Teacher of English at Promova

Interests: Walking, hiking, reading books.

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My teaching style 🎯

My students love the way I carry out my classes. There's always room for debates, thought-provoking ideas, creativity, and deep learning. I'm always told that I'm quite the energetic teacher. My classes are very much lively and full of interaction. I'm also described as being highly adaptable for the ways I tend to manage the different types of personalities.

I consider mistakes as part of the learning process. Whenever you make a mistake, I will give you a hint but don't expect me to correct you right in that moment. I prefer to give you some time to think about it, or I might challenge you by giving you hints and get you to guess the correct answer. That way, I'll make sure that you have not just learned the material, but you have also reached the point in which you will use that knowledge on your own, even when I'm not there to guide you.

My classes are usually diverse. We could be working on different aspects of the language or a particular set of skills. It could range from solely having speaking classes and conversations about various topics, to doing listening, reading, and writing activities. Expect to have grammar tips and lessons at every point, for I have a tendency towards perfecting the use of the language.

Education and professional development 🖋

  • BA in General English, Mentouri Brothers University - Constantine, Algeria
  • MA in British/American Civilization and Literature - Constantine, Algeria

I’ll be a good match if you’d like to… 🏆

  • Improve your speaking skills and be able to have a better conversation in English
  • Prepare for international English exams such as TOEFL or IELTS
  • Learn more about the British Culture
  • Enrich your vocabulary with fancy but very important words
  • Be more effective at reading and writing
  • Learn English for specific purposes

In addition to work,…🎨

  • I love to go on adventures and try new things
  • I enjoy doing physical activities such as walking, hiking, jogging, and bodybuilding
  • I am a huge fan of movies, series, and books. I tend to focus more on non-fiction novels, but every now and then I would take a fiction novel and just immerse myself in it. Some of my favourite books are The Alchemist, 1984, Animal Farm, The Godfather, and Blink