English with movies

Develop your language skills with our unique English course with TV series, meeting heroes of Friends, Simpsons, The Office, and other popular movies.

Why English with movies

Popcorn Box

Feel the difference from traditional approach


Traditional learning is mostly focused on grammar rules and vocabulary lists. They are important, but don’t necessarily lead to fluency in real-life conversations. Learning English throug movies helps to fill in this gap.


Conventional learning methods might make language learning be a tedious task. Watching movies for learning English makes a process more exciting, leading to increased motivation.


Although traditional approaches are approved by various organizations, many learners find themselves stuck at the same level. Watching movies to learn English provides a feeling of constant progress and long-term retention of language.

Break language barriers

Imagine trying to learn English, using only one approach. You are staring at the books, constantly making repetitive exercises that don’t connect with real-life situations. This might provide you with knowledge, but at the same time make you feel frustrated. This concern might be solved, when you start learn English watching movies.

Learn English with movies

Enjoy practical language

Real-life situations

Dive into the English like it’s spoken everyday through selection of popular movies and TV series. Experience casual and complex discussions, applying the language in context that mirror actual interactions.

Cultural immersion

Learn how English varies across different social backgrounds and everyday situations. Immerse the social and cultural norms of English-speaking countries learning a language through movies and TV series that reflect the actual context of their population. 


Interactive quizzes

After learning some new words and phrases, test your understanding through interactive exercises and quizzes. Build the words by their explanations, choose the correct phrases for real-life situations and ensure that you’re actively retaining the language.

Exercises and Quiz

Word-play usage

With a focus on movies to improve English, you’ll explore the nuances of this language, including slang, idioms and non-standard word-play. This exposure is invaluable for grasping the subtleties of the language, allowing you to appreciate and use English in more creative ways.

Real-life situations

Dive into the English like it’s spoken everyday through selection of popular movies and TV series. Experience casual and complex discussions, applying the language in context that mirror actual interactions.

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Highly recommend this app to start doing something with your English. Try to spend no more than 10 minutes per day, but do it regularly on daily base. And you will notice a miracle happening with your English.


I'm very happy, what a free app. I study English together with my 10-year-old son. Thank you very much to the Promova team.

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That is what exactly I need to top up my vocabulary and learn more about with fun. I would recommend to all my friends who want to improve or advance their English. By using the Promova app It's very useful and helpful for any learners, especially for beginners it's a fantastic start 😀 👏

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This seems an interesting app. I will com with a new review after I use it more

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Never have I seen such a productive app to learn English with. Not only is it effective but also is very enjoyable with multitudinous exercises they have provided. I recommend that everyone download this app and enrich their English skills.


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It is really a good app that helps boost your confidence in expressing yourself with ease with a higher level of vocabulary.

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Frequently asked questions

Can beginners learn English with movies at Promova?

To learn English movies, we recommend to have some basic knowledge since you’ll need to build sentences in our interactive exercises. However, the general English course at Promova is designed for learners of all levels. You may start with basics, understand some rules and words and then proceed to the course “English with movies and TV series.”

Can I access the English with movies course on multiple devices?

Yes, Promova is available to download from AppStore, PlayMarket and AppGallery. You can also practice English on a desktop through a web-browser. You can access the course anywhere and anytime with the same account and for free. 

How learning English through movies differs from traditional learning?

Learning English through movies offers a unique practical experience by integrating content from popular movies into the curriculum. Such an approach provides learners with lots of useful phrases to improve conversational English. Additionally, such an approach provides deep understanding of cultural context.

How quickly can I become fluent?

There are many factors that affect the time needed to reach English fluency. They include your current proficiency level, learning style and pace, and even your environment. According to CEFR standards, to reach C2 English being A1, it needs around 900-1200 hours. However, you might reach fluency faster, being closer to English-speaking environment. That’s where English with movies comes in handy.