English for the workplace

Master your English for the workplace. Learn English with Promova app, improve English vocabulary for workplace, and build stronger relationships with colleagues.

Value of workplace English

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Expanded networking opportunities

Build strong relationships with industry colleagues and partners to gain more insights and career possibilities. Improve your English at workplace and catch the eye of participants at global events and international conferences.

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Advanced clarity

Clearly convey your ideas, understand instructions, and actively participate in meetings, fostering better collaboration at the workplace. Practice English for workplace and deliver the main points of your speech in a matter of seconds.

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Increased confidence

Use English in the workplace, integrating corporate terminology and catchy phrases to easily showcase your expertise, build rapport with colleagues, and make a lasting impression on superiors and clients. 

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Improved business writing

Write e-mails, reports, memos, and proposals with clarity, conciseness, and professionalism, leaving a positive impression at the workplace.

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Workplace English is a must


According to ManpowerGroup Global Talent Shortage research, %55 of employers are willing to hire outside of their borders. In such circumstances, workplace English plays a crucial role in your career. With developed language skills, you can communicate across borders and stand out as a true professional.

Workplace English With Promova

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Improve your English for the workplace with our application

Personalized experience

Every learner is unique. That’s why we offer a personalized experience based on your goals, learning style, and fluency level.

Flexible pace

Learn anytime, anywhere, and at any lesson duration, whether you have a few minutes after lunch or want to have a longer lesson after work.

Multisensory lessons

Practice through engaging language-learning exercises that combine audio, visual, and interactive elements.

Welcoming community

Become a part of the community of language learners to share experiences, ask questions, communicate, and build lasting connections.

What our learners say

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It is very pleasant to learn English with this app.


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The best app ever .. there are many personalized courses in different fields .. you'll learn English in a very easy interactive way in different categories and levels . It'll help you in working with the language and dealing with natives..

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It’s so fun and amazing and it really helped. Thank you.❤️


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A great app to improve my English without spending too much time learning. Nicely structured and easy to use while driving a bus or on a short break. Learning with this app feels relaxing to me.

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I love it. I enjoy while improving my English vocabulary.. Thanks promova!


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Master workplace English with Promova

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People also ask

How can I improve workplace English?

At Promova, you have different learning options catered to your personal needs. Download the application to practice English skills individually with bite-sized lessons; book a 1x1 lesson with a certified tutor; join a group of English learners or discuss something in the conversation club. In addition, you may join our welcoming community and get more knowledge and insights to boost the learning journey.

How can I access Promova courses?

Promova is available both web & app so that you can access all the learning options through our iOS or Android mobile application, mobile web browsers, and desktop browsers. Our application is also available on tablet PCs. Choose the best way for you on different occasions and practice English for the workplace conveniently. 


How can I improve my English pronunciation with Promova?

We offer several opportunities to improve English pronunciation. Practice speaking using our application with speech recognition tools, get private lessons with tutor, or join the conversation club. You may also use our free tool that provides text and video explanations how to pronounce different words in English.


Can you provide me with a corporate account?

If you want to provide your team with more English learning opportunities, contact our team to get business English online courses. Share your or your team’s needs with our managers and boost your company with certified English tutoring.