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Take your English practice to the next level with helpful grammar exercises and vocabulary quizzes!


Find hundreds of effective English exercises to practice grammar and improve your fluency. Learn new words, phrases, and rules with powerful interactive English courses.

Improve your english fluency

Level up your skills with English grammar exercises, vocabulary lessons, interactive quizzes, and more. Available for all learners from A1 to C2. Learn and have fun at the same time!

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How you can use English practice exercises

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Learn English… in English!

Get all your lessons, grammar exercises, definitions, and tips exclusively in English. Understand everything without having to translate it into your native language. Start thinking in English!

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Practice language use

Learn new words, practice grammar, and improve fluency with effective language learning tools. Build your skills and prepare for real-world situations with English quizzes for adults.

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Get expert guidance

Take intuitive lessons created by language experts. Discover a range of exercises to improve your all-around English skills - reading, listening, pronunciation & more.

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Remember what you learn

Never forget new words and grammar rules thanks to a combination of practice and associations. Get illustrations for everything you learn to remember English with ease.

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Enjoy diverse exercises

Find 150+ lessons, including English quizzes about topics such as business and travel. Complete different types of exercises, including interactive word games, filling in the blanks & more.

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Learn from media

Take English vocabulary quizzes using images and videos. Find lessons about TV shows, culture, holidays, and everyday topics. Improve by learning about things you already love.

*Why In English?

Firstly, we offer the course in 12 different languages. So if you feel overwhelmed, you can learn English with translations from your native language in a traditional way. However, we highly recommend you to take English exercises in English without any localization.


Most learners do better when they learn new English words and phrases exclusively in English. At the start, understanding definitions without translation might be difficult. But don’t worry! Even as a complete beginner you can learn from pictures and associations designed just for you. At any level, you will quickly get used to only using English, and learn much faster as a result.

Solve English problems with your English skills!

Why learners choose our courses?

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Thanks to my tutor in English. This language is hard for me, but thanks to the patience of my teacher, everything works out. No one hurries me, does not drive me, but studies at a pace. It is comfortable for me.
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great app for English learning... I recommend this to anyone who is willing to improve English and become fluent in speaking and listening it helps
Definitely like it so far. Quality matches my expectations and practice is interesting lightweight not just for beginner level. Try it out.
Well, first of all I have to mention that fact the app is very clear at explanation and everything is catchable for everyone. Second of all I’m absorbing all the new words easily day by day thanks for creating this app i really appreciate it)
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About our lessons

Online language learning programs on Promova use the latest education technology to help:

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Frequently asked questions

Are there free English quizzes?

All learners get access to many free English grammar exercises and quizzes. Practicing with free tools should be enough for many beginners and casual English learners. However, we encourage you to consider subscribing if you take language learning seriously.

Promova offers a range of English courses available only for paid subscribers. In addition, you unlock access to new features and exclusive opportunities to improve your English skills.

Can I become fluent with English quizzes and exercises?

To become fluent, you need to build all-around skills in English reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Increasing your proficiency by one level typically takes around 120 hours of guided practice. In addition, learning becomes harder at higher proficiency levels. So, for example, going from B2 to C1 may take a lot longer than getting from A1 to A2.

Promova helps you practice all skills, but it’s still not a substitute for motivation and effort. If you’re a dedicated learner, you can definitely become fluent if you combine our language learning tools with other forms of practice. Furthermore, you can also take advantage of our English conversation club and practice with a personal tutor to achieve faster results.

What kind of English practice can I get with Promova?

After you answer a few quick questions about your learning goals, you’ll get access to an English course at your current level. The course will include grammar, vocabulary, and language use, such as English tenses exercises. You can also find specific topics such as business English or TV shows as separate courses. Every module includes practice with different language aspects - you’ll learn to use words, discover helpful phrases, apply grammar rules, and so on.

We regularly add new quizzes and exercises for every level. With the help of our hand-crafted flashcards, beginners can practice the same way children learn their first language. As an advanced learner, you’ll find chances to practice specific skills and grow your vocabulary in as little as 10 minutes per day.

How is Promova different from other English learning apps?

There are several advantages to learning with us:

  • Personalized experience. Tailor your learning experience to your level. Discover tools and exercises that fit your personal needs and interests.
  • Guided bite-sized learning. Exercises in our courses are carefully designed to be fun, practical, and unique. You get real progress and help on your learning journey.
  • Practice communities. With us, you get freedom to practice with fellow learners. Join an English conversation club, meet people all over the world, and speak with confidence.
  • Mastery with certified tutors. Improve your language skills with a professional on your side! Sign up for 1x1 tutoring, group lessons, and classes to improve your skills.
  • Progress tracking. Understand how you learn languages and see how far you’ve come! Get support from the Promova team to improve your accountability and learn as a habit.

Do I have to install the application on my computer or phone?

No, you can use Promova directly from your browser and practice as much as you need. In addition, you can add a shortcut directly to the Home Screen on any modern browser. Take advantage of all the best English learning tools available, on any device, at any time!