Language Learning App for Android

Tired of boring textbooks and lame generic lessons?


Try our e-learning android app for learners of every level. You’ll find exercises created by expert teachers to improve your skills in 12 languages. Get a personal study plan, complete your daily goals, and become fluent with Promova!

Language Learning App for Android
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Why learners choose Promova

Practice speaking & pronunciation

Promova uses AI technology to understand your speech and help you practice. You no longer need a native teacher to improve your pronunciation. Simply start a speaking lesson and talk into your phone. Get a score from 0 to 100 with suggestions on where you can improve.

Remember everything you learn


Never forget new words and rules with the right app at your side. All grammar lessons and vocabulary exercises are carefully crafted to help build on your skills. In addition, we use handy flashcards and quizzes to ensure you get better every day.

Learn at your own pace

Our learners are busy and can’t afford to waste time on useless lessons. That’s why we work hard to make every lesson both simple and practical. So whether you spend 5 minutes or 5 hours learning, you’ll get a great experience and build skills you can use in the real world.

Improve all language skills


We believe in all-around learning and create tools to practice every skill. So you’ll find ways to improve your grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, and even speaking skills. Find useful lessons and level up, whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced learner.

What you’ll find in the app

Download one of the best free language learning apps for android to start practicing today!

Mobile Promova

Personal study plan

Complete a short quiz about your goals and get a language learning plan just for you!

  • Find unique lessons tailored to your skill level.
  • Follow a learning plan designed for your personal goals.
  • Track your learning progress over time.

Daily learning

Complete bite-sized lessons to practice every day and make language learning a habit!

  • Discover fun daily lessons & exciting challenges.
  • Receive notifications to stay on top of your plan.
  • Get better every day with quick and easy exercises.

Books & guides

Find classic books and handy materials to practice reading and grow your vocabulary!

  • Read summaries of classic books and bestsellers at different skill levels.
  • Learn new words by highlighting them directly in the app.
  • Use handy guides on writing emails, learning grammar & more!

See what learners say

WILLIAM DENGAug 13, 2022

I like the app. Best vocabulary. I am really enjoying and most importantly improving my language skills. THANKS TO PROMOVA


App Store

Flag of United States
Merli LindbergJan 7, 2022

Promova has been getting much better compared to the earlier years. I recommend to use it on a daily basis to improve your language knowledge.


Google Play

nika pitskhelauriApr 12, 2022

Super easy interface, it really fun to impove you language skills with this app, thank you guys.

hand-holding-flag-of-germany 1.png
Filza cheemaJun 15, 2022

It's really good app, We can learn through illustration or picture, we can gave test in it during learning.

Frequently asked questions

Why choose Promova over other e-learning apps on Google Play?

Learners rate Promova among the best language learning apps on Android for several reasons:

  • You can get started right away and learn useful skills.
  • We have unique pronunciation & speaking tools.
  • Our lessons are tailored to your personal goals.
  • The app is friendly and easy to navigate.
    In addition, our tools are improving every month. We have a team of language experts who work tirelessly to add new lessons and features that help you master languages with ease.

How do you create a personal study plan?

Once you download Promova, the app will ask you a series of questions. They will include information about your current skill level, personal learning goals, your experience, and so on. After that, our algorithm will find the best lessons and put them into a custom plan.

Our mission is to design the most personalized language learning app for Android. So, Promova will guide you through lessons and offer ways to improve the quality of your learning. Depending on your goals, you can find courses on TV shows, business, travel & much more.

What devices does the app work on?

You can download Promova on any device that supports Google Play. You can also find an iOS version and a web application to learn language directly from your browser.

Is your android language learning app different from the iOS version?

Available lessons and the quality of your learning experience will be the same on all platforms. However, the Android, iOS, and web versions of Promova currently have minor differences. For example, books and daily learning plans are only available on Android.

However, these differences will disappear over time. We aim to deliver great language learning experiences for millions of learners. So, any features that are not yet available on one platform will most likely appear in future patches.