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May, can you, should? Confuse. That’s how English learners feel about modal verbs. Our certified tutors created lessons to help you overcome the challenges. Learn modals with Promova.

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Modals Can be Tricky

You are not alone if you feel puzzled


The nuances of English modals often lead to misunderstandings. Do I have to use “should” or “would”? Such issues make you second-guess every sentence. It’s not just about grammar; it’s about the message you’re trying to convey.

Clarity issues

Differences between “may” and “might” or “can” and “could” can silence even some advanced learners. Many learners feel stuck when it comes to modals because they are afraid of making mistakes and not being taken seriously.

Real conversations

Even when you know the rules, applying modal verbs in live conversations is a different game. The pressure of thinking fast can make your mind go blank, stealing the confidence in dialogues.

Slow progress

Despite hours of studying examples of modal verbs, the progress seems slow. This pace can be discouraging, making you wonder if you'll ever master modal verbs.


The nuances of English modals often lead to misunderstandings. Do I have to use “should” or “would”? Such issues make you second-guess every sentence. It’s not just about grammar; it’s about the message you’re trying to convey.

Modals Aren’t Impossible

We are sure you can master them with our lesson

Your Way to Learn Modal Verbs


Specify your level. Get lessons tailored to your needs. Learn modals in English at your most comfortable pace. 


No more boring grammar rules. Enjoy our hand-crafted illustrations and quizzes, carefully designed to make your learning journey exciting.


Practice the sentences based on real-life situations. See how the examples of modal verbs should be used in dialogues.

Safe Space for Mistakes

Treat them as growth opportunities

Innovation Book

It’s human to make mistakes, especially when it comes to difficult modal verbs examples. At Promova, we encourage you to understand that mistakes are just a moment of learning. Correcting them, you get one more victory on the way to your language goals.

Learn English and Celebrate

Gain confidence in using modal verbs 

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Frequently asked questions

Why are modal verbs important in learning English?

Modal verbs are crucial in English because they help express necessity, possibility, permission, and ability, which are fundamental in conveying the correct tone, intention, and politeness in conversations. Understanding and using modal verbs correctly can significantly improve your ability to communicate nuanced thoughts and feelings. 

How does your app make learning modal verbs easier?

Our app simplifies learning modal verbs through interactive lessons, real-life usage examples, and personalized experience. We also ensure a safe space for mistakes, so every learner can feel comfortable during the learning process and stay motivated on the way to desired fluency level.

What if I still have trouble understanding some modal verbs after using the app?

If you find certain modal verbs challenging even after using our app, we offer several support options to help. First, you can revisit any lesson as many times as needed — repetition is key to learning. For more personalized assistance, our app includes 1x1 lessons with certified tutors, where you can practice precisely and get more feedback. You can also learn in groups to develop using the modal verbs in real-life conversations.

Can the app help me with other aspects of English grammar and vocabulary?

Absolutely! While the focus of this specific module is on mastering modal verbs, our application offers a comprehensive range of lessons covering all aspects of English grammar and vocabulary. From tense structures to idiomatic expressions, we've got you covered. Each section is designed to build upon previous lessons, ensuring a well-rounded approach to language learning.