around 1200 hours of dedicated learning.

That’s why a Korean language learning app is a great choice for learners. You can passively practice for several months, spending only 10-15 minutes daily. After a while, you’ll effortlessly remember all common words and be able to get to fluency faster than you might expect.

What is the best app to learn Korean language?

There’s no straight answer as to which app is best for learning Korean language. Every learner has different needs and goals. Our focus is on helping you improve your vocabulary and effortlessly learn the 500+ words you need to understand the language. 

We offer a lot of powerful features for dedicated learners in our Korean language learning app. Download Promova to boost your vocabulary, then decide for yourself whether you want to take your skills to the next level!

Is it worth it to learn Korean?

South Korea is among the world’s most powerful economies, with a population of over 50 million. Learning the language can be a powerful boost for your career because Korean companies are highly active in the international market. 

In addition, Korean culture is unique and fascinates many people from across the world. Many people choose to learn the language just because it’s spoken in their favorite TV shows and manga. If you’re on the fence and want to know how to learn Korean language, app is a great place to start and see if it’s for you.

Do I need a subscription to use Promova?

You can get started for free and unlock premium features if you want to. It’s important for us that you get to try our lessons to improve your life. We aim to develop the best language app to learn Korean. Please explore and offer feedback about your learning experience!