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Idiomatic Language with Joy

How will you learn

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Bite-sized lessons

Idioms in English might be difficult to remember. We offer you an effective approach to learning often but in short lessons. You can spend up to two minutes on one lesson. Say no to overwhelming exercises, stay motivated, and expand your knowledge with new idioms daily.

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Unique illustrations

Imagine learning idioms like "the ball is in your court" or "barking up the wrong tree" through eye-catching visuals that breathe life into these phrases. This is available with Promova. Our hand-crafted illustrations are carefully designed to enhance your understanding of English idioms and slang.

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Culture cards

Inside the lessons, with examples of idioms, you will find culture cards that explain the origin of different idioms. Such insights give you a deeper understanding of English culture and history. We believe that such an approach is more effective for remembering difficult slang and idioms.

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Real-life scenarios

Context is king in learning languages. When practicing with Promova, you will complete interactive exercises that place you in everyday situations where English expressions are used naturally. 

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Learn the best idioms

Expand your vocabulary on the go

Enrich your conversational language

English Speaking

Speak concisely

Express complex ideas in a simplified manner by learning English idioms and phrases with Promova. Idiomatic language helps to convey tone and emotion and makes language more engaging and memorable. People can relate to idioms quickly, which helps you to build strong connections.

Embrace the culture

Most of idioms examples show how the language and culture have evolved. They reflect the accumulated human experiences and life lessons from generations. Learning idioms about life, work, or relationships with Promova, you gain deeper insights into the history and beliefs of English-speaking countries.

Feel confident

The idiomatic language you’ll learn in our application is practical for everyday use. By using English expressions in conversations, you will show the other people that you understand and respect their culture. This will help you feel more comfortable and confident in everyday communication and become a part of the community.

Promova Reviews

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This app is particularly helpful for intermediate and advanced learning. Lots of practice and phrasal verbs, vocabulary, etc

App Store

Very effective. It teaches u cool phrases idioms and more please download it if u want to improve your english


they provide different activities to make sure that you remeber the phrases

Google Play

I love the interface of this app!! It's very subtle & mind pleasing, it absolutely calms my brain.

Google Play

It's really fun to learn languages using this app. The exercises, images and so on are making it much easier and enjoyable. I do recommend this app.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I learn English idioms as a beginner?

Yes, our courses are designed for learners of all levels, from beginners to advanced users. In the application, you can filter the lessons by level so you see only relevant exercises. Idiomatic language is usually recommended for intermediate language learners since it’s necessary to understand some basics. However, in our application, you are free to learn idioms at any time.

Do you have a community of language learners?

Yes, you can join the community of language learners right in the application. Our community shares the principles of a supportive environment, so you may discuss your achievements and challenges, share your knowledge, and find friends around the world. Additionally, you can follow our TikTokInstagram, and Facebook. We share a lot of insights and learning tips, hold live streams, and, of course, post some memes on our social networks. 

Can I learn English expressions on multiple devices?

Yes, the Promova application is available on all Android and iOS devices. You can download the app from AppStore, PlayMarket, and AppGallery to practice your language skills. Additionally, you can access the course through a web-browser. Learn languages anytime in the most convenient way for you.

Can I suggest American or British idioms to your app?

Absolutely! We value your feedback and input. You can suggest some idioms directly through the app. Go to Profile - Settings - Contacts Us and write us an e-mail to share your feedback. You can also write directly to our support and share your suggestions.