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Good English gives you a significant advantage when looking for a job or traveling to a different country.


You’ll need to learn English when seeking admission into institutions across Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. And this is no surprise since English is the global language of business and communication. 

If you are learning English for any personal or professional reasons, you must improve your writing and speaking skills, as well as sharpen your pronunciation and comprehension. 

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How to learn English

The approach you take when learning English can vary depending on your initial level and your desired level of proficiency. In general, you need to develop these four basic skills: speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Everyone has different strengths, so expect some to be easier for you than others.

The only way to learn and improve your English grammar is through practice. You need to speak and write as often as possible to eliminate common errors and become familiar with sentence construction and grammar rules. You can also read diverse materials in proper English to get used to the structure.

English Grammar

Reading is one of the first English language skills you must acquire on your journey to English fluency. You need to extend your library to include diverse written sources, including magazines, periodicals, blogs, and academic journals. And don’t just read for the sake of it; try to make notes and search for the meaning and pronunciation of words that sound unfamiliar.

Reading in English

Writing is one of the essential components of learning any language professionally. Unfortunately, most people lack the ability to write beautifully, correctly, and competently. If you want to learn how to formulate your thoughts in written English, you need to choose the right words, structure your ideas, and write with clarity.

Writing in English

Similar to writing and grammar, you can improve your English fluency by actually speaking the words and making sentences. Yes, you will make mistakes, but that’s normal. You can start by joining speaking clubs or finding a native speaker to help point out your errors.

You also need confidence if you want to improve your communication - this comes from constant practice. 

Speaking in English

Even if you have a rich vocabulary, you can only improve your listening skills by paying attention. At first, you will probably struggle to grasp everything a native speaker says. But with time, their speech will start ‘slowing down’ to a graspable pace. Before you know it, you will easily differentiate and understand English, Scottish, Australian, and American accents.

Listening To English Speech

The depth of your vocabulary shows your English proficiency and the overall level of your education. Learning new words and phrases helps you enrich your vocabulary faster. However, if you want to sound natural and fluent, you need to learn various types of collocations - words that go together. You also have to consume English language content to master the usage of these expressions.

English Vocabulary

Getting a grasp of English phonetics and pronunciation is a massive hurdle for most learners. Still, you can get there with time and effort. The main goal of acquiring the correct pronunciation in English is to become familiar with the most common rules and conventions and to use them confidently. Once you can do this without hesitations, you are well on your way to English fluency. 

English Pronunciation
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Test your English level online

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You can determine your English proficiency, assess your knowledge of common expressions, and get classes suggested based on your goals. 

Here are the primary levels of English language proficiency:

What we offer

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This course allows you to practice what you’ve learned through a step-by-step mastery exercise. Whether you are learning from the desktop app or the mobile application, you can unlock your English learning potential with our easy-to-follow lessons.



You’ll get to work with a certified English tutor as part of your learning program. You will also be able to choose your proficiency level as well as your learning pace. This learning format will boost your skills and help you establish a 1-on-1 relationship with your dedicated tutor.

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1Conversational practice

The platform offers classes with teachers, where you get to communicate a lot in English. You will be in an English-speaking environment all the way through lessons with your certified tutor. And not only that, but you will also get the chance to improve your pronunciation and listening skills through live conversations.

2 Interactive materials

The learning process is far more responsive: you can drag or enter words and phrases, match words with pictures, and watch videos with smart subtitles. This creates a more engaging learning experience for all learners, breaking up the process into fun chunks.

3Flexible schedule

You are in total control of your schedule; you’ll learn at your own pace and at the time that suits you. Naturally, we are always happy to recommend the right intensity to help you achieve your personal goals.


Learning English online with our app is a breeze: just log in with your device (tablet, smartphone, or laptop)–and voila!–you’re already in class. Don’t waste energy on organisation and scheduling - save time to get ahead!

5Easy access

Promova isn’t just easy to use; it also allows you to study anywhere. You can go to the countryside for the weekend, visit friends in the city, or go on vacation without missing classes — just take your device with you and study using the app or have your regular lesson with one of our certified tutors. 

6Pinpoint focus

If you want to improve only your spoken English, you’ll need an excellent, no-nonsense English tutor to help you practice the right aspects of the language. If you need to learn a language for comfortable travel abroad, your private English tutor will help prepare you in no time. If you need English for your career, your tutor will provide you with the relevant situations likely to come up at your job. Promova adapts your lessons to your goals.

