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Why study in a crowded classroom and sit at a desk all day? Become fluent with online English classes instead.

Promova helps you learn at any time and from any location. Fully immerse yourself in your studies by taking online English lessons under the careful supervision of a certified teacher. Use our simple, user-friendly platform to make lessons fun and interactive. Take advantage of up-to-date materials from Oxford and Cambridge University Press to advance in levels. Our program of English classes for adults will help you improve your skills and gain confidence in your speaking and writing abilities.

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English Classes

Benefits of English Language Lessons

English classes benefits
1Materials tailored for your successWe don’t use one standard coursebook for everyone. Instead, we understand your needs and select materials from different leading institutions such as Cambridge University Press and Oxford University publications, Macmillan, and so on. We make sure everything fits your personal English lesson program.
2Teachers and fellow learners from every corner of the worldYour online English learning lessons will be led by a native-level tutor, and in addition to the language, you’ll learn about various cultural traditions from their part of the globe. Furthermore, if you join group lessons or the English speaking club, you can practice conversations with students from different cultures and backgrounds.
3Take English learning classes online at your own paceYou are in charge of your own schedule and decide when and how frequently you want to practice your English. Want to take your classes early before work or school? Schedule them with a tap of a button. Prefer to do your learning during the day or even at night? We’ll help you find a tutor who fits your calendar.
4Live communication and language practiceUse Promova to have conversations wherever you are - at work, in the park, on vacation, or at home. Use our learning ecosystem to sign up for group speaking practice or chat with your tutor. Immerse yourself in an English-speaking environment to succeed in your goals.

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Subscription Options

1. Practice with fellow learners

In a group, you will meet other students and practice with them. This learning mode offers plenty of opportunities to improve your speaking confidence and understand different cultures.

2. Dynamic lessons

Group lessons are typically vibrant and diverse. There are more spontaneous discussions and exchanges of ideas between learners and the tutor.

3. Exposure to different accents

Your lessons will involve a lot of active listening, which also means getting used to how others pronounce words. It’s excellent practice for future travel or work activities.

4. Pleasant pastime

Group lessons will facilitate conversations about life, culture, and hobbies. They’re an excellent opportunity to chat, meet great people, and make new friends.

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1. Individual training program

The tutor will develop a plan based on your personal goals. Your time studying English will be focused on topics and activities that match your interests.

2. Flexible schedule

You decide how your English courses go. If you’re busy, control over when you have lessons and how long they last will help you get the most out of learning.

3. Focus on you

You are the sole focus of the tutor's attention for the entire lesson. Take your time and go at a comfortable pace.

4. Responsive learning

Your tutor will know your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to grammar, speaking, listening, and writing skills. You’ll get a lot of guidance on your path to fluency.

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Learn English with an online course

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Practice what you’ve learned with step-by-step exercises that fit your personal plan. Keep your skills sharp between lessons with the Promova desktop or mobile application. Our easy-to-follow lessons will help you learn new words and better retain what you already know. Unlock your full English learning potential with the latest learning technology.

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Promova is available for iPhone, Huawei (native), Android, and MacOS

How does the schedule work?

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You can access online training and your learning plan on the platform anytime.

For 1x1 tutoring, we offer 25-minute, 50-minute, and 90-minute lessons. Some students learn better in bursts, while others prefer to block time for longer deep dives. Simply choose what works best for you!

Join Promova now and study English on your own terms.

Practice the 5 core aspects

Promova provides online classes to improve English with the following:

Schedule convenient and affordable online grammar lessons for all skill levels with certified tutors. Our instructors are flexible to ensure you can take grammar classes at your best time.

Improving your command of English grammar will help fill any knowledge gaps. Moreover, you can build foundations for future speaking, listening, reading, and writing practice.


English Grammar

Your writing skills will determine whether you can apply for a job in a foreign country, enroll in a school or university abroad, or take an international certification. Confidence in English writing skills ensures your personal and professional success.

With Promova, you can find an approach to learning that works best for you. You can learn new words with flashcards, practice reading and writing with a tutor, go through lessons on the platform, and so on.

