Easily Confused Words - Learn the Difference | Promova Podcast Episode 3

Anna Naumovychreviewed byKateryna Protsenko / more about Editorial Process2 min
Created: Jul 2, 2024Last updated: Jul 3, 2024
Podcast Episode 3 Easily Confused Words

Join Kate as she dives into the intriguing world of easily confused words in English. From unraveling the distinctions between "receipt" and "recipe" to mastering "lie" versus "lay," her insightful explanations make learning both fun and effective.

  • 0:07 Explaining the difference between "pro" and “mova”
  • 0:20 Сovering English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation
  • 0:50 Introducing the Promova app
  • 1:12 Figuring out whether it’s "dessert" or “desert”
  • 2:00 Discussing words that often trip people up
  • 2:31 Sharing tips on handling confusing words
  • 2:58 Deciding between "receipt" or “recipe”
  • 3:43 Understanding when to use "lie" or “lay”
  • 4:18 Exploring the meanings of "childlike" versus “childish”
  • 4:49 Delving into "empathy" versus “apathy”
  • 5:31 Sharing funny stories about mixing up these words
  • 6:24 Trying out interactive exercises to test your understanding
  • 7:26 Matching exercises to help reinforce what you’ve learned
  • 8:00 Wrapping up with a final message
  • 8:16 Encouraging to follow Promova on YouTube
  • 8:32 Inviting to join Promova’s Instagram
  • 8:40 Asking for feedback by rating the podcast
  • 8:53 Saying goodbye and signing off

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