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Imagine yourself in a challenging situation like losing baggage or leading a presentation. The speech clarity is crucial for any of them. And now you can practice your speech in English using AI in the Promova app2.

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Speech In English Challenges

We understand if you’ve been there

Accent affection

It’s normal to have an accent affected by your native language. It defines your uniqueness. However, a potent accent can lead to confusion, so it’s necessary to reduce it when speaking in English.

Balancing with grammar

It’s hard to find a great balance between omitting the grammar rules and using all of them correctly. Without this balance, speeches in English may feel unnatural.

Stress patterns

English relies heavily on stress and intonation patterns to convey meaning, but these can be challenging for learners whose native languages use different systems.

Time pressure

The pressure to think and respond quickly in conversations can overwhelm learners, leading to rushed responses that may be grammatically incorrect or off-topic.

Speak English Confidently

Practice with our speech-recognition tools

Speech Tools at Promova

Speech recognition

Open our language learning application and choose speaking lessons. Use your microphone to speak to our AI assistant and review the lessons.

Immediate feedback

Get the speech accuracy results immediately in the lesson. Define your areas of improvement and practice according to the feedback.

Words and phrases

Start developing your pronunciation with simple words. Learn step by step, increase the difficulty of words, and proceed to phrases or whole sentences.

Innovation Book

Mistakes correction

Check your mistakes on the spot and fix them immediately. Retry as many times as necessary to reach the desired speech accuracy.

Speech recognition

Open our language learning application and choose speaking lessons. Use your microphone to speak to our AI assistant and review the lessons.

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My English course is well-structured and comprehensive. There are various activities (speaking, reading) that help to learn better.

Google Play

The app not only teaches you English but it helps you to practice and learn English in a fastest way, it is like a game, you could easily practice wherever you are.

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It seems the way that your lessons became gradually difficult is effective. i enjoyed it and I hope it enables me to improve speaking and listening in English in short time

App Store

Promova app is absolutely amazing for English learners, u guys did it!


I think promova is the best choice for improving our English skills. I joined promova two months ago and now my level of English is being better than before.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Promova help improve my English speech?

Our app uses advanced speech recognition technology to provide real-time feedback on your pronunciation, helping you correct mistakes as you learn. It offers a variety of speaking exercises designed to improve your speech step-by-step, from simple words to complex sentences. 

Is the app suitable for non-native speakers?

Absolutely! You can find a supportive and effective learning environment that caters to the unique challenges faced by learners from diverse linguistic backgrounds. It adjusts to your level of English and gradually increases the complexity of the language used in exercises as your skills improve.

How often should I use the app for the best results?

We recommend using the app for at least 10-15 minutes daily for optimal results. Regular practice is key to improving your English speaking skills. However, you can set your own schedule and practice 2-3 minutes daily or even spend hours in the app. Everything depends on your learning style and preferences.

How does the app compare to traditional language learning classes?

Unlike traditional classes that follow a set schedule and pace, our app offers flexibility, personalized learning, and the convenience of practicing at your own pace. It provides immediate feedback on your speech, making it an effective alternative to traditional language learning methods.