19 Best Apps For Learning English 2023: Write and Speak Confidently

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Best Apps For Learning English 2023

Do you want to improve your English on the go? Then, you need to use apps to learn English. They cultivate a massive amount of treasurable information for English learners of any level, goal, and preference. Moreover, they are convenient to use whenever you have a free minute: on public transportation, in a line for a coffee in the morning, while waiting for a friend who is getting late, or even when you do your 15-steps skincare routine. As a result, through the years, English learning apps have proved to be one of the best ways to help users to improve their English. 

Nowadays, there are dozens of apps for learning English. But what are the best apps for learning English? We conducted meticulous research on the market and collected the 19 best English learning apps with various features, for diverse goals and with variants of the subscription price. Give them all a try, and then choose apps for English learning that matches your way of studying and needs. Let's take a look!

Best Language Learning Apps: Words Memorizing

Is vocabulary the most important thing in English learning? Yes and no. However, since vocabulary helps to improve all crucial aspects such as listening, speaking, writing, reading, and pronunciation, it is a key to English fluency along with grammar. The more words you know, the more effortless it will be for you to communicate in English. Make a habit of memorizing ten new words every day, and the result will not force itself to wait. So, it`s time to observe some English apps that will help you in enriching your vocabulary.


Rating: AppStore 4,5; Google Play 4,3

To download: AppStore, Google Play, Website
Application Overview - Promova
Promova is a language learning platform that includes a mobile app, website, personal and group sessions with tutors, and social and media channels. In addition, Promova offers tools that create a personalized learning experience for its students through bite-sized content, guided practice, and continuous progress tracking.

On the Promova app, users can practice vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and listening skills using flashcards, exercises, and videos; read books up to their level and chat with learners from different countries. With Promova, you can enrich your vocabulary with more than 3 000 words on 40 relevant topics. It allows you to learn English with English for more advanced students as well as use your native language for beginners. There are four English courses: General English Course, English with TV series, Business English and Travel English. For every new achievement, you can earn a badge.

Lots of the content in the Promova app is free. But if you want full access without ads, you should buy a subscription which will cost 14,99$ per month, 39,99 per 6 months, and 39,99 per 12 months. 


Rating: AppStore 4,8; Google Play 4,5

To download: AppStore, Google Play, Website

Application overview - Duolingo

Duolingo is the most popular app for learning English so far. Probably, you've already tried to use it at least once. The best thing about Duolingo is that the basics of the app are free. You can learn 5-10 new themed English words with 10-20 minutes of lessons. Duolingo uses the repetition method to help you memorize the word. To learn new words, you will need to match English words with translation into your native language, connect images with English words and repeat words and phrases in English. 

In three months, with short lessons every day, you can complete the basic vocabulary in Duolingo. This is the best option for English beginners. However, if you want to level up your vocabulary, you must subscribe to Duolingo Plus, which costs 6,99$ per month. 


Rating:AppStore 4,0; Google Play 4,0

To download: AppStore, Google Play, Website

Fluentu App - Overview

FluentU allows you to learn new English words using relevant video clips from all over the Internet. Isn`t it a blessing to get examples of using a word or a phrase you need to memorize from your favorite series or tv show? We bet you would learn much faster with such an approach. 

On the app, you can watch such video pieces as news, series, movies, and interviews with subtitles to get a general understanding of the phrase or the word in context, or you can click on an unknown word or phrase and see the exact meaning without guessing. Also, learning new vocabulary is possible by using flashcards and taking personalized quizzes after videos. 

FluentU would be much more beneficial for intermediate and upper-intermediate levels because it requires you to know basic vocabulary and grammar rules and be good at active listening. 

This app is not free, but there is a 14-day trial period. The subscription costs 15$ per month for a basic plan and 30$ per month for a premium plan. The year subscription would be more beneficial in terms of money saving – 120$ and 240$ respectively. 


Rating: AppStore 4,8; Google Play 4,5

To download: AppStore, Google Play, Website

Quizlet App - Overview

With Quizlet, you can create your own set of English flashcards. It helps advanced learners not to waste time with the vocabulary they already know and concentrate on specific topics in English. For example, let`s say you are a medical student and need to memorize difficult names of procedures or tests in English. Quizlet is your best helper! Just create your own set of cards, get familiar with them, remember them using a method of interval repetition and take a test to check your progress. 