Writing in English

Join a club to improve your speaking skills, pronunciation, and expression. Every week certified tutors at Promova run meetings on various topics - everything from entertainment to health, hobbies, work, and so on. 

The goal of the conversation club is to help you gain speaking confidence by interacting with people from all over the world. Make new friends, learn, and enjoy fun weekly discussions.

Speaking in English

Active listening is a big part of language mastery. You can improve your listening skills with patience, focus, and practice. If you’re an advanced learner, it’s not enough to just understand English - you also have to make sense of arguments and think in the same language.

At Promova, we developed a series of tasks and exercises to help you become the best active listener you know. Take advantage of our learning ecosystem and learn to recognize new vocabulary, accents, and nuanced expressions.

Listening To English Speech

The entire internet pretty much runs in English. You need strong reading skills to engage in professional activities or enjoy books and articles without relying on often lacking machine translations. 

Promova offers a unique opportunity to learn English by only using English. We encourage you to not use translators for content and instead provide the tools necessary to start thinking in English as you read and consume media.

Reading in English

Choose your practice intensity


All practical English courses help you develop four essential skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Over time, you will better your command of the nuances of English grammar and improve your vocabulary. Consistency is essential for successful English language learning, so we encourage you to sharpen your skills regularly, whether with a tutor or by yourself, in our web and mobile applications.


Our Intensive English language course is fit for students who have strict time constraints. For instance, if you have a set date to emigrate to another country for work or have to obtain  a time-sensitive certification. To achieve this, you must practice every day, often for more than an hour. However, with a strong commitment, you can also expect to make rapid progress and succeed in your goals.

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What is an online English class?

An online English class allows you to learn wherever you are, be it your home, office, or even a cafe. There’s no need to travel to a school or course - all you need is your phone or laptop and access to the internet. Promova classes use Zoom and Google Meet for video calls with your tutor and study groups. Take control of your learning and grow fluent at your own pace!

What do you learn in an English class?

We take a balanced approach to learning with grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and functional language skills. As a result, you can expect to improve your reading, writing, listening, and speaking practice during a well-rounded learning experience. 

In your lessons with Promova teachers, you will also make progress on personal goals. Your tutors will develop individual plans and adapt materials for your needs. Our platform will also help ensure you don’t forget what you learned, with reminders and prompts to learn expressions, idioms, and modal words for everyday use.

How long will it take me to complete the English courses?

Your time will depend on your level of English when you join us. We start by learning about your goals and assessing your current skills with a placement test. Usually, progressing one whole level based on the Common European Framework of Languages takes 100-150 guided study hours. If you’re not in a rush, choose a general online learning English course and study at a comfortable pace. If you want to learn quickly, opt for an intensive course instead. Once you decide what makes sense for you, Promova will help you get to the desired level of fluency. 

Is online learning better than offline learning?

Each approach is valid for learning; it depends on your preferences. Classes over the internet today are in no way inferior to traditional in-person training. On the contrary, many students find that an online English class is better for them because they get to learn in the comfort of their own homes. You also get to play different word games and use tools that help you learn in a fun and engaging way. Overall, online English courses are an excellent fit for learners who prefer to study on their terms.

What do I need to learn English online?

First of all, know why you are learning English. If you have a goal and motivation, we can help you comfortably get there. Once you apply for the course, all you need is internet access, your device, headphones, and a desire to learn. Our tutors will help you learn English, but they can’t make you want it - you will need to work to improve! What we provide from our side is a personal plan, engaging lessons, and powerful tools to help you achieve fluency. 

Where do online English classes take place?

With Promova, you can practice anywhere. Take your online English lessons anywhere - your house, office, the park, or even your car during your weekly commute. The only thing you need is access to the internet. However, we suggest you ensure your environment is conducive to learning. If you’re seriously learning English, it’s best to set aside potential distractions so you can focus on your notes and speaking practice without interruptions. 

How can I check my English level?

Take our online test to determine your current level of English. The Promova test involves a series of questions to assess your grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills. You’re not forced to do all of those tests, but if you dedicate some time to it, we can help accurately identify your level and learning needs. In addition, please refrain from using any outside materials or search engines while taking your test. Be honest with yourself so you can learn!