Makeup Vocabulary. How Not To Make a Mistake In The Names of Cosmetics

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Makeup Vocabulary

Makeup is the most popular way to highlight natural beauty and is considered modern art. It’s impressive how makeup artists can create fantastic masterpieces on faces using widely common tools. However, dipping into the beauty world without knowing the most widespread makeup vocabulary is impossible. We have gathered a list of popular cosmetic products that many modern women use, so now you can learn more about the purpose of these small bright jars.

The beauty industry is developing so quickly that it’s challenging to follow all the latest trends and learn the necessary make up terms. For instance, do you know the difference between a highlighter and glitter? Or can you say what the difference between foundation and BB cream is? If all these words still sound unfamiliar, you have landed on the right page.

Makeup Words List: Everything You Need for Your Perfect Skin

All girls know that perfect makeup starts with quality skin care. No one can do without the proper cleanser and cream, so make sure you have the appropriate products in your cosmetic bag in advance. And, of course, remember to use them daily! And now, look at the most common cosmetics words that will be useful for achieving the smooth skin effect.

  • BB cream.

This product is a type of foundation, but the difference is it's not that tight. BB cream is unlikely to cover visible skin imperfections, but it can make the perfect tone for those who do not have noticeable acne, scars, and other problems.

  • CC cream.

This special type of foundation contains minimum pigment, which is made for masking minor imperfections and moisturizing skin. It’s one of the trendiest make up words that won millions of girls’ hearts. The abbreviation means “color correction,” so you will find multiple options in different shades to cope with your skin problems. 

  • Foundation.

This product is designed to even out the skin tone, correct imperfections, and create a smooth surface for your perfect makeup. They can be in different forms, including liquid, powder, cream, and cushion. Experts recommend choosing a suitable tone by applying some product on your neck or wrist. 

  • Primer.

This makeup base is designed to create an even face tone before applying the foundation. As a rule, this product contains silicone, so experts do not recommend using it daily.

Perfect Eyes Makeup Words

Expressive eyes are one of the most significant accents in the image of every girl, so cosmetic manufacturers regularly develop novelties to please their clients. You will be surprised how many options are now available in the market. Grab the most prevalent eye makeup terminology that might be helpful when choosing the best cosmetics.

  • Eyeshadow.

This product is used to correct eye shapes, emphasize color, and draw attention to your face. The cosmetics are usually sold in palettes with different shades, which girls can perfectly combine to get fantastic makeup.

  • Mascara.

This cosmetic product is designed to curl eyelashes, lengthen them, and intensify their color. Modern fashionistas often choose not only standard brown and black shades but also bright tones like blue or violet to create an accent. You can’t form your makeup glossary without learning what mascara is!

  • Eyeliner.

This product is usually applied to the upper or lower eyelids to enhance the expression of the eyes. The most popular option is black eyeliner, which most girls use. But modern cosmetic companies offer a wide range of colors, so this product can be a great assistant in creating a bright and unusual look.


Adding Glow to Your Image: Best Cosmetic Terms for Your Bright Looks

The makeup industry is not limited to even skin tone and adding some shadows to your eyes. The cosmetics world is so huge that even those working in the industry for years are surprised by the number of new products released daily.

  • Highlighter.

This product helps to make an accent on certain areas of the face due to its light-reflecting effect and radiance. The highlighter can perform different functions in makeup, like contouring the face and creating the effect of radiant skin. Many girls also use it as eyeshadows, so it’s a multifunctional product.

  • Meteorites.

A powder or blush in the form of balls gives the skin a light glow. Don’t expect effective concealment of imperfections since it was initially created to add light sparkles. Isn’t it one of those cosmetic words you haven’t met before?

  • Shimmer.

Another word used for this cosmetic product is “glitter,” and it’s made for your face to sparkle. Keep in mind that, unlike a highlighter, it does not always give a natural shine, so it is better to use it for evening makeup.

  • Tint.

This product can make the dream about natural juicy lips shade come true. A tint is a coloring liquid that provides a long-lasting pigment and doesn’t leave marks on other surfaces. It’s also called “tattoo for lips” and was initially developed by Korean cosmetics manufacturers considered the market leaders for their high quality and innovations.

Why Is It Important to Know Makeup Terms and Where to Learn Them?

Every girl uses cosmetics, and it is important to understand what you put on your face. Most manufacturers publish the compositions and purposes of the product in English, so it is necessary to know the appropriate terminology. Furthermore, such knowledge can be useful when traveling to English-speaking countries. You may suddenly run out of one of the cosmetic products and have to go to the store to buy a new one.

Our online school Promova is ready to become your faithful assistant in learning English and provide all the necessary materials for interesting lessons and quality knowledge. We can supply you with the most relevant cosmetology vocabulary and many other topics. Education has never been so easy and exciting! Our tutors will create an individual learning plan and adjust it to your schedule. We promise that you won’t be bored with our lessons!


Which words for makeup should you remember to create an attractive daily look?

You might need basic cosmetics that include foundation or BB cream, mascara, lip tint, and some highlighter for a light glow. Of course, you can add some products according to your preferences, but remember that daily makeup shouldn’t be too bright. 

Why is it important to memorize all makeup terminology?

Knowing the products you use daily is essential since you never know when these words may be necessary. In addition, this is a great way to learn about the most interesting novelties in the market. Maybe you will find some cosmetics that you’ve never heard about before and make your beauty routine more exciting.

Who needs to know all the words associated with makeup?

Of course, this topic is most relevant for cosmetologists and makeup artists, especially those planning to move to English-speaking countries and work there. This terminology will also be helpful for ordinary girls because they often need to buy some new cosmetics when traveling to other countries.

How to learn the most important makeup-related words?

You can search for the necessary information and make a list of definitions you would like to know. Another option is contacting the Promova online school, where professional tutors will supply you with the necessary vocabulary and assist in quickly memorizing all terms.


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