Free English Conversation Club

Welcome to our conversation club! We gather every week to help you make new friends and get hands-on speaking experience with practical, real-world topics. Every meeting is a chance to improve your English skills with learners from all over the world.

English Conversation Club Details

English conversation club is a free online meeting for learners whose language level is B1 (Intermediate) and above. Here’s what you can expect:
  • Participate in deep conversations about lifestyle, health, hobbies, science, and more;
  • Improve your speaking confidence, listening skills, and pronunciation;
  • Meet learners from all over the globe and share your perspectives with them;
  • Get help from a certified tutor in charge of each club meeting;

More details:

TimetableEvery Saturday (see the plan below for the time)
Duration60 min
LevelsB1 and above
Placement testingNo

What are the benefits of the Promova English club?

  • Small GroupsEvery conversation group has a set participant limit to ensure you get a chance to express yourself without getting overwhelmed. Take your time with each topic and create better relationships with fellow learners.
  • Welcoming CommunityOnline speaking may be difficult for shy people. But don`t worry! All participants of the conversation club are there to learn with you. Every fellow traveler has your back on the journey to fluent English.
  • Engaging TopicsOur tutors choose informative, engaging, and fun topics to help get a conversation going. You’ll get a comfortable environment to practice speaking and explore a wide variety of situations depending on your current level of English proficiency.
  • SimplicityJump into your English conversation practice with confidence. You’ll always know the subject of the upcoming English conversation club in advance. Furthermore, your tutor will share materials after the event to help you remember the meeting.

English Speaking Club Schedule

No events available

How does it work?

Decide on the Topic You Are Interested inChoose one of the English conversation club topics from our list. If you aren't sure your English is fluent enough to participate in a high-level speaking practice online, enroll in a lower-level club. Then, click register and fill out the form.
Get Your InviteWe`ll contact you with the details of the English-speaking club free spots and confirm your time slot. With that, you`ll also receive a Zoom meeting invite.
Before You Join InCheck your internet connection as well as your microphone and webcam. Before the English language conversation club starts the call, test your sound settings just in case.

Who are the tutors?


What Our Students Say About Our Online English Speaking Club

Promova speaking club works wonders and now I`ve got over being shy when sustaining a conversation. This free English-speaking club is a good chance to improve one's speaking skills.

People often ask

What is the Conversation Club?

It`s an online meeting within a group of several people. We`re joined by those who want to communicate in English and develop speaking skills.

Can you help me get English-speaking practice in conversation classes?

That's what we`re working for. We are in charge of your English-speaking practice.

When can I start my English-speaking practice classes?

You can enroll in the class right now. See the plan for the time.

Will the Conversation Club make me fluent in English conversations?

Your success depends on your efforts. To speak fluently, you should have a lot of speaking practice. We aim to provide you with such English conversation practice.

How often are the English-speaking practice classes?

You can speak English once a week, every Saturday. See the plan to choose the class.

What if I cannot make the scheduled time for the English-speaking club classes?

We welcome our club members with open arms. But If you fail to come, we`ll be glad to see you next time.

What level of English do I need to join the English-speaking club classes?

You should have at least a B1 level to join the club classes. All of them have different difficulty levels.

What are the topics for the English-speaking club?

The range of English conversation club ideas is tremendous. We discuss everything: music, life, films, cities, books, food, works, etc.

How many people will be on the call?

The group is very small. Thus, everyone has a chance to speak a lot. On average, there`re up to 6 people. It's very comforting to participate in English conversation in such a company.

How can I pay?

You can practice English online and for free. The conversation club doesn't demand any payment.

Do I have to use my webcam?

There's no need. But if you wish, you can. We use PPT presentations, so you`ll not be a major focus.

Do you do individual speaking clubs?

Yes, we do. Get in touch with us to arrange a meeting. By the way, you may take a friend as well to practice English together.

Where will the classes be held?

Our English conversation club is held on Zoom. Make sure beforehand you know how to use it.