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Empower your freelance career with fluent English. Practice with English courses for freelancers in the Promova app and learn how to connect with your clients, collaborate, and succeed in the global market.

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How Promova Helps With English For Freelancers

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Practice pronunciation

Promova uses AI speech recognition technology to give you real-time feedback, ensuring that your English sounds natural and is easily understood. Engage in conversations and present your services confidently, whether you're on a video call with a new client from another country or recording a pitch for a potential project.

English pronunciation

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Exercise with real-world scenarios

In our freelancer course, you will find exercises based on real-world scenarios freelancers encounter daily, such as negotiating contracts or networking with potential clients. Practice English in contexts that closely mimic your professional interactions and improve your freelancing game.

freelancer training

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Discover cultures

Learn the differences between the cultures of various countries to adapt to different business etiquettes and social norms. Build rapport with clients from diverse backgrounds and avoid potential cross-cultural miscommunications.

cultural diversity

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Learn at your own pace

Remain the king of your schedule and progress in English without pressure. Accelerate your learning when you have more time for a freelance class, and slow down when work demands peak, ensuring that your language learning progresses harmoniously with your workload.

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English Freelancing Courses

Practice these topics to be ready for any situation.

Proposing to job ads

Learn how to make a human connection, show enthusiasm, and stand out from other applicants on any freelance platform.

First connection

Impress with clear, confident language. Learn the useful phrases and points to avoid when starting a conversation with a potential client.

Setting deadlines and payments

Equip yourself with vocabulary for negotiating clear time frames and compensation. 

Responding to feedback

Discover useful language patterns to discuss changes and improvements.

What do learners say about Promova?

Google Play

Promova is an amazing app with its handy and fantastic features. It has a very easy learning interface which can be understand by everyone easily. I found this app really intrusting.

App Store

This app is a very good one, it’s very practical and helpful. You need to try it!!!!

App Store

Never have I seen such a productive app to learn English with. Not only is it effective but also is very enjoyable with multitudinous exercises they have provided. I recommend that everyone download this app and enrich their English skills.

App Store

This app is particularly helpful for intermediate and advanced learning. Lots of practice and phrasal verbs, vocabulary etc

Google Play

That is what exactly I need to top up my vocabulary and learn more about with fun. I would recommend to all my friends who want to improve or advance their English. By using the Promova app It's very useful and helpful for any learners, especially for beginners it's a fantastic start 😀 👏

Speak global - earn global!

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need a subscription to learn English for freelancers with Promova?

No, a subscription is not required. You can access various essential learning tools and content without any cost. However, if you are serious about improving your language skills, we recommend our premium subscription, which unlocks more lessons.


Does Promova provide any cultural training?

Our team recognizes the importance of cultural competence in the freelance world. You can find a lot of cultural insights and tips on navigating cross-cultural communication, helping you understand and respect the cultural backgrounds of your clients, which is key to building strong professional relationships. If you want to discover more, you can book a lesson with a certified tutor to embrace cultures and understand more about different cultural backgrounds.


What if I'm new to freelancing and need basic English help?

Promova application is designed for learners at all levels. If you're starting from scratch, the app will guide you through the basics of English before advancing to more complex freelance-specific language use. You entirely control the pace, ensuring a comfortable and supportive learning environment.


Is Promova Free?

Yes, you may start learning English for freelancers with Promova absolutely for free. However, we offer some additional learning opportunities such as group lessons and 1x1 tutoring in a paid subscription.