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Are you uncomfortable around foreign friends and colleagues because you don’t feel fluent? Take an English speaking course to level up your conversation and presentation skills!


Even naturally gifted speakers often find communication difficult in foreign languages. If you’re more introverted or just not confident in your skills, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed in social situations. 

Luckily, English conversation classes can help you build confidence over time. You can start by improving your comprehension and vocabulary to ask better questions and improve communication. After that, you can practice clearly expressing your thoughts, making arguments, and even doing presentations for groups of people. 

Speak English confidently and fluently with Promova!

Why join an English conversation class

Person Study
Person Study
— 01Effective Practice

Your teacher and anyone else you might meet will only talk in English during lessons, so you’ll have to adapt and start thinking in the language. Every topic in your online English conversation class will include opportunities to become a better speaker.

— 02Safe Space for Mistakes

Using the wrong words or phrases with friends and colleagues can feel quite awkward. However, English conversation classes offer you room to make mistakes and understand them. Feedback from your teacher will help correct your speech to learn and improve faster.


— 03Fun and Engaging

Conversational English classes for adults don’t have to be all dry and serious 100% of the time. There’s a lot of room to have fun, joke around, and learn about things you love doing. If you enjoy the learning process, it’s much easier to speak with confidence and fluency.

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What you’ll learn during English speaking lessons


Start with a slow, comfortable rate of speech. Learn to effortlessly adjust your speaking speed to the audience and situation over time.


Start with expressing opinions and information about topics you’re familiar with. Learn to speak with confidence about concepts and ideas over time.


Start with introducing yourself and talking about different cultures. Learn to participate in discussions and mediate different perspectives over time.


Start with asking simple questions to probe interest in a topic. Learn to speak to audiences and make great presentations over time.


 Start with clearly pronouncing everyday words and phrases. Learn to always put emphasis on the right place over time.


Start with direct communication, such as sharing information. Learn to express shades of meaning and emotional context over time.


Start with simple sentences about past, present, and future events. Learn to intuitively use complex grammatical structures over time.


Start with straightforward daily conversations. Learn to change your speaking style for different formal and informal situations over time.

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Choose your level to practice your speaking

We collect English conversation course materials to help learners at every level. If you aren’t ready to study with a tutor yet, use the 👉🏽Promova App for free lessons and self-study guides. 

A0 BeginnerVer
A1 ElementaryVer
A2 Pre-IntermediateVer
B1 IntermediateVer
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C1 AdvancedVer
C2 ProficientVer
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We call Sana a Universal English tutor because she specializes in general English, business English, and exam preparation, in addition to the other areas of English instruction. You want it? She can most certainly do it! She has worked as a teacher for the past 12 years without taking any time off (we're joking - of course she also needs rest!). Conversational abilities are a top priority for her, and she maintains an open mind and purpose in her life. Her online classes are really popular among students who are looking for steady balanced progress...

in all areas. Whether it's learning grammar, writing or listening - all aspects of language and skills are covered in her lessons. And all of this is accompanied by snippets of film, pieces of music, and even information from the scientific community - she is very open-minded indeed.


Carlos is a very helpful, lively and open-minded English instructor. During his over 5 years of teaching, he has stolen hearts of a lot of students around the world - they all want to stay with Carlos after the first several lessons. If you're looking for someone who would be not only your learning mentor but also a close friend whom you can discuss things with, you're in the right place. Carlos is exactly the kind of English language tutor whose classes are relaxed, easy, and interesting - but still ensure progress. He can offer a lot of online games, varied tasks, and new ways to do things.


Ladan is a very hardworking, lively and responsible CELTA certified English instructor. She has been working as a teacher for more than 13 years and has stolen hearts of a lot of students in different ages – many of them stayed with Ladan for several years.If you’re looking for someone who would be not only your learning mentor but also a close friend who you can discuss things with, you’re in the right place. Ladan is exactly the kind of English language tutor whose classes are full of different activities and fun as she will offer a lot of varied tasks and new ways to do things to ensure progress.


