English for negotiating

Improve your business English negotiation skills and always find the words leading to a successful business agreement.

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Negotiation English Practice

Develop these language skills

Clarifying positions

Discover English paraphrasing techniques to confirm understanding and learn negotiation sentences to summarize the points of a discussion to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Handling proposals

Master the language of effective proposals, develop skills to create counter-proposals, and learn negotiation phrases for responding to proposals or making modifications.

Resolving disputes

Equip yourself with language skills for diplomatic addressing of disputes, and learn the nuances of business English negotiation for maintaining a positive, solution-focused tone.

Closing the deals

Explore how to summarize the key points of the negotiation terms and overcome last-minute objections and hesitations.

Clarifying positions

Discover English paraphrasing techniques to confirm understanding and learn negotiation sentences to summarize the points of a discussion to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Why choose Promova group classes

negotiation business
negotiation business
— 01Real-life scenarios

Our negotiation English lessons consist of role-plays and simulation exercises that mirror actual business negotiation situations you're likely to encounter in your professional life.

— 02Certified tutors

All the groups are curated by CELTA and DELTA-certified tutors, who provide insights that go beyond the language. They will help you to master the negotiation language and find the right phrases for negotiation.

— 03Dynamic lessons

English for negotiation lessons includes a mix of discussions, presentations, and feedback sessions to ensure that the classes are engaging and joyous.

Goal-oriented learning

We define your language-learning goals and track the progress throughout the lesson. This approach ensures that you learn negotiation English tailored to your needs.

Promova Reviews


I think Promova is the best choice for improving our English skills. I joined Promova two months ago and now my level of English is being better than before. I am enjoying my class with my tutors Elaheh and Aymen and definitely I want to do more and more.


the lesson went well, I would like to schedule the next session!


thank you so much! I will schedule more lessons! I think I will start during the next week:)



I am very happy with PROMOVA
I feel that it is a great tool to improve my english. I hope achieve my goals as soon as I start to master the program.


its very nice and easy i think i will learn fast i love that

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Develop your negotiation English in a collaborative setting

Frequently asked questions

What topics are covered in negotiation English lessons?

Our group lessons covered the key aspects of negotiation language, including setting negotiation goals, clarifying positions, making and responding to proposals, resolving disputes, discussing prices and bargains, and closing deals. We focus on providing practical language skills, incorporating real-life scenarios to ensure that the learning process mirrors the professional context.

What is the maximum group size?

Our groups consist of up to 4 people. Working in small groups, we can ensure that every learner receives personalized attention and guidance from the tutor. At the same time, it allows us to create a collaborative environment, where learners share their knowledge with people from different cultural and educational backgrounds.

Why learn English for negotiation in groups?

Group classes are cost-effective compared to 1x1 tutoring. Moreover, you interact with many different people during the learning process, which fosters a better setting for improving English for negotiations. You can learn not only from theoretical material but also from the experiences of other learners. Finally, group lessons encourage healthy competition, which is also vital for developing negotiation skills.

Can I join the classes if I am not fluent?

Yes, learners of any English proficiency can join our group classes. We gathered groups based on their level so every learner could feel comfortable and equally engaged in the conversations. If you don’t know your current level, you may take our free placement test before joining the group.