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(nou) a unit of language that native speakers can identify (nou) a brief statement (nou) information about recent and important events (nou) a verbal command for action (nou) an exchange of views on some topic (nou) a promise (nou) a word is a string of bits stored in computer memory (nou) the divine word of God; the second person in the Trinity (incarnate in Jesus) (nou) a secret word or phrase known only to a restricted group (nou) the sacred writings of the Christian religions

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The way the word is pronounced is the importance of learning other languages.

He learned the word 'sensate' in the kindergarten.

I read the section on the etymology of the word.

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Many people find English difficult because spelling doesn’t translate directly into sound. There are 26 letters and approximately 44 different sounds, which makes word pronunciation confusing. How do you say things without sounding unnatural? Can you learn to speak English without a foreign accent? What are the rules for speaking correctly?

Find answers to these and other questions in our handy reference guide:

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Thanks to my tutor in English. This language is hard for me, but thanks to the patience of my teacher, everything works out. No one hurries me, does not drive me, but studies at a pace. It is comfortable for me.
great app for English learning... I recommend this to anyone who is willing to improve English and become fluent in speaking and listening it helps
Definitely like it so far. Quality matches my expectations and practice is interesting lightweight not just for beginner level. Try it out.
Well, first of all I have to mention that fact the app is very clear at explanation and everything is catchable for everyone. Second of all I’m absorbing all the new words easily day by day thanks for creating this app i really appreciate it)

Frequently asked questions

How can I practice English pronunciation exercises?

Promova develops vocabulary and language use exercises for learners at every level. You can download the mobile app and find different audio and video lessons to improve your English listening and pronunciation skills.

In addition, you can use the online pronouncer tool on this page to practice. When you learn a new word, learn how to pronounce it and say it out loud a few times. This will help you remember sounds, phrases, and sentences by engaging different parts of your brain.

How can I improve my pronunciation skills?

There are 3 ways of practicing to pronounce words online:

  • Study on your own. Record yourself saying words or use our online dictionary with pronunciation. Find different exercises in the app and complete lessons to practice.
  • Speak with peers. Join our free English conversation club and discuss various topics with fellow learners. Improve your pronunciation and increase your speaking confidence.
  • Practice with a tutor. Practice with a native tutor who speaks in an accent you want to learn. Get tips directly from them and learn faster with a personal plan.

Regular speaking is the only reliable way to improve your skills. Take every chance you get to become conversational. Even if you make mistakes, practice will help correct your speech eventually!

How do I know if my pronunciation is correct?

You can check your pronunciation with our speech practice tool. Simply find your word in the search bar and use your microphone to see whether you can get it right. If you want regular feedback and guidance, you can also join an English class to practice speaking with a certified tutor.

Remember, English usually has several correct ways of pronouncing the same word. So don’t worry about getting it 100% right, and focus on making sure others can understand you instead.

How do I fix my pronunciation mistakes?

If you’re an adult, you probably have speech patterns in your native language that are difficult to break in English. There will be sounds you just can’t easily pronounce and it’s important to find out what they are. You can find them by listening to your own speech, learning with a conversation partner, and studying with a speaking tutor.

Once you know which sounds you find difficult, practice them for at least ten minutes every day. You can only fix pronunciation mistakes with time and dedication. Much like muscle memory, your speech will take repetition to correct. Daily practice and using English as often as possible will help you turn correct pronunciation into a habit.

What is the best free pronunciation app?

Promova develops language learning apps to help learners succeed. Think of it like a multitool - you can find the right tools for every learning task on our website. Use the free word pronouncer on this page to improve your pronunciation, or try our English exercises and quizzes. Join a community of fellow learners to develop new skills and get closer to your personal goals.

Why is English pronunciation important?

Pronunciation is important for other people to understand you. You become a better communicator if you know how to pronounce words and sound natural. If you’re an advanced speaker, pronunciation also helps you emphasize meaning or even deliver powerful speeches with stresses and pauses in all the right places.

However, it’s also a topic of debate among learners. Some spend a lot of time practicing every single word. In contrast, others ignore it in favor of just speaking regardless of how good they sound. No approach fits everyone. The importance of pronunciation in your life depends on your personal goals.

Knowing basic rules and syllables should be enough if you want to communicate with English speakers and get your point across. However, if you want to be the best communicator possible, training daily to speak in a perfectly neutral accent might be the right decision.

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