English for Travel

Planning a vacation or family trip? Travel English lessons can prepare you for any situation abroad. Prepare for great adventures with the ability to speak to people all over the globe!


Learn English for travelers with an online course or practice 1x1 with a certified tutor. Find lessons about common topics, learn travel vocabulary, and get ready for your journey. Improve your English to enjoy new experiences in different countries.

Real-World Situations

Prepare for travel by practicing real scenarios such as speaking to airport staff, booking a hotel, and so on. Get ready for real situations and boost your speaking skills with exercises and fellow learners.

Interactive Lessons

Take advantage of helpful quizzes and exercises designed by language experts. Easily learn new words and phrases, then apply everything you learn in future lessons to remember it better.

Individual Approach

We believe in life-long learning and self-improvement. Your journey might start with basic English for travelers, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Get a personalized learning plan and achieve all your learning goals with our help.

English Travelling Topics

Practice for different situations likely to come up during your journey:

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How to learn English for Travel

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On Your Own:

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Practice Speaking

You need to increase your speaking confidence to communicate with people in different countries. This is especially important for countries where English isn’t the official language because your pronunciation needs to be easy to understand.

Find handy references to help improve your speaking skills:

Business English Resources
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Become a Great Listener

Understanding different accents is a superpower for travelers. You will meet all kinds of native and non-native speakers, and it’s important to prepare for every situation. Be the best listener you know to connect with people regardless of their culture. 

Find powerful English listening references here: 

English Pronunciation Resources
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Use Learning Tools

Learn English with bite-sized lessons that take just 10 minutes a day. Promova offers a useful English traveling course to practice your skills. Learn new words and prepare for real-world situations with fun interactive lessons available on any device!

Get the best language-learning tools for travelers here:

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With Help

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Conversational English Tutor

Practice speaking with private lessons. Talk about your travel plans with your tutor and get an individual lesson plan to improve your skills. Use materials created specifically for your learning goals to practice your English.

Find your teacher and practice English conversations:

Practice With a Tutor
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Study in a Group

Learn English in small groups with an average of 3 learners of the same level. Take lessons twice a week in a class guided by a certified tutor. Meet fellow learners and practice your speaking and listening skills in a friendly atmosphere.

Join a Travel English class at your proficiency level:

Take Group Lessons
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Practice Speaking

Join our free English conversation club to practice your skills. Choose a topic that interests you and discuss it with fellow learners. Prepare for travel by learning to understand different accents and increasing your speaking confidence.

Find a topic that interests you and make new friends:

Join Speaking Club

Test Your English Skills

Want to test your skills before you begin learning? Take our free English proficiency test to know what you need to improve. Get immediate feedback and see your mistakes. Find out what you need to improve to take your language proficiency to a higher level.

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Why Learners Love Promova

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Frequently asked questions

What is Travel English?

It’s a type of English you use to navigate situations in different countries. Travel English includes simple topics like introducing yourself and more complex things like dealing with customs officials. Structures and grammar tend to be simple, so you can communicate with native and non-native speakers.

Should I prepare for travel situations or focus on English fluency?

By practicing specific topics and learning new words, you’ll also improve all-around fluency. For example, let’s say you’re preparing to visit a shopping mall in a major city like London. Learning about shopping and different clothing styles will also help you handle casual conversations and increase your speaking confidence. 

In addition, travel topics will build your general knowledge. Once you have the foundations, you need specific examples for your mind to get used to English. So the more you practice, the better your grammar and pronunciation get from using the language.

How is travel English different?

English for travel usually has slightly different expectations:

  • Simplicity. You need to focus on clear, simple sentences and common words. You’ll need to adjust your English to the level of people you meet on your journey.
  • Vocabulary. Travel topics include specific words and phrases about different cultures, customs, paperwork, airfare, bookings, etc.
  • Manners. You’ll meet new people, and not everyone will share the same cultural norms. So asking questions and using neutral expressions is an important part of travel English.

The more fluent you are, the easier it will be to adjust your manners to the exact people you meet during travel.

Where can I practice English for travelers?

Immerse yourself as much as possible into an English-speaking environment. Try consuming your media in English - movies, TV shows, podcasts, articles, and so on. This should help you passively build up your vocabulary and improve. 

Meeting new people is also a terrific way to practice speaking. This is why we recommend joining a speaking club and discussing different topics. Remember that your pronunciation is important for clarity - try using the Promova pronunciation tool to improve.