English Podcast. Episode 1. How to pronounce -KN. Learn English with fun

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Created: Jul 2, 2024Last updated: Jul 3, 2024
Podcast. Episode 1. How to pronounce -KN

Join Kate, Promova's language learning specialist, as she explores the silent "k" in English words like "knight" and "knit". With practical tips and memorable mnemonics, this episode simplifies tricky English pronunciations. Perfect for learners seeking clear explanations and engaging content to enhance their language skills.

  • 0:05 Explaining the difference between "pro" and “mova”
  • 0:19 “Mova” covers grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation
  • 0:53 Introduction to today's topic
  • 1:17 Silent "k" rule
  • 1:49 "N" sound pronunciation
  • 2:53 “Know” vs “no”
  • 3:07 “Knot” vs “not”
  • 3:20 “Knit” vs “nit”
  • 3:40 “Knap” vs “nap”
  • 4:00 Mnemonic device to remember tricky pronunciations
  • 4:30 Homework assignment
  • 4:48 Subscribe on YouTube
  • 5:00 Find us on podcast platforms
  • 5:16 Join us on Instagram
  • 5:29 Goodbye 

And here's a little homework to keep your brain buzzing: share your creative ways of remembering the "kn-" sound in the comments below. Whether you craft your own mnemonic device or stumble upon a clever trick, let's learn together and have some fun!

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