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Looking to improve your language skills but not sure where to start?


Promova is among the best language learning apps for iPhone and iOS devices. Practice 12 languages and meet fellow learners from around the world. Explore hundreds of unique lessons or study with a tutor to level up your skills!

 iPhone language learning app
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Why learners choose Promova

Fun and engaging lessons

Our lessons are hand-written by language experts for your success. In addition, we use e-learning technology to make your experience both fun and helpful. You’ll get to play with handy flashcards, memorable drawings, and useful quizzes on your journey to fluency.

Speaking assistant


We created an AI that knows how native speakers should sound. The app will analyze your pronunciation against thousands of native speakers and give you a score from 0 to 100. You’ll also get suggestions on how to improve your pronunciation during speaking lessons.

Proven teaching methods

Promova uses bite-sized learning and the experience of hundreds of teachers to help you study. You can learn new words, improve your grammar, listen to native speakers, and practice pronunciation all in one app. Increase your level from beginner all the way to language mastery.

Learning as a habit


If you’re a life-long learner, you’re going to love Promova. Our app knows how to help you cultivate a habit of daily practice. You’ll get helpful notifications and quick lessons to keep your skills sharp. Never forget the rules and words you learn with the right tools!

What you’ll find in the app

Download Promova learn language app iPhone and start practicing right away!

Mobile Promova

Video lessons

Discover dozens of unique lessons recorded by professional native creators!

  • High-quality videos with new words, tips, and tricks.
  • Created by native speakers with teaching experience.
  • Seamlessly integrated into your lessons.

Community of learners

Connect with fellow learners from different corners of the world directly on the app!

  • Become a part of the learning community with thousands of people.
  • Talk to fellow learners and get handy tips from your peers.
  • Share your learning journey and see how well you’re doing.

Expert tutors

Book lessons with a certified tutor and get a personal plan to level up your skills!

  • Match with an expert teacher to practice 1x1 or in a group.
  • Schedule lessons directly from the app to practice at your best time.
  • Get a study plan tailored to your individual needs and interests.

See what learners say

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BatyrovMAug 13, 2022

The best app for improving your vocabulary


App Store

Flag of United States
cadgsezJan 7, 2022

I have improved by vocabulary words and benefits it’s better app


Google Play

Sadaat AfghanApr 12, 2022

Good app for English learning

hand-holding-flag-of-germany 1.png
behnazfarmanbar Jun 15, 2022

The application is very good for improve my english language 👍🏾

Frequently asked questions

What makes Promova different from other e-learning apps?

Learners love Promova because we combine fun language practice with powerful technology. Our approach includes:

  • Personalized experience. We want to know why you’re learning to help you succeed.
  • Bite-sized learning. Lessons are easy to complete and filled with practical knowledge.
  • Practice communities. You can meet fellow learners who can motivate you to succeed.
  • Expert tutors. Our teachers are carefully matched with your unique learning goals.
  • Progress tracking. You can see your progress to always stay on top of your program.

Promova is the best iPhone app to learn a new language if you’re willing to practice regularly. In the end, your effort is the most important part of your success. We’ll do our best to help guide you, but we can’t magically make you speak a new language… at least, not yet :)

What is the best app to learn language on iPhone?

Promova is among the best iOS language learning apps with over 7 million downloads. However, it depends on your goals and the languages you want to learn. Currently, we only offer lessons in 12 popular languages because we focus on quality over quantity.

Our most popular courses are Spanish and, surprisingly, English. Learners love to learn English in English without any help translating to or from their native tongue. In addition, our AI speaking tool offers a powerful way to improve your pronunciation.

How many lessons are available on Promova?

More than enough to get through A1 to C1 in most popular languages, which can be anywhere between 100 and 500 lessons for different courses. Our application started as a way to learn new words and became a much more powerful tool after a few years.

Now we have grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking practice to help you become fluent. Our goal is to design the best language learning apps for iOS, Android, and web platforms.

Furthermore, our team regularly adds new hand-crafted lessons to help improve your experience. If you ever run out of lessons to complete, you’re likely already at the point where you don’t need more to begin with :) 

Does the app work on the iPad?

Yes, you can download the language learning app on your iPad. We also offer an Android version and a web application that you can launch directly from your browser.