Promova Affiliate Program

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Created: Dec 5, 2023Last updated: May 1, 2024
Promova Affiliate Program

Promova’s mission is to help people live fulfilling lives by supporting them in achieving their language learning goals. We want to encourage lifelong learning among people and believe that this can help people make the life of their dreams a reality. Our purpose is to increase cultural understanding through language learning and reduce the spread of stereotypes or any type of discrimination.

One of the ways we achieve these goals is through the Promova affiliate program. Join the Promova affiliate program, help us spread our vision, and earn money at the same time, increasing the interest in language learning and respect between people with different backgrounds.

Benefits for Promova Affiliates

Are you passionate about Promova and language learning? Turn your passion into spreading the word about our language-learning platform and make a profit! Our affiliate program offers a plethora of benefits, including the following.

Generous commissions

As an affiliate, you earn a 15% commission when a new customer you referred to us makes a purchase on the Promova platform. The commission may grow based on your performance and purchases made by your referrals.

Big library of creatives

We offer an extensive library of creatives for your content and publications. You may use it immediately after passing our review process and becoming the Promova affiliate partner. Moreover, you can always come to us with an idea for custom creatives and get assistance in crafting it to your needs.

Extended referral cookie period

With a 30-day cookie life in the Promova affiliate program, you can enjoy an extended window of opportunities to earn commissions. If a referral makes the purchase even within a month of clicking the affiliate link, you will still be credited with the deserved commission.

Dedicated affiliate manager

Take advantage of working with a dedicated affiliate manager who will assist you during your partnership with Promova. Our managers offer clear guidance and valuable insights on the best practices in the Edtech market.

Promo coupons and discounts

We understand the impact of compelling offers and empower our affiliates with exclusive promotional coupons and discounts. Leverage the strengths of these incentives to attract and encourage your audience. 

Promova has a strong global brand positioning

Promova was shortlisted in the nomination for the hottest Ed-tech Startup 2023 by The Europas Awards and was featured on TechCrunch and Forbes. Whether your audience is interested in improving language skills for travel, business, or personal enrichment, Promova provides all the services worldwide. You may effectively promote Promova to a wide range of audiences, increasing the potential for successful conversions.

Learners love Promova

Let the numbers speak about this:

  1. Our application has a 4.6 average rating both in AppStore and PlayMarket. 
  2. Promova was rated Top 10 and featured in Popular Apps to Try on the App Store.
  3. Our application was downloaded 12m+ times in total at the end of 2023.

In addition, we have lots of positive reviews about our tutoring services, group classes, and conversation club. The numbers continue to grow. By joining the Promova affiliate program, you promote the language learning platform that resonates with learners from diverse backgrounds with different language goals.


Promova Affiliate Program Terms

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate and drive outstanding results together! Below, you will find the key points of Promova affiliate program terms:

  • Target action. You will receive a commission for every new user who comes as your referral and completes a purchase on the Promova platform.
  • Payout terms. The commission is paid for every confirmed sale made within 30 days of clicking the affiliate link. All the payments are made on the 25th day of the calendar month that comes after the month when the purchases were completed.
  • Payout exclusions. The commission isn’t paid in one of the following circumstances:
    • your referral completed a purchase after 30 days of clicking the affiliate link;
    • your referral cleared the cookie from his or her browser;
    • your referral has canceled or refunded the purchase;
  • Traffic channels. You may use various approaches to promote Promova, including, but not limited to:
    • loyalty and cashback schemes;
    • blog and media content;
    • product comparisons;
    • product reviews;
    • sub-affiliates;
    • software promotions;
  • Forbidden types of traffic. Although you can attract learners in different ways, there are some restrictions:
    • publishers cannot bid on branded keywords or their variations (including misspellings);
    • using Google Adwords and Facebook Ads for promotion is not allowed;
    • misleading advertising, fraud traffic, and bot traffic are also forbidden;
  • Geo-restrictions. Promova is global, but we kindly request that traffic from Russia and Belarus not be directed to our platform. Additionally, our materials should not be posted on sites with Russian and Belarusian domains.

You can access the extensive library of creatives, but we also value your ideas and encourage using custom creatives. Remember that we stand for a welcoming, safe, and respectful advertising environment. Hence, all the custom creatives must undergo our approval before being used.

We strictly prohibit the use of creatives that feature the following:

  • adult content;
  • copyright infringement;
  • illegal websites;
  • forced redirects;
  • content related to gambling and games, porn, weapons, war, violence, witchcraft, and politics;
  • content that showcases any privileges of one race, nationality, or group over another. 

Promova affiliate program goes beyond just effective promotion. We are dedicated to ensuring a positive, equal, and fair experience for our diverse audience. Join us at Promova, shaping an enriching and inclusive language-learning community!

Who Can Become a Partner?

Promova's affiliate program is focused on establishing long-term relationships with affiliate publishers who share our mission of encouraging achieving language-learning goals and uniting people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Our partners might include, but are not limited to:

  • travel bloggers and influencers;
  • educational podcast hosts; 
  • online bookstores;
  • game developers;
  • technology blogs;
  • parenting blogs and forums;
  • online reading platforms.

As we strive to make language learning an enriching and accessible experience, we look forward to building partnerships that contribute to the opportunities languages can provide.

Start Earning as a Promova Partner In 4 Simple Steps

Join the Promova affiliate program through the following process:

  1. Sing up to the Promova partner program on Impact.
  2. Create content that highlights the Promova language-learning platform and addresses the needs of your audience.
  3. Integrate the affiliate links and banners provided.
  4. Receive a 15% commission on every confirmed sale and watch your earnings grow.

Start earning today and make a lasting impact on language learners around the globe. Contact us at if you need assistance signing up or setting up the links and banners or have any questions about the Promova affiliate program.