In Quizlet, you can also find sets of other students and teachers. Just search for a topic, and, more likely, you will find what you need. So, the app is an excellent tool for learning English at any level. And it's completely free!


Rating: AppStore 4,8; Google Play 4,6

To download: AppStore, Google Play, Website

Memrise App - Overview

Memrize is one of the best apps for learning English vocabulary effectively. They use funny and creative flashcards and spaced repetition to help users memorize words and phrases in long-term memory. Also, with this app, you can keep track of your progress and go back to what you’ve learned. 

The app is free. To download and use. But if you want to practice your pronunciation and listen to how native English speakers say words and phrases, go for Memrise Pro, which costs $8.99 per month, $18.99 for three months, or $59.99 per year. Recommend the app to beginners and advanced learners!

Word of the Day

Rating: AppStore 4,7; Google Play 4,5

To download: AppStore, Google Play, Website

Word of the day - application overview

Technically, Word of the Day is not a classic learning app. And the reason is that it provides you with only one new word daily. You just need to take a quick test to measure your vocabulary and define your English level. Once done, the app will create a personalized deck of flashcards for you. Every day you will receive push messages with a new word, its definition, and an example of usage. Such an approach is very convenient for those who are not willing to waste a lot of time every day but want to build a new beneficial habit. 

Word of the Day is free to use if you don't mind some ads. Otherwise, you can buy a premium subscription 3,99$ per month, 9,99$ per year, and 29,99$ for lifetime access. 

English Learning Apps: Improve Your Grammar

Good grammar is one of the basics of English fluency. You may know thousands of words, but you won't be able to express yourself and understand others without knowledge of grammar properly. To learn English grammar, you should follow a step-by-step plan. You can't skip basics like Present Tense and move forward to Mixed Conditionals, for example. And some apps can help you deal with English grammar. 

LearnEnglish Grammar

Rating: AppStore 4,7; Google Play 4,8

To download: AppStore, Google Play, Website

LearnEnglish Grammar - application overview

LearnEnglish Grammar app was created by the British Council, making it one of the most trustworthy resources for English learning. It provides 6000 grammar activities in 25 grammar topics for every level. So, you can start your grammar path and go further without the necessity to change the app. The grammar questions use ten unique activity types: fill-in-the-blanks, multiple choice, and matching. After each level, you can test your knowledge. And the best part is that it's completely free!

Johnny Grammar Word Challenge

Rating: AppStore 4,7; Google Play 4,5

To download: AppStore, Google Play, Website

Johnny Grammar Word Challenge - application overview

Johnny Grammar Word Challenge is another app designed by the British Council. This app would be your next stop in learning English grammar after the one mentioned above. It helps you to improve and practice your grammar skills in the ten most common topics from everyday life. There are three levels of difficulty – easy, medium, and hard. So, you can start practicing with the app right after building a grammar base. Also, here you can earn badges for your achievements and turn on your competitive spirit to become #1 on a global leaderboard. This app from the British Council is also free to download and use. 

Apps To Learn English: Speaking and Writing Practice

The main goal for most English learners is to start speaking. So whether it is a native speaker or just a person with good English, you should be able to have at least a small conversation with them. But we know that starting a dialogue might be very intimidating, especially in the beginning. So if you don't want to push yourself so hard with speaking to real people, for now, try to use English learning apps. 

The next step for you would be to practice your writing in English. Start with text messages about your everyday routine and move forward with writing small essays for university applications or job approaches. English learning apps can help with that too. 

Speak English Conversation

Rating: AppStore 4,8; Google Play 4,5

To download: AppStore, Google Play, Website

Speak English Conversation - application overview

Speak English Conversation app can help you prepare for real-life conversations. To be a good interlocutor, you need to listen closely and understand a partner without constantly asking to repeat and speak out loud — you can do this on the app. Pick one of 200 conversation lessons, choose a virtual practice partner from the dialogue and start talking! Record your speaking to track progress. There's nobody to be worried about, so it’s a perfect start for you!

