English for Adults

Want to improve your language skills to get ahead in your life and career? Join English classes for adults and use powerful language learning tools created by Promova!


Don’t believe the myth that it’s hard to learn a new language after childhood! You can become fluent at any age - at 25, 40, or even past 60. Adult English learning just needs an individual approach and the right motivation. With our help and the right tools, you can reach your learning goals at any age!

Practical Lessons

Adults learn best from real-world experience and regular practice. That’s why we offer practical lessons about common topics such as writing business emails, dealing with travel situations, talking to colleagues, and so on.

Individual Approach

Everyone learns differently and has separate goals. That’s why our online English classes for adults are tailored to your level and interests. Learn from your favorite TV shows, podcasts, professional publications & more!

Powerful Tools

We develop tools to help improve your language use, learn new words, and practice pronunciation. Use free exercises and quizzes or premium individual lessons to create your own learning experience best suited to your needs.

Topics of adult English courses

Practice different language skills to improve your proficiency!

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How to learn English as an adult

Employee Recruitment

On Your Own:

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Practice Business English

Focus on practical skills to reach your career goals. This will connect English to your professional life and help develop your confidence. If you actively use the language at the workplace with clients and colleagues, it’s only a matter of time before you become fluent.

Find handy references to help improve your business English skills:

Business English Resources
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Prepare for Travel

Immersing yourself in an English-speaking environment is one of the best ways to learn. As a traveler, you get lots of opportunities to practice and improve. Furthermore, travel will help develop all-around skills through memorable experiences.

Find useful references for English travel here:

English Pronunciation Resources
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Use Learning Tools

Choose the right adult English course for your level in our convenient language learning app. Discover bite-sized lessons and improve your skills with just 10 minutes a day. Learn while having fun with interactive classes designed by experts!

Find the best language learning tools in our app:

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With Help

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English Tutor for Adults

Improve your skills with 1x1 lessons. Talk about your learning goals and receive an individual study plan just for you. Practice your English with a certified tutor who specializes in helping adults become fluent. Study at your own pace with a personal schedule.

Find the right teacher for you:

Practice With a Tutor
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Group Lessons

Join adult English classes with an average of 3 learners of the same level. Get support from fellow learners and receive guidance from a certified tutor. Practice twice a week and take your skills to a higher level with our proven methodology.

Join an English group class at your proficiency level

Take Group Lessons
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Conversation Club

Meet people from around the world and discuss interesting topics with them. Practice your speaking skills for free in our English conversation club. Learn to understand different accents and have fun with a diverse group of fellow learners. 

Choose a topic you might enjoy and discuss it with us:

Join Speaking Club

Test Your English Skills

Not sure where to start? Perhaps you learned English long ago and don’t know how much you still remember. Complete a 20-minute test and immediately find out how well you did. Learn from your mistakes and get suggestions for future language learning:

Online Test Time
Test My English

English Learning Resources

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Why Learners Love Promova

We're thrilled to hear that you've been successful in improving your English with Promova. Our team is dedicated to creating engaging and effective lessons to help users achieve their language learning goals.
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It’s a good app. However when you have English speaking people saying the words it’s not as good as a native speaker. You may mispronounce the word.

Frequently asked questions

Is learning English more difficult for adults?

It’s true that children go through a “critical period” where they can absorb languages and quickly become fluent. This is how many people become bilingual at an early age. However, older kids and teenagers also tend to forget languages if they don’t regularly use them in daily life.

This doesn’t mean that learning English for adults has to be difficult. In fact, the common element at any age is practice. If you can find a way to actively use English in your life, age doesn’t matter at all. What matters is your motivation to spend at least 10 minutes a day consciously improving your language skills. Luckily, Promova makes it easy!

Should I study on my own or join a class?

Why not both? It’s best to think of mastering English as part of a life-long learning process. Whenever you get a chance to practice on your own, you should take it. For example, you can listen to news, podcasts, videos, and so on in English as part of your listening practice. At the same time, you can take a weekly class to take your skills to the next level faster. 

Some people simply learn faster in groups. So, taking English classes online for adults can greatly increase your learning speed. If you choose to study 1x1 with a tutor, you can also benefit from an individual study plan that helps you learn from things you already know and love. 

What English level do I need to get a job?

International companies typically look for professionals who have a B2 (Upper-intermediate) or higher English proficiency. However, the exact requirements will depend on your job. For example, you might get a starting position at the B1 level. At the same time, management and sales positions will usually require C1 and higher language skills. 

We recommend practicing English for interviews first to create a great CV and learn about the most common questions. Even if your language skills aren’t high enough, preparing for interviews can help increase your confidence and discover where you need to improve to get the job of your dreams.

How quickly can I become fluent as an adult?

Research shows that fluency in English takes 500-700 hours of practice. The average depends on whether your native language is in the Indo-European language family. However, each learner is unique, and the exact time will depend on your abilities and motivation. 

You can also get this practice at any pace you like. For example, some learn best when they’re 100% immersed in the language and spend 2+ hours a day actively learning and practicing. They’re most likely to benefit from an intensive English course and strict deadlines. Others prefer bite-sized learning with short 10-25-minute lessons.

Either way, the best part about learning English as an adult is that you get to set your own pace and do as much or as little as you need to achieve your goals.