7Mobile-friendly learning

Using our application to learn helps you memorise new words daily and return to them later. You can also replay foreign language speech, as well as record your own speech for comparison using your smartphone. And most importantly, the app delivers a seamless experience for anyone learning the English language with it.

What our students say

Maja KovačičApr 6, 2022

You can learn English from anywhere in the world. I need only a stable Internet connection, a camera, and headphones. Affordable price is an important plus for me personally. In the first lesson, the level of language proficiency and difficult topics are determined for free.

Hayato94Aug 17, 2022

I like that the lessons on the platform are presented in an accessible way. I do not have to sit for hours to listen to the lesson, and it is very convenient. I like classes with a tutor. No one scolds and shouts for mistakes. There is no fear of making a mistake. It is very comfortable to undergo training.

user4567Mar 30, 2022

I enjoyed taking the A2 English course on Promova. I received all the necessary basic knowledge for comfortable communication with a native speaker. Great job, guys!

Javier GonzálezFeb 16, 2022

Hello! I was looking for how to learn English and looked at different forums. As a result, I have hired a tutor, but it didn't work out because of schedule and commutes. Then I found Promova. Promova is English + online + good teachers. That's what I need right now!

ethanlewisJun 21, 2022

I am happy with the English teacher on the Promova platform. I like his teaching methods. There are a lot of training materials: exercises, texts, and speech simulators. All teachers are people with a high level of culture and education. I recommend Promova to anyone who wants to learn English with pleasure and interest.

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People Also Ask about Learning English

How long does it take to learn English?

It usually takes about 6-9 months, or 100-120 hours of guided practice, to master one level. Besides, the higher the level, the more time it takes to achieve it. Ultimately, it depends on why you are studying the language and your dedication to the learning process.

How hard is English to learn?

It is challenging to learn English online in isolation, especially when you are under pressure to achieve results. Also, you need to train all four skills and all aspects of the English language in a balanced way. If you struggle to improve your English, the Promova platform will make English language learning easy, engaging, and fun.

What is the best app to learn English?

Promova is the best app for learning English using a personal plan. Immediately after registration, the app determines your English proficiency, sets a learning goal, and helps you choose exciting topics. The app also lets you control the amount of time you are willing to dedicate to your lessons.

How can I learn an English accent?

One of the best English learning tips to help you learn an English accent is to watch movies in English and mimic the characters’ pronunciation. It is best done under careful guidance, as certified teachers know exactly which aspects of pronunciation to focus on and how to make sure you produce them when speaking. You can take English lessons on Promova, where a tutor will help you with the above and correct your pronunciation mistakes. Whichever approach you choose, try to stay consistent and stick to an accent until you master it.

Why is it important to learn English?

English is the official language in 53 countries—which is more than a quarter of the countries in the world. Besides that, English is the language of communication in multinational companies and universities. To secure admissions and employment, you must take English proficiency exams to show that you can communicate freely with clients and colleagues.

How many people are learning English?

Currently, around 1.5 billion people are studying  English all over the world. This increase in English language learners results from more institutions and individuals adopting English for personal and professional settings. And as more countries become part of the global family, English will only continue to grow as the main medium for international communication.

What are the difficulties in learning English?

The main problem with learning English is mastering the pronunciation and understanding local accents. Other difficulties in learning and using the language include fixed phrases, phrasal verbs, and proverbs. If you encounter these problems, English teachers on Promova will help you cope with them!

Why Learn English Online?

English learning online is an opportunity to learn from anywhere in the world. An excellent online English language platform helps you choose a teacher as well as a convenient learning format. Online English courses also provide live contact between the teacher and the students. This personal approach will help you adjust your learning pace to meet your initial learning expectations.

How can I learn English fast?

You can learn English fast by creating a schedule and setting learning goals from the start. It's essential to focus on the skills you need and eliminate some barriers. 

More so, you need to immerse yourself in the language. Watch your favourite cartoons and movies in the language you are learning. Read classic books in the original and practice everyday dialogue using new words.

And most crucially, change the language setting for all your gadgets to English in order to get more exposure —you will struggle at first, but you will get used to it eventually. 

How can I learn English on my own?

Learning English alone and without leaving home is realistic if you have internet access and an undying desire to do the hard yards. The Promova platform allows you to comprehensively improve your English skills with the help of thoughtful methodology and experienced teachers.