Speak English Online Talk Chat

Rating: AppStore 4,6; Google Play 4,7

To download: AppStore, Google Play, Website

Speak English online talk chat - application overview

If you are already brave enough to start talking to real people, Speak English Online Talk Chat is one of your best options. On this free app, you can call English learners worldwide and have conversations on different topics as long as you wish. Like your partner? No, worries, you can always call back, get to know each other better, and practice speaking English more. All calls are anonymous, so it is a safe space to practice English skills. 


Rating: AppStore 4,4; Google Play 4,1

To download: AppStore, Google Play, Website

Grammarly - application overview

Want to take your writing to the next level? Then, Grammarly is your best buddy! It will help you improve all aspects of English writing, such as vocabulary, grammar, clarity, punctuation, and even style. Can't choose a suitable synonym? Grammarly will suggest you plenty of them. Did you mess up with grammar? Grammarly can fix that. Don't know where to put a coma? Grammarly will add it. But just don't rely on the app entirely; learn from it. Basic writing suggestions and tone detection are free to check. For the full-sentence rewrites, word choice, tone suggestions, and plagiarism checking, you will need to buy a premium subscription which starts from 25$ per month per person. 

Best Apps For Learning English: Level Your Pronunciation 

If you are not a rookie in learning English, you might've already noticed the difference between your speech and the way natives speak. You likely have an accent from your mother tongue, which is pretty normal but can be confusing for others. But don`t get upset! Using some English apps, you can reduce your native accent and gain a preferable one – American, British, or Australian. 


Rating: AppStore 4,7; Google Play 4,7

To download: AppStore, Google Play, Website

Elsa app overview

Elsa is considered to be the #1 app for fixing pronunciation in English. The app uses an AI (artificial intelligence) to catch your mistakes and help you to improve your English sounds, linking, and intonation. There are 21 skills you can master with Elsa, from consonant clusters and diphthongs to the flap sound and dropping consonants. To improve every skill, you will need to watch a short educational video explaining how to position your tongue, lips, and jaw correctly. Then, the app will suggest you repeat words and sentences with a specific sound. When you record yourself, an AI will analyze your pronunciation and show the percentage of correctness. Some exercises in every skill are free, but to get the most benefit from the app, you'd better get the subscription which costs 5.99$ per month, starting from 13.99$ per three months and 22,49$ per year. 

English Pronunciation IPA

Rating: AppStore 4,4; Google Play 3,8

To download: AppStore, Google Play, Website

English pronunciation IPA - app overview

English Pronunciation IPA might be a good alternative for Elsa. It provides you with the correct pronunciation for every English vowel and consonant sound. The practice starts with guides which include a video explanation, an image of where your tongue and how your lips should be placed to make the sound, and the audio of the sound alone and in the word. Then it shows that the same sound can be represented with different letters and combinations and gives you examples to repeat after. If you pronounce a sound correctly in the word, you'll get three stars. Also, there are phrases examples with every sound and word pairs that differ only with the particular sound. For unlimited functions, offline access, and ad absence, you have to upgrade to PRO Version, which costs 2.49$ per month, 6,99$ – per 6 months, 9,99$ – per year, and 16,99$ – forever. 


Rating: AppStore 5,0

To download: AppStore, Website

Shadowing - application overview

Once you get familiar with English sounds and more or less practice them, it will be a perfect time for shadowing. Shadowing is an advanced language learning technique with the concept of listening to a speaker and repeating what they say simultaneously. And the Shadowing app helps to work on that. For example, on the app, you can find a speech of t Barak Obama, the president of the United States of America, divided into 105 short parts. Listen to a speaker, look up the pronunciation of words you might not know, and then start recording your shadowing. Correctly pronounced words will be highlighted in green. You can try to shadow three clips for free and then subscribe to get access to all of them for 3,99$ per month with a free trial month. 

Apps For English Learning With Private Tutors

Learning English by yourself is not an option for everybody. Many prefer interaction with a teacher who will lead them through this journey. They are looking for a mentor who can come up with a plan, explain grammar, and will check homework. So, if you prefer to learn English with a tutor, you can find a good one on unique apps for learning English. 


