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Promova App Reviews

App Store

I love the way this app takes a traditional approach to language learning. It has been very useful in helping me learn vocabulary as it progresses in three steps and each lesson which makes learning more structured.

App Store

I think you all have to try this app, cause it’s really good at making enjoyable to learn something and also its make my pronunciations better. So guys if you have enough time, just give a chance to this app. Respects.

App Store

What I love about this app is its audio-visual teaching method. It leaves a longer impression on the mind and in the memory and makes the memorization of the Spanish vocabularies very easy and pleasant.

Google Play

Nice app, helping with getting on the track with tailored courses to meet different needs. Premium one is affordable, and there are no ads. Creative material 👌🏻 Recommended

Google Play

Now it is easy to understand informal language in movies 🍿. Love it. Thanks to promova❤️

App Store

Nice interface and great and well thought out lessons. Really liking it!

Google Play

That is what exactly I need to top up my vocabulary and learn more about with fun. I would recommend to all my friends who want to improve or advance their English. By using the Promova app It's very useful and helpful for any learners, especially for beginners it's a fantastic start 😀 👏

Google Play

I feel very excited because I'm able to pronounce words correctly and understand the definitions of words. Moreover, I'm able to spell words correctly.

App Store

Is a nice app. It’s very easy to use and very easy to understand. The function is pretty. Is very good for everyone who wants to learn English.

Google Play

such a nice design and layout, I’m learning Korean and now at the beginning everything is very clear and simple for me! thank you very much, I recommend it 💕💕

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Promova English Tutoring Reviews

It’s was a great experience, the teacher seems to be very experienced. I like the way she teaches, not everyday you meet such a good teacher.

I really enjoy my class and my tutor was very friendly and gentle.
She made me feel confident about improving my speech and she looked like a well-prepared professional.

 I liked so much. Is that possible to continue with the same tutor?

About the teacher she was good and give me many advice to improve my English. I’m happy with this teacher. Business English this is the most important for me. I talk to her about my problem.

Thank you so much for following up, the lesson was very good the teacher is very professional and organized. If possible, i want to finish all the rest lessons with him 
Again appreciate your constant support

The tutor lesson was really good. I enjoy to talk and learn from Aymen, so I will continue with you… I’d like to keep learning with him.

Thank you very much, I like so much the teacher and his way to help me in any time of the lesson
Great choice for your team
And the platform worked amazing, without sticking

I had free trial lesson this morning,  it was good and I am planning to join that program from next week.

The lesson was good. Aymen was well-prepared and shared a lot of exciting information with me. He also asked if I would like to change smth for the following lessons.

Nataly is awesome. She is very practical in her approach. I would like to continue my lessons. Now i have a tutor to communicate with to improve my English skills 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Promova Free?

We provide different options for students, both paid and free. You can download Promova app free for iOS, Android and HarmonyOS devices, choose a language, specify your level, and start learning immediately. Right in the app, you can also book a free trial lesson of the Promova English course with a certified tutor.

Is Promova Legit?

Promova language learning platform has a great community across the globe. Our application has 4.8k+ reviews in AppStore with an average rating of 4.5 and 129k+ reviews in PlayMarket with an average rating of 4.6. Promova was featured as a popular app to try by Apple in the "Education" category. Thousands of students join our platform every month.

Can I reach fluency with Promova?

Promova is a one-stop solution for all language learning needs. Our certified tutors provide you with structured lessons and practical exercises according to your current level to improve your speaking, writing, and listening skills. We provide you with all the necessary tools and materials to reach fluency in different languages, and the key ingredient is your dedication to language learning.

Can I use Promova as a beginner?

Yes, Promova is designed to cater to language learners of all levels, including beginners. Our platform offers beginner-level courses and resources to help you start learning a new language from scratch.

Can I get private tutor at Promova?

You can book Promova English courses with certified tutors both in the app and web. You may study on your terms by choosing one of the plans between 4, 8, or 12 lessons per month. To begin, pass the test on our website, specify your needs, and get a personal English tutor. You will also get a free trial lesson to meet our team and our teaching methods.