Alireza loves his awesome students, teaching and soccer. He’s from Iran and has 12 years of teaching experience. He says that his mission is to give students a voice to express themselves and every student feels an incredible vibe in class and gets even more motivated learning English inspired by Alireza.Alireza confesses that he enjoys teaching IELTS most of all, also he’s awesome at teaching General and Business English. He’s a Celta certified teacher and a PhD student at the moment. Alireza has always been taking care of his students and will come with the best assignments to help you achieve your goals.

Tutor Clark

Born and raised in the United States, Clark Murad comes from a multiracial family therefore he can empathize with students from different countries and loves helping with their pronunciation and accent. Clark uses visual materials, games and always chooses relevant and up-to-date topics for his lessons. So if you are looking for a fun and interactive tutor, he is the perfect fit.Clark Murad’s lessons are full of energy and speaking practice. He is a proud father of two daughters and has a very patient and compassionate approach in his lessons.

Loryn - teacher

Loryn is an incredibly positive and approachable teacher. She started teaching English online in 2018, whilst simultaneously studying psychology. Loryn found that the combination of her teaching qualification and her psychology degree really complimented each other. She creates a comfortable and warm learning environment for students where they are eager to grow and develop their language abilities through the use of conversations. Loryn believes that a successful lesson is one whereby students explore and challenge their abilities, where they laugh and learn and are by no means afraid of making mistakes.

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Our teaching methodology

Taking conversational English classes online will boost your speaking confidence. Eventually, you’ll be able to easily communicate with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Here is how you can learn with Promova:

— 01Start speaking right away.

You’ll choose a topic with your tutor - this can be anything from talking about your daily life to making a report or simulating a business conversation. The goal is to showcase your current abilities and see which skills you can improve during the lesson.

— 02Get hands-on coaching.

You’ll receive direct feedback about the earlier conversation, focusing on what you did well and where you can do better. Your tutor will offer tips and strategies for you to apply in your English speaking in the future.

— 03Sharpen your skills.

You’ll get back into the same conversation from earlier or start a new one on a similar topic. Here, you’ll apply the new strategies and correct any mistakes you may have made earlier. 

— 04Speak with confidence.

You’ll compare how much better your speaking got with the right instruction. After several sessions like this, you’ll be comfortable with English conversations and get ready to take your skills to the next level. 

Become the best speaker you know:

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Why our students love our classes

Flag of Ukraine.
The program is excellent, the teacher always speaks English, which made it easier to understand by ear. Special thanks for the language club)))) very helpful in overcoming the barrier.
Great English platform: convenient schedule, competent teachers, interesting program. I started with B2 and am still developing my skills.
Flag of United Kindom
I study on the Promova platform, and I want to note that the training is easy, interesting and informative. The teacher is tactful, feels his student. For me it is interesting communication, new knowledge and good emotions.
Flag of Argentina
I study to improve my spoken English. After 2 months of studying I already see the result. The teacher is interested in my speaking better, I like it.
A very convenient, accessible service for learning a language and improving spoken language. The site and applications are well designed for additional study of the material. I have only positive impressions, no complaints.
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Frequently asked questions

What are conversational English classes?

Conversational English classes help non-native speakers develop language skills and increase their fluency. They tend to involve real-world scenarios you’re likely to see at work, during travel, at the restaurant, and so on. 

For 1-on-1 lessons, you can get a personal learning plan that allows you to prepare specifically for situations in your life. For example, you might practice for job interviews, business meetings, presentations, etc. The ultimate goal is to help you improve your speaking confidence and use English without effort.

What does a conversation teacher do?

The job of an English conversation teacher has two important sides to it. Firstly, they must deeply understand the language and be able to teach it to you in ways that you can understand and remember. Secondly, they must be great communicators and help create conversations that overcome cultural and linguistic barriers. 

They’ll ask questions, propose topics, correct your mistakes, and help develop speaking confidence during lessons. In the end, the teacher ensures that your English speaking class is fun and engaging while staying challenging and rewarding enough for you to learn. 

Is there a free English conversation class?

Classes at Promova are paid because they involve time and personal attention from certified tutors who teach for a living. However, we also offer access to a free English conversation club that gathers weekly to discuss fun topics with people across the globe. 

It’s an excellent way to get some speaking practice and make new friends from different cultures. In addition, you can meet one of our tutors and see if you want to take a full speaking course with them at a later date.