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English for finance course

— 01

Finance essentials

Learn the fundamental financial English vocabulary and phrases related to auditing, budgeting, forecasting, and purchasing. Understand the language used in financial settings and navigate discussions professionally.

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— 02

Accounting fluency

Improve your English for accounting to easily discuss balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. Explore the language of costing methods, profit-loss analysis, and budgetary control. 

financial essentials

— 03

Cross-cultural confidence

Focus on the intricacies of business cultures and learn to adapt your communication, including non-verbal cues, tones, and e-mail etiquette. Become a savvy communicator in the dynamic and globalized landscape of finances.

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— 04

World economics

Learn English finance vocabulary and phrases related to international trade, monetary policies, and economic theories to engage in informed conversations about the global economy.

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Personalized learning

We understand that financial English is a very broad sphere and may be divided into English for accountants, banking specialists, investors, and so on. That is why you can ask to customize the course according to your needs. We personalized experience and strive to help you to reach your language-learning goals.

Develop your skills with finance English course

finance meeting
finance meeting
— 01Industry vocabulary

You will learn broad terms and phrases that are usually used in financial English news and official documents. Stay fresh and facilitate your daily work with expanded financial English vocabulary.

— 02Negotiating

You will understand the nuances of financial English communication, including strategic negotiations, resolving disputes, and ensuring agreements.

— 03Giving presentations

Through real-life exercises, you will gain confidence in public speaking and learn how to clearly present financial information, such as market trends, forecasts, and financial statements.

— 04Reading comprehension

You will be able to understand financial texts in English and interpret them for colleagues, partners, or clients in a way they will easily understand.

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Promova Reviews


I think Promova is the best choice for improving our English skills. I joined Promova two months ago and now my level of English is being better than before. I am enjoying my class with my tutors Elaheh and Aymen and definitely I want to do more and more.


I appreciate your effors for helping me to participate your free trial lesson, It was very useful for me, your kind tutor correct my language mistakes step by step, so I decided to go on with you ASAP.


I'm happy to have chosen this app 😊
I've tested a lot of applications before, but I guess that Promova is the best one.
Now I'm having lessons with my tutor that I'm really enjoying. This experience helped me to be confident by practicing more this language, and I’m very thankful to my tutor.
The staff are very reactive and helpful❤️


Everything was good, an looking forward to the next meeting. Thank you


I really liked the class and would like to book more classes.

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Frequently asked questions

Are there any specific requirements to enroll in the course?

There are no strict requirements. Any person, regardless of his or her background and fluency level, may enroll in the course of English for finance. However, we recommend gaining at least basic English knowledge since financial English includes many complex structures and specialized vocabulary.

Can I learn a specific jargon of financial English?

Yes, our tutors can provide you with extended vocabulary, idioms, and slang that is usually used in financial English. We understand that specialized vocabulary is crucial for effective communication, so our tutors can design a learning plan to familiarize you with financial terms, their usage, and context.

Can I get personalized feedback on my financial English skills?

Exactly. Personalized experience is one of Promova’s cornerstones. During the course, you will receive regular updates on your progress from a tutor. He will provide you with tips for effective learning, focusing on your areas of improvement and language-learning needs.

What skills can I get in learning English for finance?

Enrolling in a business English finance course on Promova will expand your vocabulary and allow you to analyze and discuss financial reports in English. As well, you will enhance your communication skills for negotiation, public speaking, and networking. By learning financial English, you get all the necessary skills to develop your career.