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Improve your language skills with a tutor to create accurate legal documents, do well in courts, participate in international events, and connect clients across the globe, increasing your reputation among English lawyers. 

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English for lawyers course

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Personalized experience

Share your language learning goals and get a personal study plan crafted by a certified tutor. Join a 1x1 session, learn according to this plan at your own pace and schedule, and get personalized feedback on your lawyer skills in English.

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Writing communication

Enrich your legal English vocabulary through writing and reading exercises. Learn to write documents and use citation style according to legal standards. Practice English writing for lawyers to craft accurate documents and e-mails.

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Confident speaking

Practice discussion and negotiation skills for lawyers through listening and speaking exercises related to legal context. Analyze debates and incorporate the best practices into your speeches to stand out among professional English lawyers.

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Grammar mastery

Analyze legal documents and learn to use complex grammatical constructions, connect ideas by coordination and subordination, use punctuation marks, and accurately integrate different clauses. 

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English for lawyers

Power of the legal English mastery

Writing clarity

When one word can change meaning, proficiency in legal English is important for navigating through complex terms and concepts, accurately forming contracts, and following punctuation rules and legal standards. 

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Client trust

With proficiency in English, lawyers can explain complex legal concepts with clarity and simplicity. Through legal English courses, you develop effective and transparent communication, which leads to long-lasting relationships with clients. 


Knowledge access

Mastering English for lawyers can give you the opportunity to access international treaties, conventions, legal precedents, and research publications. Improve your English for legal purposes to analyze important knowledge base.

Career advancement

Fluent English lawyers always engage with international companies and professionals. Plain English for lawyers can also lead to specialization in niche practice areas such as international arbitration, maritime law, or intellectual property rights. 

Writing clarity

When one word can change meaning, proficiency in legal English is important for navigating through complex terms and concepts, accurately forming contracts, and following punctuation rules and legal standards. 

Grammar rules

Promova Reviews


I can learn at my own pace and the lesson is well structured covering all the aspects including vocabulary, building sentences and pronunciation.


I am enjoying my lessons with my tutor Elaheh and the methods she is using to improve my English skills. I am really satisfied and happy with the results. And definitely want to do more and more .


I really did a great choice when I decided to learn in this app, I really like how they care for my experience and my comfort. My tutor is Annzelyn she is not only adorable but also did a lot to improve my language and boost my confidence in speaking, she always gives me enough time when I talk.
The app will make anyone fluent in English faster. It has such a perfect economical price.


Everything was good, an looking forward to the next meeting. Thank you


I really liked the class and would like to book more classes.

How to learn English for lawyers?

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Step 1

Schedule the lesson of the legal English course with a tutor.

Step 2

Pass a language test and share your language goals.

Step 3

Get a personal learning plan for English lawyers.

Step 4

Reach legal English fluency.

Practice legal English

Learn with a certified tutor

Frequently asked questions

How many modules are in the legal English course?

The Promova team creates personal plans tailored to the needs of each learner. The course duration depends on your language-learning goals and progress. Book a free trial lesson with our tutor, share your learning goals, pass a placement test, and get an individual plan.


What materials do you use to teach English for lawyers?

Our tutors combine traditional learning materials with hand-crafted exercises tailored to your needs. You will learn English for lawyers through interactive lessons like analyzing different legal documents and legal proceedings. 


Do I need to pass any exams to enroll in the English for lawyers course?

No, you aren’t required to provide certificates or pass exams. Our course, English for lawyers, is available to learners of all levels. In the first lesson, you will pass a short language placement test. It will help our tutor to define your level and create a tailored learning plan.

Can I reschedule my lessons?

We understand that unexpected situations may arise, especially in the legal sphere, and flexibility is important for our learners. So you may easily reschedule the lesson on your personal account. Log in, choose the lesson that you want to reschedule, set the new date, and save the changes. If you need more assistance or information, feel free to contact our support team.