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Furniture and decor are essential parts of our living spaces; they define the look and feel of our homes. If you are learning English, understanding the vocabulary related to furniture and decor will help you describe and understand various home settings. This article will introduce you to these key terms.

Mastering Furniture and Decor Vocabulary in English

Bathroom Items

For anyone looking to describe the bathroom stuff, understanding specific vocabulary is crucial. The following terms will guide you in expressing yourself accurately when discussing bathroom items.

  • Toilet: place in the bathroom to relieve physical needs.
  • Sink: a bowl-shaped thing used for washing hands and face.
  • Bathtub: a large container in the bathroom for holding water that is typically used for bathing.
  • Shower: a thing that sprays water; used for washing the body.
  • Mirror: a bathroom item used to see one’s reflection.
  • Towel rack: a bar or rod; used for hanging towels to dry.
  • Faucet: a device that controls the flow of water; usually found on sinks and bathtubs.
  • Shower curtain: a curtain inside the bathtub; used to keep water from splashing.
  • Bath mat: a mat placed next to the shower or bathtub; used to absorb water.
  • Cabinet: a storage unit with shelves; used for storing bathroom stuff.
  • Soap dispenser: a container with a pump; used for liquid soap.
  • Toothbrush Holder: a small container; used for holding toothbrushes.
  • Plunger: a tool used for unclogging toilets; often kept in the bathroom.
  • Wastebasket: a small container for trash; usually found in the bathroom.
  • Hamper: a container for dirty clothes; often placed in the bathroom.

By familiarizing yourself with these terms to describe something in the bathroom, you've expanded your vocabulary to include essential items found in every home. This knowledge will assist you in everyday conversations, whether describing your own bathroom or understanding others.

Bedroom Stuff

The bedroom is a personal space filled with various furniture items that serve different purposes. Learning the bedroom furniture names and functions will enable you to discuss and describe bedroom stuff and settings with confidence.

  • Bed: a name of bedroom furniture for sleeping on; consists of a mattress and frame.
  • Dresser: a piece of furniture with drawers; used for storing clothes.
  • Nightstand: a small table beside the bed; usually has a lamp or clock.
  • Wardrobe: a large, upright cabinet for storing clothes.
  • Desk: a table used for reading or writing; often found in bedrooms.
  • Vanity: a dressing table with a mirror; used for applying makeup.
  • Lamp: a device for giving light; can be placed on a nightstand or desk.
  • Headboard: the upright part at the head of a bed; adds style and support.
  • Chest: a large box for storing blankets or other items.
  • Shelves: flat surfaces used for holding books or decorations.
  • Fan: a device for cooling the room.

Having learned these bedroom furniture terms, you are now better equipped to talk about sleeping arrangements and personal comfort. These bedroom items are common in everyday English and will be valuable in many contexts related to home and living.


Decor Vocabulary

Understanding the language of decor is essential for describing the visual and functional aspects of living space. Whether you're talking about the walls, floors, or windows, having the right vocabulary will enable you to express your ideas and preferences clearly. This section will provide you with key terms related to different types of decor, making it easier for you to discuss and understand various elements of interior design.

Wall Decor

Decorating walls with various artistic and functional items adds character to any room. This list will introduce you to common wall decor vocabulary, enhancing your ability to discuss interior design.

  • Painting: a picture created with paint; often framed and hung on a wall.
  • Wallpaper: decorative paper for covering walls; it comes in various patterns and colors.
  • Clock: a device that tells the time; usually hung on a wall.
  • Photograph: a printed image; often framed and displayed on walls.
  • Sconce: a lamp that is fixed on the wall; provides ambient lighting.
  • Tapestry: a heavy woven fabric with a design; used as a wall hanging.
  • Mural: a large painting applied directly to the wall; used for artistic expression.
  • Wall Sticker: a decorative sticker adhered to the wall.
  • Poster: a large printed image or text; used for decoration or advertisement.

These wall decor terms have provided you with the language needed to appreciate and describe artistic expressions and functional elements on walls. Whether shopping for decor or describing your own home, these words will be indispensable.

Floor Decor

Flooring and floor decorations are vital in defining a room's appearance and feel. Understanding the terms related to floor decor will empower you to speak about different flooring options and accessories.

  • Carpet: a thick, woven fabric; used to cover floors.
  • Rug: a smaller type of carpet.
  • Mat: a small piece of material; placed on the floor to protect or clean shoes.
  • Hardwood flooring: a type of floor made from wood; known for its durability and appearance.
  • Tile flooring: a type of floor made from ceramic or stone; used in various patterns.
  • Linoleum: a type of floor covering; made from renewable materials like linseed oil.
  • Carpet padding: a cushion placed under the carpet; provides support and comfort.
  • Stair runner: a piece of carpet; used to cover the stairs.
  • Area rug: a decorative rug; used to define or accentuate a space within a room.
  • Floor cushion: a large cushion; used for seating on the floor.
  • Doormat: a mat placed at the entrance; used to wipe shoes.

With these floor decor terms, you've gained the vocabulary needed to discuss various flooring materials and decorations. This knowledge will be beneficial when describing your home, shopping for new decor, or engaging in conversations about interior design.

Window Treatments

Windows play a significant role in controlling light and adding aesthetics to a room, and their treatments can be diverse. This list will teach you various terms related to window treatments, allowing you to describe different styles and functions.

  • Curtains: things that hang at windows; used for privacy and controlling natural light coming into the room.
  • Blinds: window coverings with horizontal slats; used to adjust the amount of light.
  • Shutters: firm window covers that you can open or close to control how much light comes in.
  • Drapes: heavy curtains; often lined and used to block out light.
  • Valance: a piece of fabric that is used for decoration and to hide the curtain posts.
  • Shade: a window covering; can be rolled or folded up to allow light in.
  • Tinted glass: window glass treated with a material; used to reduce glare and heat.
  • Window film: a thin laminate applied to glass; used for privacy or decoration.
  • Bay window: a window space projecting outward from a room; provides extra space and light.
  • Window Box: a container for plants; usually mounted on the outside of a window sill.

These window treatment terms have equipped you with the language to express different ways windows can be adorned or utilized. Whether you're seeking to describe your own living space or understand others, this vocabulary will enable clearer communication.


Understanding the vocabulary related to furniture and decor will help you describe your living space and communicate your preferences. Whether you are shopping for new furniture or simply discussing your home, knowing these terms will enhance your English language skills. By learning the words in this article, you will be better equipped to express yourself in a variety of situations related to home and living.

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