Rating: AppStore 4,8; Google Play 3,6

To download: AppStore, Google Play, Website

Preply - application overview

Preply is a tutoring platform that helps to connect learners and teachers all over the world. The app provides 1-to-1 lessons over online video. You can try lessons with different teachers and only then buy a set of hours with them. You can choose your English tutor from any country by country of origin, proficiency in different languages, experience, and price. The tutor will build your learning program based on your needs. The starting price for an hour lesson on a platform is 5$. You can always transfer your hours to a different teacher with conversion. Preply is an excellent app for learners of any level since you can start with “My name is…” and reach the level of a native speaker. 

Rosetta Stone

Rating: AppStore 4,8; Google Play 4,7

To download: AppStore, Google Play, Website

Rosetta Stone - application overview

Rosetta Stone is one of the best English learning apps with 25 years of experience. Why? Because of the famous teaching method. With Rosetta Stone, you can learn English with English without relying on your native language or other languages you speak fluently. 

Moreover, the creators of Rosetta Stone believe that to feel confident using a new language; it is better to talk to real people. That is the reason why they offer a coaching type of subscription. With that, you will have the possibility to practice English with certified native tutors in small groups. Every lesson is 25 minutes. Enrich your vocabulary, and improve your grammar, writing, and reading! There are three subscription options with coaching on a platform: 3 months cost 89€, 12 months cost 299€, and lifetime costs 349€. 

Rosetta Stone offers live 25-minute lessons in the app for those not ready to interact with real people. In such sessions, you can practice a language with a wide variety of fun and exciting topics, join other learners and participate through a live chat and still learn even if you are not ready to speak. To become a part of live lessons, you have to get a subscription which costs 44,99$ per 3 months, 109,99$ per 12 months, 239,99$ for a lifetime, and 349,99$ for a lifetime plus, which includes 12 months of unlimited access to Rosetta Stone Live. 


Rating: AppStore 4,5; Google Play 4,1

To download: AppStore, Google Play, Website

Cambly - application overview

Cambly is an English learning app that offers personal lessons with more than 10 000 native English speakers. In the app, you can read about every tutor and what they specialize in, as well as their rating and reviews. Then, when you decide on a perfect tutor for you, schedule the call over video chat. Cambly is a great app to learn English for beginners and experts since you can always find a tutor for your goals and needs. Before subscribing, you can try the app for free with a 5 minutes lesson that is automatically added to your account. There are different plans of subscriptions starting from 108€ per month for two 15 minutes lessons per week. 

Best English Learning Apps To Chat With Natives


Rating: AppStore 4,6; Google Play 4,3

To download: AppStore, Google Play, Website

Tandem - application overview

Tandem is an app that connects language learners and native speakers worldwide. Remember when your English teacher suggested you find a pen pal for practicing at school? This app is what she was talking about, but with modern technologies. Tandem helps to practice every possible aspect of language, such as vocabulary, grammar, speaking, and texting with real people. 

Just select the languages you want to learn and the languages you speak and start looking for a partner. You can practice your English via texting, audio, video, and even for an actual face-to-face meeting if you agree on that. You can press on to correct, comment, translate or listen to the received message. Also, you can translate a text you want to send in real time with the build translator. 

You use Tandem for free or subscribe to Tandem Pro for 10,99$ per month, 21,49$ per 3 months, and 52,99$ per 12 months. With the Pro version, you can translate messages without limitations, get rid of ads, and meet users nearby. 


Rating: AppStore 4,7; Google Play 4,9

To download: AppStore, Google Play, Website

HelloTalk - application overview

HelloTalk is the world's largest language-learning app, with 30 million native speakers. In this app, you can start by watching live streams of other users, among which might be English teachers, and learn in live classes for additional pay of 6$. However, the main function of the app is all about chatting with natives from different countries. 

HelloTalk offers to improve your English through interaction with native speakers. Just start a chat with someone and get to know each other better. Didn't get what your partner had texted? Just translate it into your native language. Made a mistake? Ask to correct it. Are you too lazy to text today? Make an audio call. 

