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Do you lack the skills or necessary vocabulary to write great emails, reports, reviews, and plans? Take an English writing class and put thoughts on paper without effort!


Good writing in your native language takes training and clarity of thought. If you’re also learning English, then you have to overcome the language barrier and develop your writing skills simultaneously.

However, you also have a strong advantage: as a language learner, you’re prepared to absorb new strategies, and your mind is open to opportunities. Completing an English writing course will improve your mastery of the language and help develop valuable communication skills.

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Why join an English writing class

Person Study
Person Study
— 01Practical Lessons

You don’t need to delve deep into writing theory if it doesn’t help your life or career. All materials in your English writing classes are fun, helpful, and engaging. Most importantly, lessons will focus on suggestions you can immediately apply to improve your writing.

— 02Direct Feedback

With a certified tutor, you can instantly catch any mistakes and find opportunities to improve. Moreover, you’ll get feedback on your overall style and communication. Master shades of nuance during your writing skills course to make your English clear and effective.

— 03Relevant to Your Goals

We can help you whether you need to improve your business English to craft great emails or develop an academic vocabulary for great essays. Your writing process for English class will adapt to your needs and focus on what helps improve your personal and professional life.

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What you’ll learn during English writing lessons


Start with sharing information and explaining events or activities. Learn to express complex ideas and make arguments over time.


Start with daily situations such as messages and work emails. Learn to adjust your writing to different situations and platforms over time. 


Start with writing simple outlines and plans for your writing. Learn to adjust the speed and depth of your writing for different purposes over time.


Start with basic rules for effective writing in English. Learn to use complex sentence structures to express your ideas in nuanced ways over time.


Start with functional punctuation and simple rules. Learn to use punctuation to create emphasis and express meaning over time.


Start with short texts about simple topics. Learn to write interconnected texts to explore different topics and sub-topics over time.


Start with simple writing to get your points across. Learn to use different structures, idioms, and word patterns to make your writing uniquely yours over time.


Start with functional words and everyday topics. Learn to effectively use complex vocabulary, abbreviations, colloquialisms, and jargon over time.

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Choose your level to practice your writing

We collect English guides and offer writing aid to help learners at every level. If you aren’t ready to study with a tutor yet, use the 👉🏽Promova App for free lessons and self-study materials. 

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We call Sana a Universal English tutor because she specializes in general English, business English, and exam preparation, in addition to the other areas of English instruction. You want it? She can most certainly do it! She has worked as a teacher for the past 12 years without taking any time off (we're joking - of course she also needs rest!). Conversational abilities are a top priority for her, and she maintains an open mind and purpose in her life. Her online classes are really popular among students who are looking for steady balanced progress...

in all areas. Whether it's learning grammar, writing or listening - all aspects of language and skills are covered in her lessons. And all of this is accompanied by snippets of film, pieces of music, and even information from the scientific community - she is very open-minded indeed.


Carlos is a very helpful, lively and open-minded English instructor. During his over 5 years of teaching, he has stolen hearts of a lot of students around the world - they all want to stay with Carlos after the first several lessons. If you're looking for someone who would be not only your learning mentor but also a close friend whom you can discuss things with, you're in the right place. Carlos is exactly the kind of English language tutor whose classes are relaxed, easy, and interesting - but still ensure progress. He can offer a lot of online games, varied tasks, and new ways to do things.


Ladan is a very hardworking, lively and responsible CELTA certified English instructor. She has been working as a teacher for more than 13 years and has stolen hearts of a lot of students in different ages – many of them stayed with Ladan for several years.If you’re looking for someone who would be not only your learning mentor but also a close friend who you can discuss things with, you’re in the right place. Ladan is exactly the kind of English language tutor whose classes are full of different activities and fun as she will offer a lot of varied tasks and new ways to do things to ensure progress.


Alireza loves his awesome students, teaching and soccer. He’s from Iran and has 12 years of teaching experience. He says that his mission is to give students a voice to express themselves and every student feels an incredible vibe in class and gets even more motivated learning English inspired by Alireza.Alireza confesses that he enjoys teaching IELTS most of all, also he’s awesome at teaching General and Business English. He’s a Celta certified teacher and a PhD student at the moment. Alireza has always been taking care of his students and will come with the best assignments to help you achieve your goals.

