Best Beginner French Books: Boost Your Knowledge

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Created: Oct 20, 2023Last updated: Dec 27, 2023
Best Beginner French Books

Reading is the best way to broaden your horizons and explore the world through other people’s experiences. Moreover, books are indispensable tools for language learners. France has given birth to numerous fantastic authors who changed society. Writers inspired by the country created masterpieces that have remained in demand for centuries. Many of them became classics and are well-sought. Books in French are a great way to improve speaking, writing, and reading skills, which is why they are so important for learners. 

The choice of French literature is impressive, so everyone will find something according to their preferences. Some consider reading books too complicated for the beginner’s level, but this is far from the case. It’s a perfect opportunity to learn new words and better understand French culture.

Top French Books for Beginners: Learn and Be Inspired

Selecting only a few publications is challenging, as French literature is full of masterpieces. The country’s art is renowned worldwide, and amazing books are no exception. However, some require a fluent level to read them, while others are suitable for beginners. Catch our list – you’ve probably heard of these books.

“Le Petit Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

At first glance, this book is a tale for kids, but it hides a lot of senses and secrets inside it. It’s a deep story about loyalty and responsibility, which impresses kids and adults. Reading it is a great idea at any age, as everyone will find something special in “Le Petit Prince.” The book is beneficial for French learners, as it immediately captures readers’ attention, and it’s impossible to stop. Moreover, the language is simple, so it’s good for beginners.

“Le Petit Nicolas” by René Goscinny

These easy French books for beginners are insanely popular among natives, so why not dip into the atmosphere and start learning with some original literature? “Le Petit Nicolas” is initially a series for kids, but adults will also find their own senses in the books. René Goscinny was a comics author, so the syllable can be understandable for those just beginning to learn the language.

“Les Contes de Ma Mère l’Oye” by Charles Perrault

You may think that the best books in French are all about childish tales, but this is far from the case. The country is famous for numerous masterpieces common globally. However, tales for children usually have simpler language and easier-to-remember vocabulary, which makes them better for beginners. “Les Contes de Ma Mère l’Oye” is among the top French bestsellers, which are in demand not only among kids.

This French book for beginners was first published in 1967 and has been widespread until now. Most stories written by Perrault are adaptations of the country’s folk fairy tales. Reading long books may be complicated for beginners, while short narratives are a great way to strengthen skills and replenish vocabulary.

“Les Aventures de Tintin” by Georges Remi

This series was created by the artist with the pen name Hergé. The comic series is a great choice for learners, as it offers exciting plots and understandable vocabulary. Humorous stories are not complicated, which makes them easy for beginners. Funny pictures are an additional benefit – they will help understand stories better without using a dictionary.

“Vingt Mille Lieues Sous Les Mers: Tour Du Monde Sous-Marin” by Jules Verne

This book is an indispensable classic, as Jules Verne knows how to excite readers. All his stories are true masterpieces, and “Vingt Mille Lieues Sous Les Mers: Tour Du Monde Sous-Marin” is among the most popular ones. It’s perfect for adventure lovers; it will be impossible to stop reading until you know the end. Even though the story might not be too easy for beginners, it’s worth attention. You can always Google the words you don’t know and replenish your lexicon with some new expressions.

Short Stories in French for Beginners by Olly Richards and Richard Simcott

As can be understood from the title, this French readers for beginners is indispensable for students. Despite the name, these stories can be helpful to learners of all levels who want to replenish their vocabulary and enjoy exciting plots and a fantastic sense of humor. The author makes learning French easy and fun, so students will be impressed with the simple language and useful tips. It’s a great publication, although the book was not written by a French author.


Importance of Reading Books in French Language

Practice is the key point for every learner, and reading skills are essential. Exploring the original books not only allows you to memorize new words and phrases but also expands your perception of the world. In addition, reading is exciting and fun. If you need more reasons, catch a few:

  1. Reading in French is a way to dip into the country’s culture and traditions.
  2. It’s a perfect chance to memorize more widely used vocabulary.
  3. You can find numerous common expressions and useful collocations.
  4. When reading, visual memory works, which helps learn more words.
  5. Books improve grammar knowledge and the ability to form phrases and sentences.
  6. Reading aloud helps improve your speaking skills and get more practice.

Remember that reading thoughtfully and trying to understand every word is important. It’s better to translate the previously unknown collocations and remember them for future usage. In this case, online dictionaries are helpful. Use WordReferenceCollins-Robert Online Dictionary, or other alternatives to translate everything you need with a few clicks. Dictionaries are free, so everyone can access them.

Tips for Learners Exploring Beginner French Books

At first glance, reading may seem complicated, especially for those just starting their way in language learning. However, nothing is impossible for those striving to achieve their goals. So, remember a few tips if you want to read French books for beginners as efficiently as possible:

  1. Start with the simplest books – fairy tales are a perfect option.
  2. Read at least a few pages daily; regularity is the key.
  3. Try parallel texts with English translation.
  4. Choose the most engaging books that will motivate you to read more.
  5. Consider modern publications in line with classic masterpieces.

The latter point can be decisive for many. Making reading in French your hobby is the best solution, so ensure the plot is exciting. Don’t force yourself to continue the book if you don’t like it, and start another story. There are numerous French books to read, so everyone can select something suitable.

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Reading original books is a critical part of language learning. It doesn’t matter whether you would choose childish fairy tales or world classics like “Le Rouge et Le Noir” by Stendhal. In any case, the best French books for learners are a great way to discover more words, know how to form expressions properly, and explore the country’s culture and history.


What is the most translated French book?

It may not be surprising for many, but “Le Petit Prince” is the winner. The book is available in over 500 languages, so almost everyone can easily read it. However, exploring the original is the best solution for language learners.

Do French people read a lot?

Around 88% of French people reported their love of books and have read at least one book during the last year. According to statistics, the younger generation prefers comics and humorous stories, while elderly individuals would rather enjoy classic masterpieces. It’s not surprising, considering the amount of amazing literature written by the country’s authors.

What are the main advantages of reading French books?

First, learners can dip into the country’s culture and explore it from the inside. Moreover, reading is a perfect way to improve language skills and vocabulary. Being attentive to every single word and translating it into English or another language will help students understand French better and discover how locals communicate.

Which sources are required to improve French speaking skills?

Learners can find numerous materials online: lessons, books, courses, and many more are available wherever they are. Dictionaries are indispensable tools that help memorize previously unknown words and understand their meaning. Moreover, books will assist in mastering the language, as numerous skills are developed when a person is reading.


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