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Improve your language skills for living abroad with our language-learning app. Expand vocabulary, practice pronunciation, learn cultural differences, and open up all the best English speaking countries to live for yourself.

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English for expat living with Promova

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Focused lessons

All the lessons in our application are divided by fluency level and specific topics, like news and trends, health, entertainment, figurative speaking, everyday problems, etc. Focus on the lessons relevant to your language goals and prepare to live in expat-friendly countries.

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Real-life scenarios

The language course includes lessons based on real-life scenarios expats may encounter on English speaking islands and countries. The course in the Promova app is aimed at preparing learners for seamless integration into the best English speaking countries.

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Culture cards

We offer an interactive way to learn about various English-speaking countries' norms and etiquette. Inside the lessons, you will find culture cards that explain social customs, historical traditions, and everyday manners of other countries that speak English.

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Speaking practice

You will find a lot of speaking exercises where speech recognition tools are used to help you improve your pronunciation and be easily understood in the English-speaking world. With instant feedback, you can improve your accent and intonation to be easily understood in foreign countries that speak English.

speaking practice

Adapt in the English-speaking world


Stay confident with improved language skills

Engage in small talks

Practice common topics for small talk in English-speaking countries to feel confident when breaking the ice and establishing a rapport with people in different situations.

Understand humor

Overcome the challenge of understanding the humor of foreign countries that speak English to easily engage in daily conversations, read literature, and watch media.

Appreciate Diversities

Be aware of topics related to race, ethnicity, local festivals, customs, and traditions to understand the diversity of countries where English is spoken.

Don't go it alone

Learn with community

group chat

Even if you choose a country with most English speakers, living abroad can be a lonely experience until you find some friends and places to visit often. In our application, you can join and interact with a community of learners across the globe. Find friends, share your knowledge, and discuss the situations happening around in English speaking countries.

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Easy to use and super practical! English is my second language and I try to learn a little more every day. Satisfied so far!


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I really recommend everyone to join Promova. It’s a very friendly app that helps you improve your vocabulary and proficiency in English little by little, taking one step at a time! Love it!


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This app is tremendous.. You can improve your vocabulary by taking sessions which includes image based learning method that is very much easy to understand and grasp new knowledge. Im happy to use this app. 👍🏻


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Thanks Promova, it's easy to learn english


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It seems the way that your lessons became gradually difficult is effective. i enjoyed it and I hope it enables me to improve speaking and listening in English in short time


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Frequently asked questions

Why learn English for living abroad?

Learning English when living abroad is important, whether you choose English-speaking countries or places with other languages. This is a globally recognized language that increases your ability to simply interact with people on the streets, buy groceries, access local transport healthcare systems, and even understand cultural nuances. Also, English provides you with opportunities to find a good job in a local company or international business that works in the country where you live.

How quickly can I become fluent?

The time needed to become fluent in English depends on various factors, including your learning pace, your current level, and learning environment. According to CEFR standards, it takes around 1200 hours to reach the C2 level starting from A1. However, we promote personalized experiences and encourage our learners to practice at their own pace. You will definitely reach the goal with bite-sized learning, staying motivated, and having fun during the language learning journey.

Can I learn English for living abroad as a beginner?

Absolutely. The Promova team designed the courses for language learners of all levels. As a beginner, you can choose your level in our application and start with the basics, moving to more complex lessons day by day. We also provide you with a daily learning plan, where you receive several lessons every day from our app. In this case, you can spend several minutes a day for practice without overwhelming yourself. However, if you complete the daily lessons, you can always switch to the course tab and continue with more lessons.

Can I get a private tutor to learn English for living abroad?

Yes, Promova offers tutoring services for English learners of all levels. The learning plan is tailored to your individual needs so you can focus only on the most important areas of improvement. Please book a lesson with a tutor and share your language-learning goals to get the personal learning plan. Remember that the first lesson is free, so you can meet your tutor and see our learning approach.