Tutor Clark

Born and raised in the United States, Clark Murad comes from a multiracial family therefore he can empathize with students from different countries and loves helping with their pronunciation and accent. Clark uses visual materials, games and always chooses relevant and up-to-date topics for his lessons. So if you are looking for a fun and interactive tutor, he is the perfect fit.Clark Murad’s lessons are full of energy and speaking practice. He is a proud father of two daughters and has a very patient and compassionate approach in his lessons.

Loryn - teacher

Loryn is an incredibly positive and approachable teacher. She started teaching English online in 2018, whilst simultaneously studying psychology. Loryn found that the combination of her teaching qualification and her psychology degree really complimented each other. She creates a comfortable and warm learning environment for students where they are eager to grow and develop their language abilities through the use of conversations. Loryn believes that a successful lesson is one whereby students explore and challenge their abilities, where they laugh and learn and are by no means afraid of making mistakes.

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Our teaching methodology

Taking a writing English class will help improve your communication skills. Eventually, you’ll be able to adapt your writing skills for all kinds of situations in your life and career.

Here is how you can learn with Promova:

— 01Dive into writing.

Your tutor will give you a task based on your personal goals. This might be a work email, opinion piece, academic essay, or anything else you’ll find interesting. You’ll use what you already know to finish this task. The result will help identify what you can do, where you need guidance, and how you can improve.

— 02Learn new techniques.

You’ll spend most of the lesson getting instructions from your tutor - whether to improve your vocabulary, grammar, strategies, and so on. You’ll get to test new approaches and build your writing skills with direct feedback.

— 03Flex your new writing skills.

You’ll return to the same writing task or get a similar assignment. At this point, you’ll focus on applying the tips and strategies you learned earlier in the writing lesson to improve your results. 

— 04Compare and contrast.

You’ll see how much better you did after the coaching compared to your first assignment. Then you’ll find ways to apply this knowledge in your daily life and continue to get better at writing in your future lessons.

Become the best writer you know:

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Why our students love our classes

Flag of United Kindom
A convenient school for learning English. A beautiful and practical website. Good vocabulary trainer in the app. I am having a lot of fun with the lessons, and learning the material. I like it.
Flag of United States
I came to Promova with the level of English A2, and slowly over the year I got up to B1-B2. The teacher is cool and responsive, always took into account my wishes, making every lesson an interesting event.
Flag of Bolivia
I attended English writing classes. The team of professionals developed an interesting curriculum for anyone with any level of English and with any goals! I am pleasantly surprised!
Flag of Ukraine.
The platform chooses individual, convenient for you class time. The teacher adapts to your level and gives you the information you need for further study. You can always change your teacher or reschedule your lessons.
I've been studying for three months. My impressions are positive. I am satisfied with the approach and the training system. It is convenient that it is online. The ecosystem is cool. Plus the schedule can be customized.
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Frequently asked questions

How can I improve my English writing skills online?

Writing is a complex activity, and there are many different ways to improve it. Here are a few that can be helpful:

  • Seek out quality writing. If you love particular authors or find interesting articles, study them! This will help you improve your vocabulary, develop a sense of good writing, and apply it in your own style.
  • Practice simple things. Chances are, you write all the time in your daily life and just don’t think about it. Messages, social media posts, emails, notes, and so on - it’s so common we don’t think about it. Why not write as much as possible in English and focus on making even these tiny things better? The practice will translate to your larger projects.
  • Join communities and ask for feedback. You don’t have to be a professional author to ask others about your writing. Simply joining a community of people who share your passions or career path and sharing your work with them can help sharpen your English skills. In addition, this can improve your network and help make new friends.

We encourage you to try these tactics and see what works best for you. Lastly, an online English writing course can be an excellent way to test your existing knowledge and improve faster. 

Are writing classes worth it?

Whether your writing classes are worth the cost depends on what you plan to do with the skills. For example, you might want to get a position at an international company, study abroad, or even make a living writing in English. In that case, great writing skills can directly pay your bills.

In other words, an online English writing class is an investment into your potential; whether it pays off depends on how you realize it in the future. We write dozens of messages and work emails every day. Therefore, even a marginal improvement in this small part of your life can lead to significant improvements and make the experience worth it. 

Can a writing teacher also help improve my grammar?

Absolutely! You’ll get direct feedback on your writing, and if your grammar skills need some work, your tutor will be happy to help improve them.

English writing classes for adults are different from lectures at school. You’ll focus on learning what matters in your daily life rather than a fixed curriculum. So if you struggle with grammar, you’ll get practical writing exercises to improve it and take your communication skills to the next level. On the other hand, if you need instruction on communication and structure, you’ll focus on that instead.