Most of the things in the app are free to use, but they might have a limit for daily use. But you can always upgrade to HelloTalk Vip. It will provide unlimited translations, live captions, and AI Grammar Check. The VIP deal will unlock the visitor page, let you search nearby users and search for users around the world, hide your visits, initiate up to 25 chats per day, and free you from ads inside the app. The subscription price is 9,99$ per month, 59,99$ per 12 month and 179,99$ for lifetime. 


What Is The Best Language Learning App? All About Promova

The best platform for learning English should cover most users` needs in the learning experience and combine all possible types of interactions and activities not to be monotonous and boring. That is why we created Promova. 

Moreover, Promova has a website that allows students to sign up for group English lessons for any level, become a part of the English conversation club and find online native-level English tutors for 1-on-1 classes with a personalized plan. The Promova website offers a credit system for online tutoring where students can pay monthly for several 25, 50, and 90 minutes classes. The duration of the lesson can be changed at any time. 


As you can see, there are many English learning apps you can download and use. But let's face the truth, most likely, you will use a maximum of two on your phone. So, you must set your goals and priorities in English and focus on aspects you need to improve. After that, you can choose the best apps for learning English for you. Nonetheless, we recommend choosing one platform that will provide you with everything you need, like Promova


Am I too old to start learning English?

The answer to this question is no. You are never too old to start learning English. Moreover, it is never too late to do anything in life. Learning new languages is much easier when you are a kid, it`s true. But that should not stop you from reaching your goals. English learning is for different adults with different professions, schedules, and preferences. Plus, for elderly people, it is an excellent prevention of dementia. 

How long does it take to reach English fluency?

To master one level, you will need approximately 100-120 hours of active practice, equivalent to 6-9 months of studying. However, to start speaking in English, you will need only 1 000 of the most common words, which make up over 80% of the speech. And to get to a relatively advanced level, you have to have around 3,000 words in your active vocabulary. It might seem a lot until you discover that there are approximately 600 000 words in the second edition of the Oxford English dictionary. 

How to get rid of a fear of speaking English?

To overcome your fear of speaking English, start with small talk. People in the US and some European countries can`t live without them. Strangers talk to strangers about minor things, which is considered a usual thing. For instance, if you meet someone in the elevator, do not be silent. Say hello and comment on the weather or latest news if appropriate, then wish a person a good day or evening. With time you will gain the confidence to go bigger. It might be terrifying to seem uneducated or stupid in front of your friend because you lack the words in English. But trust us, we do understand you. So, choose for your speaking practice a total stranger and become friends with them. It is much easier to talk about everyday life, hobbies, and social media trends. 

What is a native English accent better to choose?

Everyone has an accent from their mother tongue when they first start learning English. And it is perfectly fine. However, you should consider improving your pronunciation and gaining at least a neutral accent to make your speech easier to understand. Advanced learners might desire to acquire one of the native English accents – American, British or Australian. Honestly, it is up to you what accent to choose and practice. There are pros and cons to each of them. Nevertheless, the American accent is considered the easiest to understand and gain. This is because it was spread worldwide through cinema and modern culture. 


PromovaSep 27th, 2023
Choosing the right app depends on individual goals and preferences. Learners should consider factors like their current proficiency level, preferred learning style (gamified, structured, conversational), and specific goals (e.g., improving pronunciation, expanding vocabulary, or mastering grammar). Reading user reviews, trying free versions, and exploring different apps can help learners find the best fit.
Meli :)Sep 27th, 2023
how can learners decide which app is best for their specific needs and proficiency level
PromovaJun 27th, 2023
The apps mentioned in the article cater to learners of various proficiency levels, including both beginner and advanced learners. While some apps offer a structured curriculum designed to guide beginners through the basics of English, others provide advanced-level content and features to challenge and engage more proficient learners. The article provides specific recommendations for each app based on its suitability for different proficiency levels, ensuring that learners can find an app that aligns with their current level of English proficiency.
Kerry Jun 27th, 2023
Are these apps suitable for both beginner and advanced learners, or are there specific recommendations based on proficiency level?